Monday, October 10, 2016

Bravest Man in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, today at a Wayne State rally for sick old Hillary Clinton, a Black American brilliantly got himself seated behind Hillary Clinton with a Bill Clinton face t shirt and RAPE on the front.

Then all hell broke loose as Free Speech is not anything Hillary Clinton desires at one of her rallies. The Clinton people threw this man down and hauled him off like a Kenyan in 1600 for the European slave market to the Americas.

The Lame Cherry respects this man, as he has to be the bravest man in America, because if Hillary Clinton steals this, I suspect he will be an extinct species.
Personally I am very pleased that President Elect Donald Trump has reached out to every American, and the Black community has treated him most fairly. The Black Americans are right in protesting Hillary Clinton in their lives matter by focusing on the rapes of Bill Clinton.
This protest was far more effective than the Clinton sponsored use and abuse of Blacks as the Obama regime did in unrest or attacks on Mr. Trump, because every media outlet in the Right is going to be featuring this American and his message, while the left is going to cover it up again.

Here is a Black man who is not dealing dope, raping someone, being Kayne West, being Bill Cosby, being the vacationing Obamas, but is bravely making a political statement PEACEFULLY, and for that Hillary Clinton abused this man.

Clinton pinkos tried to disrupt the RNC for effect and were disruptive, but were gently removed. This Black man was not causing any riot, and yet he was pounced upon.

Hillary Clinton showed exactly the type of America she lusts to rule from, a police state, of Hillary rights and every other person's rights are thrown on the floor.