Friday, October 21, 2016

American Venezuela: The Hillary Ages

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you desire to know your future?

Seriously, I can make you a third eye, all seeing seer in simply uttering a secret series of words, and you will know what your future is.

This is for those who would care to know their future under Hillary Clinton stealing this election, as I utter the command, "Sean Penn's favorite communist, Hugh Chavez".

That is your future in what Venezuela is, in an oil rich nation, where you do not have toilet paper to wipe the shit out of your ass, no food to make shit to wipe out of your ass, and no electricity to see the maggots eating the shit out of your ass.

The Lame Cherry will translate this so that you understand.

America is a NO GROWTH NATION at 1% gross domestic product. It produces no jobs, and the jobs it has are going to Obama invading millions.

The Obama regime is stealing 3 trillion dollars a year from you in taxes, and it is not enough,as the Obama regime now has almost 20 trillion dollars in new debt in this massive spending of bribes to Wall Street and Welfare Street.

You know we are in a Super Depression, because I have told you. America is in a recessive economic mode at this point, meaning the Obama Super Depression is deepening and sometime in 2017, it will plunge into it's fourth deepening since 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

Into this, Hillary Clinton is going to raise your taxes 1.5 trillion dollars more, meaning you will have less for bills, meaning if you have a job, your employer is not going to have any money for raises, and the stagnant American economy is going to go PUTRID in it will begin rotting down.

Mrs. Clinton likes saying she is not going to raise taxes on people who earn 250,000 dollars and under, but that is a lie, because no corporation pays taxes. The taxes on the "rich" which Mrs. Clinton is stealing that 1.5 trillion for her spending means corporations will raise their prices which YOU PAY at teh store. In actuality, it will be a five fold increased because a business buying from a corporation will pass those raised prices onto you too, it is the Clinton tax in the yeast loaf you are buying, and it just keeps getting more expensive for your daily bread.

Once you understand that, you will understand that a Vice President or President of a conglomerate will simply have the board raise their salaries so they still get the same Clinton take home millions, and that is a cost which will be passed on to you.

So the poor in America are going to pay another 1.5 trillion into the 3 trillion which Obama is already raping from them, as rich people always pass on their taxes to the poor.

Now think about Hugo Chavez, in he did all of this in Venezuela which was once a beautiful, oil rich nation, which is now filled with jungle primates with shit in their ass.

I ask you, where are the rich people?

The answer is that when any despot raises taxes and starts seizing wealth, the rich people move their money out of that nation first, and then those rich people move to another nation. So the end result is the best business people are not in their nation, nor is their money to pay taxes with, and the next thing you know is the economy degrades, the infrastructure degrades, there is not any revenue for jobs or welfare so things degrade more, and in a few short years, the electric goes off, the store shelves go bare, and people have no toilet paper as, you can not import from other nations if you do not have the money.

Venezuela America is what the United States will be under Hillary Clinton. It actually will be much worse, because Venezuela shipped out their worst terrorists, while Obama Clinton imported the terrorists to America, and America is the last stop.

All of these Chamber of Commerce slave traders are going to have a problem in the oil they think they are pumping, is going to be sold to Asia and the revenues confiscated like all revenues for Hillary Clinton to buy votes....same way Hugo Chavez did, and soon enough the entire system begins imploding.

I do not understand why people do not say, "Mrs. Clinton you have 3 trillion dollars under Obama you are robbing from Americans. That is more in taxes than most of Eurasia combine with 4 billion culls. Now you want 4.5 trillion dollars to waste as the people you are buying are a cancer on America that there is not any way to feed".

It seems the Lame Cherry said it, so that should be enough. But the point is, now you are a clarvoyant. You know what your future is under Hillary Clinton, as it will be Venezuela. The American Stock Market is a sham. American banking is a sham of 100 trillion in debt. Obama robbed Peter to bribe Paul, and Hillary Clinton's policies are like million crack whores all using the same US credit card and it is melting from friction in being swiped so much.

No one has stated any of this, as FOX lies to you about great economic numbers which are a disaster, as all of these nation rapists desperately are trying to install Hillary so they are not tried an hung for this Ponzi Scheme which Obama initiated in America, and which Hamrod is going to expand in ever larger tax hikes.

America the beautiful will become America the morgue in this putrified rotting economic flesh.
Hillary Clinton is about to take the American technological, political and economic engine out of the world, and without that money feed and advancement, the entire world collapses into the Dark Ages......or in this reality, the Hillary Ages.

No need to clutter your wee minds up any more, in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.