Friday, October 21, 2016

Donald Trump's 50 Million Wives

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If the Lame Cherry had a donation for every time I have heard, "Donald Trump should have said this", I would have enough to purchase our home.

What this is about is Forensic Psychology in what drives people to think they know more than Donald Trump, who is winning over Hillary Clinton.

Let us first get rid of a Mark Shields of PBS who is a paid whore, who would say anything  derogatory against Donald Trump as would that entire presstitute brothel to keep their high paid jobs from the oligarchs.

So that leaves us with two types. Let us name one Joel Skoursen, who likes to pretend with all his insider sources that he knows more than Jesus in always knowing what Donald Trump should say and do.

This kind of psychopathy centers on fear. Fear based in you connect yourself to secret information, from smug powerful people who control politicians, and then you empower yourself, as a protection from your fears.
If you noticed in this, that Joel Skoursen knows the insider edge, and yet an insider like Paul Manafort caused the Trump rising in the polls to lessen, by doing the  things that Joel Skoursen advocates.

For the record, the Lame Cherry will be honest with you. All of those numbers that Hillary Clinton masturbates the intellectuals with, mean absolutely nothing to the primates watching. The primates communicate not in University debate performance, but in Trump communication.
Americans have 5 second focus, and Donald Trump's genius mind changes around about every 5 seconds, so what sounds disjointed to the mindtards is the perfect commercial for the American mind.

Second, are the Mike Cernovich types who thinking winning looks like Donald Trump dragging Hillary Clinton around by the hair. There is a constant in this from this psychopathy in Hillary can not be dead enough. The reason Mike Cernovich is so interested in hair pulling is he like most people have  transferred all of their failures onto Hamrod, and want someone to beat the shit out of their boogermen, because they can not do it. So Donald Trump winning the correct way, is not what they are obsessed with in their psyche as what winning should appear like, so we have this constant whining of the primates across social media on one spin going panic mode in things are falling apart.

The Mockingbird has the mob well trained, and it has decided it is 50 million nagging wives in finding fault in Mr. Trump, to make up for their known faults they are terrified of, and numbers are backseat drivers who just know if they would grave the wheel that they could do better.

Reality check in this, that there are 100 jobs everyone of these chronic bitchers could have gone out and gathered petition signatures for, to show all of us in running for office, what masterful debaters they were. I am certain that they could make mincemeat of Governors, Senators and City Councilmen, because they tell us how easy they could dispatch Mrs. Clinton on the stage. That is satire, because any campaign starts with people liking you, as that is why the vote for you, and every person bitching does not like themselves, and that is why they want Donald Trump to make up for their faults in a suma cum laude way.

I am not patting myself on the back, as the reason I do not post things about lecturing at Mr. Trump, as that is the Holy Ghost directing things. In watching debates, I hear things and know what I would strike with, but Mr. Trump employs something different and wins.
Donald Trump always gives the impression he is a high stakes gambler, as he does things that I wince at, but the reason I wince, is I have not projected out what he is up to, and that is my ignorance in the Holy Ghost does not tell me everything, and honestly, trolling does not delight me. I like dirty tricks more.

For example, in review of the Chris Wallace set up with CBS and others Clinton media, on the "contested election" attempt to smear Donald Trump again, I am convinced that Donald Trump paid attention to what the media was asking Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence, and when he spotted the contested election question, he knew Hamrod and Chris Wallace were going to set him up as others have tried.

Knowing a trap and not being caught in it, are different issues, as much as the reality that somehow Donald Trump knows what the public will support, and how the smear will backfire on the Clinton cronies as it did on the GOPliters.

I do not reveal the above in violating the advice of telling people to keep their mouths shut. I reveal it to dishearten the crestfallen Clinton con artists in how bad they are failing, and to attempt again to settle all of you down in Donald Trump is not going to marry you as Donald Trump does not need 50 million wives.

People have to stop transferring their psychosis onto the Trump campaign as it does not benefit them, and it gets in the way of the information flow, in this non stop "Donald do this", when Donald Trump being Donald Trump has him winning the Presidency.

God knows what God is doing, and Donald Trump is on God's side, so Donald Trump's actions always have him winning.

I did not post this to out Joel Skoursen or Mike Cernovich, as both are intelligent men who are bright enough to support Donald Trump,  winner. The difference is God chose Donald Trump and moves Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is quite a bit more intelligent than both. I could have put any of your names in their places and it would be the same reality. The reason I do not put my name there is because I restrain myself from thinking I know more than the Boss nor am I trying to live through Donald Trump or have Donald Trump slay my dragons.

I kept the objective simple in this as God moved me. There are two goals. Defeat Jeb Bush and then defeat sick old Hillary Clinton. My job as a sapper in the wire is not to be Donald Trump and to shun all notice. I do my small job and it makes Mr. Trump's big job easier. That is what should be our cause in making this easier for Mr. Trump and not looking for attention.

I will reveal one secret in this, in there are thousands of people in America, who you will never know, who have sacrificed and put themselves on the line, and they are not going to be rewarded any more than I will. They are doing small things at key times to help the Trump campaign do things easier. They keep their mouths shut and you owe them your lives.
God is responsible for this blog's success and I am thankful.

To be part of history is a remarkable experience. Each of us has that part. God has given you your part in His common sense to vote for Donald Trump.