Monday, October 31, 2016

Big Hillary & Rationed Toxins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Bowels of Wikileaks are so many damning emails in the evils of the Clinton fraud campaign. One which will be of interest is the on Nutrasweet or Aminosweet as it is now being marketed. The Clinton contacts with John Podesta are quite railing against "those nutty things" like being poisoned by aspartame and the drug linked to Autism in thimersol, in thinking they have a sympathetic ear in Hillary Clinton, but if you have noticed, Hillary Clinton just sort of ignores as does John Podesta in the poisoning of America.

These leftists rail against Don Rumsefeld as the father of Nutrasweet, but if liberals and conservatives would care to follow this trail out of the Podesta Wikileaks, it might make them wonder why in hell is Hillary Clinton poisoning Americans.

Fwd: Nutrasweet

FYI.. per our conversation on Nutrasweet (just read last week that Diet Pepsi is taking out Nutrasweet) I will send you info on thimerosal tomorrow xo w Begin forwarded message: > From: Don Kennedy > Subject: Re: Nutrasweet > Date: April 23, 2013 at 11:52:42 AM CDT > To: wendy Abrams > > I will see if I can get Peggy onto the Nutrasweet mess. Rumsfeld has a lot to answer for in his next life. > > I will also be thinking about new ways to get you out here more often!! > > xo > > Don > On Apr 22, 2013, at 10:14 PM, wendy Abrams wrote: > >> >> Don >> Here was the article you sent me a while ago regarding Nutrasweet and how it came to market under questionable (at best) circumstances. >> The current proposal from the Dairy lobby is to put Nutrasweet in the chocolate milk we serve to school children. Needless to say, I think we >> should stop this proposal from moving forward. >> >> I hope you can help by weighing in with Peggy. >> >> best >> w

The Lame Cherry is first going to provide you some background on this as most of you do not have the memory alpha to link all of this together.

Back in the day of the 1960's, the diet craze was put upon Americans for profit. In it, slinky brunettes sold soda named Tab in "one calorie", which was a beverage that tasted like licking sugar off a metal pot. The sweetener was saccharin, but soon enough the food police who were paid for by the globalists, started telling Americans that everything from cigarettes, bacon, bbq and saccharin all caused cancer.

Here is the proof, and the proof of the lie also, that now they find that saccharin actually helps treat cancer. Why yes, the globalists do not want you ingesting things that actually counteract their cancer spreading germs.

Artificial Sweetener Saccharin Shows Promise In Cancer Treatment

Saccharin, the artificial sweetener that had previously been linked with causing cancer, is now being shown to play a role in treatment OF cancer.

So there had to be a replacement found for horrid tasting fake sugar, and that replacement was Aspartame, made my Searle, and later acquired by Monsanto. Of course money was to be made, but the thing Hillary Clinton supporters fail to understand is that Neocons all con from the same money pool, even of old Nigger lyncher Howard Metzenbaum, was not getting his cut and wondering about Aspartame.

 Metzenbaum was skeptical of corporations and agencies promoting aspartame. An allegation was that the G. D. Searle & Company was trying to bring aspartame to market and get it approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by submitting false data. Metzenbaum berated Searle's fabricated tests and also faulted the American Medical Association (AMA), whose Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported, with some significant disclaimers, that aspartame was safe for most people. Referring to the report, Metzenbaum said, "I wish that this [JAMA] report could ease my concerns. It does not. It merely restates the FDA position, which relies solely on the Searle tests. As I have indicated these tests are under a cloud. In addition, the concerns raised recently by the scientists...were not even included in the report." In 1985, the U.S. Senate heard testimony relating to an amendment by Metzenbaum which would require the quantity of aspartame in a product to be labeled.

For some reason the amnesia sets in after Don Rumsfeld left the playing field and it fell to one Bill and Hillary Clinton going full dose Nutrasweet into America.

Oh that's right, that is when this all started getting pushed in Aspartame was the Clintons. That would be Bill and Hillary Clinton as we would not want people confused in his was Jamaal and Delio Clinton.

In l996, FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler granted blanket approval of this neurotoxin to be used like sugar. ... On August 26, l996 (p 20-21) the Food Chemical News reported, "Gingrich told FDA in a July 26 letter that he would appreciate any information the agency could provide him on aspartame. Aspartame�commercially known as 'NutraSweet'�was recently approved for all food and beverages uses by the FDA." ... To this day (August 4, 2000) the FDA has refused to answer them ....

The really interesting part is this is Dailykos as the source of this and they were hit and run on Bill and Hillary Clinton as the Rose Law Firm of Whitewater criminal fame was all into Clinton Arkansas pushing of all these Frankenfoods poisoning all of us.

Monsanto people were put in charge of food, ... ( or or
FDA okayed Monsanto's rBGH (bovine growth hormone), first GE-product ever approved.
Despite bovine illness/death, FDA didn't recall or warn.
When dairymen labeled milk "rBGH-free," USDA  threatened confiscation.  
Organic food was the last way around unknown danger.  FDA tried to close that escape with new "organic" standards, to include: genetic engineering of plants/animals, food irradiation , sewage sludge fertilizer.
USDA backed down from public response 20 times greater than to anything before.

So let us return to Nutrasweet AKA Aspartame and Big Soda and look who appears joined at the hip again to toxic potions.

Clinton Foundation and PepsiCo Launch Strategic Partnership ...

PepsiCo to Source Vitamin-Rich Cashew Fruit to Further Enhance Nutritional Quality of Juice Products in India New York, NY— The Clinton Foundation and PepsiCo, Inc ...

Clinton Foundation Donors Also Got Big State Department ...

Clinton Foundation Donors Also Got Big ... fat check to Hillary Clinton's foundation. From Cisco to Coca-Cola, ... you could chalk it up to the Clinton Foundation ...

I do not suppose the reason Aspartame being an amnesia subject to Hillary Clinton's brain has to do blood clots, and not that the biggest users of it are donating huge to the Clinton Foundation in Pepsi and Coke.

Odd thing is consumers tried to get Pepsi to stop pushing this poison, and Pepsi quit........but then said it had an 11% drop in sales, so they brought the addictive poison back as the cover story from their Indian CEO

The thing is that this Frankenfood poison out of Chicago Monsanto origins, was bought up by JW Childs, known as Mr. Mitt Romney and GOP ATM, as Childs held the Nutrasweet franchise for sometime until the patent ran out, and became Aminosweet, along with the global suppliers now marketing it.

Someone  though was really interested in pushing it, and it was not Republicans. It was none other than Michelle Obama and Barack Obama.

NutraSweet Aspartame–yet another self-administered chemical ...
May 29, 2011 - The Deadly Truth About Aspartame & Cancer . ... Obama bravely embraces Monsanto and genetically modified foods · Monsanto Corporation ...

Apr 22, 2011 - In February of this year, Michelle Obama spoke in Atlanta concerning childhood obesity. Dr. H. J. Roberts author of the medical text, Aspartame ...

Now maybe in this payback is a bitch, and the bitch is Hillary Clinton as the food cops are busy promoting for their donations the cash box that Hamrod is having holes eaten in her brain drinking Diet Coke.

Hillary's Blood Clot...Warning - Aspartame -

A front page story in the Enquirer discussed an investigation on Hillary Clinton having tests to see if she was suffering from a brain tumor. They stated she was ...

No need for compassion, as she has none for you. It exposes though the betrayal of the Clinton campaign in taking the trust  of voters, like Bernie Sanders voters, and the trust of donors, and never having any intention of coming through for them.
You do remember Hillary telling Wall Street hedgefunders she had a public and private message?

This is the scam of the Obama regime and Clinton Foundation, death to America. It is lying to millions, to extort billions from them, to their last drop of blood. It goes to the dirt of Doug Band running his influence pedaling extension of the Clinton Foundation at TENEO. 
As Band warned Podesta, if the story got out they were screwed. That is the way Soros investment works. Blame the other Neocons in the Bush's while you got the death dispensers, as everyone hates Don Rumsfeld after the propaganda.

Just be sure take a healthy dose of your rationed toxins as that is where all the influence Hillary Clinton sold for every person's death bought each of you.