Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Evil thy name is Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It will require reminding you busy children and non donating brats that some popular girl has been warning the Clinton campaign and all of you, about a certain notorious scoundrel who has been implementing the Clinton agenda with an Obama venom, by the name of John Podesta.

All of the cheating, the pranks, the running sick old Hillary to collapse, are the genius of this influence peddler named John Podesta.

Now we discover in Wikileaks that the Clinton Obama Podesta campaign intended to do to American Catholicism what this group set loose in Islam. They literally had trade agent provocateurs to overthrow the Catholic church in America.

This seems beyond bizarre in the Pater Pope Black Robe was a mentor of Latin Liberation or as this blog pointed out first, Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation which was what Obama bowed to at the Church of Oprah.

There are reasons God points things out here sometimes years, sometimes months, sometimes weeks before the stories break, and it is to prepare you so you know what is coming, while everyone else is left in the dark.

Lame Cherry proven right again, and now the Clinton campaign intended to weld that Irish Catholic majority to their apostate regime. So you understand why the Catholics are ripe for the picking, it is the fact that the Padre in the church who rules the locals, like the mullahs and clerics do. Whatever a pedophile or pervert says with a black robe on, the Catholic faithful must bow to or face eternal damnation.
So you get this scam, the Catholic clergy is interested in order, or their ruling world government by conduits. It is in their interest to promote welfare, because welfare keeps people velcro in clinging to them, and it fills collection plates. The Padres love unions, because it trains the faithful to obey the Padre, and it fills the collection plates.
It has always been that way in the poor have been exploited by the Vatican, and now we find out in the Clinton World Order, she is attempting to be the female prostitute heading the Church of Rome from America by seizing control of Catholic clergy and then ordering them to all support Hamrod and all democratic apostasy.

They already have these Catholic faithful kneeling in bending at the waist in almost 70% vote for their democratic abominations, but Clinton with Podesta wants absolute control of these Catholics they are mocking in private. Their purpose is to turn the Catholic religion in America as the "control" for managing their 100 million Mexicans which Obama is importing, all for a voting block to produce an American Genocide, but an image of what the Church of Rome has always been in, a bunch of perverted old white men and women, living like kinds as the population existed like rats, and the rats never dare to rise up, because they will go to hell.........just like Islam.

Do you get this Lame Cherry exclusive in the Muslim Militant is the sword of Clinton to terrorize the populace and the Mexican Militant is the hammer of the Jesuits for slave labor. That is why these groups were chosen by Obama import, as both have been effectively exploited for profit and labor around the world, and this is the future of America and Europe.

President Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton's man in Sidney Blumenthal was a bad guy. I am telling you that John Podesta and the group he is running for Obama Clinton makes smarmy Sid look like an altar boy before Hillary pedophile priests ass rape the little dodger after mass.

There literally is nothing Hillary Clinton will not bastardize or exploit for her criminal rapine of America and the world.

I will remind ALL of you of the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter how an Obama look alike appeared before the election on the Lutheran Witness of the LCMS. That was not by accident and it reveals the suboperational groups in America which are running black budget operations in Mockingbird propaganda have infiltrated all of these sodomite and terror importing groups. What Hillary Clinton and John Podesta got caught plotting against all Catholics has been operational in the Methodists, American Lutheran, Presbyterian etc... religions in America for decades.

The Lame Cherry warned Hillary Clinton of her weak link in John Podesta, but the word never got to her from this blog, as Podesta apparently with his flock has a censor control on information so the sick old gal never gets the intelligence. I will admit that I was not doing Hamrod any favors, because of the upheaval it would cause, but now Mrs. Clinton has a devil's nest of problems, as Podesta brought up pussy grab with the GOPliters and now no one is talking about that, but is talking about Bill Clinton rape and now we have the rape of the Catholic church in America by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is evil. That needs to be stated, as she literally attempted to create a Holy Hillary Empire in America exploiting Catholics in the same beast reality which the Holy Roman Empire ruled Europe for centuries to the demise of those peoples.

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