Monday, October 10, 2016

never bring a clinton TO A TRUMP FIGHT

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I am so grateful to the Holy Ghost in moving Donald Trump to the vanquishing of Hillary Clinton in the second debate that I am absolutely euphoric.

Think of it, in this was a Clinton Podesta plot. It took weeks to construct. It was meant to neutralize Hillary Clinton being toe tag, it was meant to neutralize Bill Clinton raping women and Hillary Clinton assaulting women, it was meant to hide Hillary Clinton crimes.

Hillary Clinton brought her A game. Hillary Clinton with Podesta lined up the Republican frauds to break the word to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton had Anderson Cooper and Martha Raditz ganging up for her against Donald Trump, and midway through this scheme, you could witness wide eyed Hillary Clinton glaring with venom vacuously at Donald Trump, and she knew she was losing.

The world leader was on that stage and everyone saw it. The world leader is President Donald Trump.

Ponder the above in Hillary Clinton and everyone in the puppy press was expecting Donald Trump to be in a pool on the floor after the first half hour, but Donald Trump took every hit this band of schemers unleashed, and he never gave ground. He then opened with salvo after salvo against Hamrod and she collapsed under the fire and Donald Trump brought the fraud moderators to heel too.

To the last moment when the debate went long to give Hillary Clinton one last chance to prove she was nice in saying something nice about Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton's venom was unleashed again in a catty remark about Donald Trump had good children. Donald Trump noted it, but was the gentleman again, as he said he admired how tough Hillary Clinton was in she kept on going.
A stunned Hillary Clinton looked on knowing she had been bested again.

All the media could do was revel in their Hillary Colored Glasses in they had been told she would win, so were spinning it in more lies about Mr. Trump, as taking a statement out of context about Russia. By morning,  it was soaking into the media just how bad the second attempted Clinton Coup against Donald Trump had failed, as they were busy pondering why Donald Trump did this and that.

I know why Donald Trump did a multitude of things in that debate and praise God for the direction God provided Mr. Trump to be successful in every way. I am not though going to at this time reveal one thing that Mr. Trump achieved, because all it would do is assist the Clinton crooks and cronies to attempt to counter Mr. Trump.
The time for showing how smart you are and how much you know is after November 8th. Now is the time to pound home the reality that Hillary Clinton was obliterated in the Trump Debate, for you to post about it, laugh about it, enjoy it and celebrate it, so you start conditioning these traitors in the Clinton sphere they are fractured and scattered. Demoralize them and have fun with it.

Think of the accomplishment God gave in Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a liar 4 times to her face and she accepted it as fact. Think of the reality that Donald Trump said he was going to prosecute her and put her into jail and she accepted it.
Now do you see why the press is so unsettled in, Donald Trump pulled off the clown mask of Hillary Clinton in that debate and exposed the artful dodger behind the mask and eveyrone agreed.


Moderators gone wild....

VIDEO: CNN Caught Coaching Focus Group...

Bob Schieffer: Debate was just disgraceful...

There was nothing disgraceful about the Truth finally coming out in what the press has been covering for these Clinton Obama criminals for decades.

Nom de Deus, Donald Trump, the protector of the women that Bill Clinton raped, and those women appeared in the same row with the beast who assaulted them.


John Podesta knew all of this, and this is why this moron constructed the pussy grab event to try and neutralize the Bill Clinton rapist of women.


There is a rule in this though that you do not bring a rapist to a pussy grab fight, because people know that words are words and Bill Clinton biting Juanita Broadericks lip until she bled as he raped her and Hillary Clinton threatening her with murder, is a far different situation.





VIDEO: Broaddrick Relives Brutal Rapes...

Victims 'Terrified' of 'Enabler' Hillary...

Clinton Spokesman To Trump: 'Go Fuck Yourself'...

This is what winning looks like and this entire treacherous Hillary Clinton group now knows that they have done there worst, and Donald Trump did his best and beat them on every count.
It is dawning on all of these sons of bitches that they have been poking the lion they thought was caged in Donald Trump, and come the November elections, Mr. Trump will be in charge of the zoo and decide which primates feed the lions den.


The biggest damn fool in the room were these GOPliters. Seriously Paul Ryan and John Thune with these other twaticles thought their oligarchs would save them. When the Trump Administration is done hauling these nation rapists into court, these oligarchs will be throwing Ryan and Thune to the courts to save themselves.

Trump challenges Clinton to spend own money on campaign...

Collection of Hillary potty mouth...

While I have not inquired about this, do not miss the challenge of Donald Trump to Hamrod Clinton to self fund. When Donald Trump brings up something and Hillary Clinton stays mute on it, you know there is something "interesting" beyond the bribes which is happening with Hillary Clintons personal funds. That was Donald Trump telling Hamrod he knows something and that information is coming.

It all became worse for Hamrod in now the Wikileaks emails begin to unload in Bill and Chelsea so abused one of the Clinton Foundation staff that the person tried to murder themselves and John Podesta has been covering up that crime.
This is another Podesta created disaster.

So you understand, know that this is not over and Hillary Clinton has more smears and plots. Yes they are shell shocked in being routed, but there is her Obama October Surprise and more filth from this Clinton campaign to cheat, because they can not win honestly. Know though that you saw what happens when you let Donald Trump be Donald Trump. Mr. Trump won the first debate decisively even if the blind could not understand what he was doing, and I will not explain it, but at this juncture you are all in belief that Donald Trump won the second debate in he mopped the floor with his antagonists. It was so much the route that people were lining up to have their photos taken with Mr. Trump as the next President from the "undecided".

In that the new polling all  reveals the 'undecided' are breaking 10 to 1 for Donald Trump. That is another disaster of the Clinton machinations.

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You know what an absolute disaster it is, when the flies appear to measure up their egg laying for when Hamrod goes toe tag in how sick this old woman is. The omens were all there and they all bad concerning Hillary Clinton.

In the end which is coming for the Clinton campaign, the old maxim is true. You never bring a knife to a gun fight, and in Lame Cherry phrase,


Nuff Said