Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Did Obama In With A Load Of Cum

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

FLASHBACK: Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush reelection...

A very wise Lady was informing me recently about the good that God had moved so many people to be instruments in God's hand to elect Donald Trump, and as I sat there this morning, it occured to me that satan works just as must destruction on the soulless creatures who promote sin.

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a 'crime family'...


I am going to start this out with a surprise statement in Bill Clinton is one of the easiest husbands to please. He is a wife's dream really.

See Bill Clinton wants three things out of life. He wants a bottle blonde woman, with big silicon tits, who sucks like a Hoover. Give Bill Clinton that and he would behave like a pimp at a Vegas brothel.

That is what is important to understand in this, in the mouthy uppity image of Obama thinking it is going to some revolutionary godfather of Obamaism when it is booted out of office, because Hillary Clinton changed all of that.

You do remember there was and is an FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton email crimes right?

You do know what happens in federal investigations right? You get questioned and if you lie you really get into jail trouble right?

Let me remind you something in you do remember image Obama breaking all practices in his unprecedented public statements in trying to influence this investigation for Hillary Clinton right?
You do remember image Obama flat ass lying in a public statement that he had no idea about Hillary Clinton's emails.........and we later discovered his emails were wiped and that image Obama was an emailing fool to the Clinton server right?

You do know that by what image Obama did, that those are things called aiding and abetting right? You do know that Obama lying in public was diverting a federal investigation and is a felony right?

You really have to understand this all, in the image of Barack Hussein Obama, is now looking at a Special Prosecutor Rudy Guiliana multiple count indictment for interfering with a federal investigation, and when sentenced image Obama is looking at 20 years to life right?

This is not some far fetched thing, as that is what the law is. Out of image Obama's own mouth was coercision and lies. His intent was to aid and abet Hillary Clinton in a criminal investigation and to divert the investigation from himself, in a cover up as the image was using that email server.

None of that is small stuff. For one lie, Bill Clinton was impeached. Obama has engaged in many lies and criminal acts. For those who think that he will be out of office so impeachment is off the table, are missing the point, in image Obama will not have the Presidency protecting it's crimes any more, and will be just another criminal, and criminals go to prison.

When the Lame Cherry spoke of Obama going into exile in 2009, it was serious, and we are now faced by what Hillary Clinton did, that image Obama will be a convicted felon, and probably flee to some non extradition nation in exile.

Think of this from the beginning as the Lame Cherry pointed out in Bill Clinton was an easy husband to please. Hillary already had the fake blonde hair, knew what to do on her knees. All she had to do to please Bill, rather than drive him into rape frenzies,was get some DDD silicon implants and suck like a Hoover.
It has always been the problem of Hillary Clinton in she is stingy in bed and out of bed. She always is cheating and making a person feel like they are used.

It is the same with Huma Abedin. There Hillary goes and fixes her up with a Jew front husband in Anthony Wiener, who signs off on it for position and power, but Hillary has to go and cuck the poor bastard and humiliate him, in dressing Huma up in Mini Me costumes.

Hillary is adept at that in drove Bill to rape, and Anthony to being a jail bait perv. She just cuts the balls off of liberal men. Poor Vince Foster had his nuts so cut off that they went up to his tonsils.

Review all of this, in how Bill and Hillary used Lawrence Walsh as a fraud prosecutor to indict the Bush41 regime, to install Bill and Hill, and now crooked James Comey is investigating Hamrod again.
Yes Hillary crowed she was exonerated by her FBI, and now the same FBI is saying she is a crook again in new evidence which Hillary's lezbo, Huma Abedin, collected on image Obama and Hillary to blackmail them.

For all the smarts this image Obama and Hamrod had, they just did not count on Obama's downfall coming from old saggy tits and being stingy on the blow jobs. None of this would have happened if Hillary had made Bill happy in sucking like a Hoover and letting him knead them silicon mountains like he was climbing Everest. Instead Hillary had to get Huma on her knees and abuse her and that is the worst of this, because you can see in Huma's eyes that she is hurt, she is pained, and she really cares for her abusive mummy Hamrod.
There was though a breaking point that Huma decided or was ordered by Muslim intelligence to make her own copies of Hillary crimes and email them to herself. I suspect that Anthony Wiener not like being a cuck, decided to get a little protection, promotion and revenge too, and that is how the emails appeared with the FBI as a deal was worked out.

Anthony Wiener knew he had those emails and did not wipe them. He kept them when he knew the FBI was coming, and he had an this was handed over to the FBI for what looks like a plea deal and for an FU to Hillary Clinton in a man who just wanted his hot wife Huma back in why he acted out like he did.

That is what this all comes down to is cum. image Obama would have gotten away with all of it's crimes, if Hillary Clinton had simply been sucking her husband Bill Clinton off, and had Huma home sucking Anthony's wiener, instead of sucking Hamrods old nasty snatch. It certainly is the first sex scandal in history that brought down a Birther, all because one wife in Hillary was not swallowing the load.

image Obama was humiliating  Muchelle in public too, about not sucking and swallowing. It is why Obama went bisexual with the Chicago pansy, as all he wanted was Muchelle to look up, like Bill wanted Hillary to look up on her knees, like Huma used to look up to her man Anthony and smile sweetly and say, "Oh daddy, one small suck by me and one big geyser for you".

Yes all of this would have never have happened if Hillary Clinton just sucked like a Hoover, like Bill's energizer bunny who comes over with her perky breasts, blonde hair and Hoover lips. Instead image Obama is now looking at life in prison and existence with shemale Muchelle in exile........and poor sick olde Hillary. Huma has now fled from the wrath of Hillary and she has the unique title in destroying three sitting Presidents in Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama, and  two liberals attempting to be President in Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Those Rockefeller Republican Neocons really know how to hose down the liberal political leaders. Damn thing for image Obama to have at the Birther Library..........Hillary Clinton done me in with a load of Cum.