Monday, October 10, 2016

Sugar and Oil do Mix

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I was looking at the genetics of corn.......yes I know the non donors rolling their yes and clicking off as this is nothing they have interest in when it comes to Hillary's twat size, but that is perfect, because when they starve to death, the million dollar information will do them no good.

I noticed something which puzzled me in looking at oil corn groups and that there is a genus in the sweet and flour corns, which is actually high oil content.
Those not getting this yet, have not starved yet, and do not appreciate that having a corn with high oil content will add energy to your diet, as you can not live on starch alone, or cellulose or you could live on sugar and gnawing on wood.

These corns are sweet, flour and a dent, which is not logical to me, because why on earth would a sugar corn have a high oil content, as the two do not seem to belong in the same genetics, and yet the correlation of the types overlap, and the strange reality progresses in the types of corns which were chosen for production, either outgrew their ability to produce oil, or high production and oil do not mix.

This will amount to nothing really, because I do not have the finance to breed up the oil gene and establish it into a short corn, but the fact is natural corn oil is superior to that horrid soy oil, which is turning people into shemales and maleshes. It is not soy milk alone as the industry is putting that crap into everything, including mixing it into olive oil.
I accidentally obtained a sack of soy meal, which is what pigs are all fed in factory farms, and the chickens would not eat it. I would recommend all of you to buy a bag of cheap cookies sometime with the frosting and just let it sit for over a year on your shelf, and then open it. You will be greeted by the scent and flavor of petroleum as that is what genetic foods are all breaking down to.

Personally, I do not comprehend how corn, which used to be oil and starch, which animals loved, and turned out wonderful meat for consumers, has been replaced by this hideous soy products, as they  taste absolutely nothing like the original soy beans. Then again modern corn is nothing what real corn is either.

I am not going to reveal the breeding I would embark on as people steal too much here, but I already know the plants I would be working on. I place this here as my record and personal conversation, along with the discovery that the original sweet corns actually had a higher oil content than most other corns, which again makes absolutely no sense, and yet it is the fact.
For all the oil the industry used to distill out of corn, if that corn had been bred to be 50% ratio, it would have been far more profit, and a much better feed for meat animals.

There is a corn from Australia called Golden Superb which literally has no oil in it at .7%.  Having no additional information, it brings to the point if it has no starch content, it would be a corn that you literally could starve to death on, as eating wood would be just as beneficial.

Think of it this way in what could be a more perfect food, than a food with oil, starch and protein? It would be better than potatoes and better than steak. For now I am simply pleased that the mystery of oil corns has led me to by God's Grace to finding links to certain genus, which was unsuspected.
Someday I will add to my collection and wonder why I am growing more types of corn as I wonder how there could be this many variations with this many types in one species.

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