Thursday, October 13, 2016

None of the women reported the incidents to law enforcement.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It apparently needs stating that this Pussy Grab is not about Donald Trump every touching any woman inappropriately, but John Podesta and the Clinton's trying to create a deflection from Bill and Hillary Clinton raping women.

There is a Yahoo post which is the title of this article in:

None of the women reported the incidents to law enforcement.

David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump

David Brock is offering to pay for new information on Donald Trump, ... David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump. Share. Tweet. Email. David Brock / AP.

Of course none of the women ever reported any of these events, because this is a the work of David Brock who was trolling dollar bills down the internet begging for dirt, and this is the "worst of it", in at least one of these women is reported to be psychotic in making all sorts of stories up, and another as found by Reverse Speech expert David John Oates, discovered the woman confessing that she "framed daddy".

One of the women who claim Donald Trump grabbed her.

Being with Donald Trump -  Did I frame daddy (This woman is admiting that Donald Trump never groped her and she is being put up to this. She is LYING.)

The Trump Campaign calls this for what it is, another coordinated smear, just like the earlier smears from the New York Times in creating fiction, just as the early stories about Ivana Trump claiming "rape" were refuted. What we have here is a normal male, who was around numbers of females and EXACTLY like Michelle Fields reached out and touched Donald Trump, Donald Trump reached out and touched some women. The problem in this is the women that Donald Trump reached out and touched were Ivana, Marla and Melania, in he married them......and these other women did not make the cut, and are employing a woman's scorn in they were not good enough to be Melania Trump.

The quotes from these women are ridiculous.

"It was pretty close to the center of my butt,"   Mindy McGillivray

Seriously? So the new pussy grab by the Clinton campaign is the arse cheek, but close to the center.

"I have a daughter now and it's really hard because you think of sending your little daughter out there with men like that who think like that." (A crying Mormon Temple Taggart claiming Donald Trump kissed her)

This is a woman in a religion of 10 wives and one man and she is bawling over something that she claims happened years ago which most women would brag about............and she has a problem with Donald Trump, but not Bill and Hillary Clinton raping women.
I am surprised the story did not include a puppy which growled according to the propagandist every time the name Trump was mentioned.

The Lame Cherry is going to give you the bombshell in this which explains all of this, and it goes back to David Brock bribing people, Paul Ryan in collusion with John Thune, with the Clinton Podesta campaign, and it is in Reverse Speech from Hillary Clinton's own mouth.

To set this up in this odd reversal which took place at the second debate, we now know this was a coordinated smear against Donald Trump. We know it was planned. We know that Martha Raditz of ABC in reversals confessed she had been paid off to smear Donald Trump at the debate, and we know that the Bill Bush tape was recorded illegally, we know it was shopped, we know that Hillary Clinton did  this because she was behind the polls, and we know this was set up as her kill shot on the Trump Campaign at the second debate, followed up by Paul Ryan sabotaging Mr. Trump all week with other GOPliters........and that these Brock Bimbos were held in reserve until Wednesday for another smear to reinforce as Hillary Clinton is plunging in the polls again.


The propaganda press has been on a scorched earth against the most effective elements in taking down Hillary Clinton and the GOPliters. The Lame Cherry was nuked first by Facebook, then it was Ricky Vaughn on Twitter......then Mr. Trump was shadow censored and now James O'Keefe is being censored on Twitter.
The Hillary Presstitutes are censoring every effective platform.

O'KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns...

TWITTER blocks him on eve of revelations...

This all ties into the strange reversal on Hillary Clinton in the second debate, but it explains everything. In the set up for this Hamrod Clinton is talking about Americans, but her mind is on something else. The something else is she KNEW what was coming this week with the Brock Bimbos and it had her worried, as she knew there was no evidence and it was worthless.

All kinds of Americans - There is no film (They could not find dirt on Trump)

That is what THERE IS NO FILM means. It is there are no digital recordings of Donald Trump ever doing what these women claim.

All kinds of Americans - There is no film (They could not find dirt on Trump)

There is an eyewitness account though of married Vince Foster grabbing married Hillary Clinton's tits, and Hillary cooing "OHHHH VINCE".
If you care to look up who the author of that was, it was this fag David Brock who made his money dumping on the Clintons, for Bush fam, and once he got rich, he betrayed everyone and went to work for the Clintons.

"Living with the Clintons" by David Brock -

Living with the Clintons ... The troopers were closer to Bill than to Hillary Clinton, ... And she just stood there cooing, 'Oh Vince. Oh Vince.'

Sexual harrasssment is always the reality of what her ass meant.

- Lame Cherry

That is the fact in this, as it was not appropriate for Vince Foster to be making a cuck out of Bill Clinton and for Hillary Clinton standing there getting wet as a man who was not her husband was feeling her tits up. Someone really needs to ask Hillary Clinton about her cooing, and what is inappropriate.
Why is it inappropriate for Donald Trump to  talk about things, but is laughed at when Hillary Clinton destroys a 12 year old rape victim and Bill Clinton rapes numbers of women?
Why is it appropriate for Hillary Clinton's ass to mean "Fondle me Vince" and women without proof accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate actions is taken as gospel, when all of their stories reveal these Trump accusers are unbalanced women, in one makes up things, one admits she is framing Mr. Trump and others are trying really hard to manufacture they think every man, woman and dog apparently desire to have sex with them.

I have full compassion on the women who the Clintons raped, and believe them, because the Clintons tried to destroy them. These unbalanced women, like that Fat Miss Universe exploited by the Clinton campaign, have never had the Trumps ever retaliate on them, even though this was a Clinton Podesta Brock set up again of exploiting women by the Clintons and then throwing them away.

I do have compassion on these Brock Bimbos, but they made their beds and who they lied down with, and what follows after them in being exposed for how unbalanced they are is their choice for allying with the Clinton rape machine.

I warned the Clinton campaign what an absolute disaster John Podesta is, and it had absolutely no effect. I will admit that I am very pleased that Hillary Clinton did not fix things which would have caused a minor drop in her campaign in firing Podesta, because the real polling is showing what has been the case all along, in Donald Trump is in the lead and his numbers never dropped. The drive and flash polls which were all fraud in showing Hamrod with a 15 point lead and the calls for Mr. Trump to step down were staged talking points, and just like after the 100 Days, the RNC, the DNC, the first debate, all the steer polling had absolutely no effect, as NO ONE WANTS SICK OLD HILLARY CLINTON.

So I am pleased that the Clinton rape machine is wasting it's last gasp from sick old Hillary on this fool's errand, as it has done nothing but make Donald Trump stronger, and expose what serial abusers of women the Clinton's are.

Logic dictates there is the Clinton "October Surprise" which the Obama regime will assist with to try and save her, but I doubt there is anything out there other than more than these unbalanced women making charges, because Hillary Clinton confessed they had no film of anything.

Could there be other things out there as in another story? Yes, but you have to discern in this, that Podesta went with the worst they had, and set up a several week strategy, based on the Ryan and Big Koch smear which stole the Wisconsin primary from Donald Trump. There is a theme in the Clinton smears and it is all about women. Hamrod is obsessed with this, because women are not voting for her, and are instead voting for Donald Trump. That apparently is more than she can take, and she needs women to give her a chance, but American women are not marching in lock step as they can see through the machinations of the Clintons.

Therefore it is a conclusion that the Clinton Podesta smears are stuck on stupid, in there is not enough time to create another scandal craze which would effect a large block of voters which the losing Hillary Clinton is desperate for.

The evidence is all before you. Hillary Clinton would not be pulling this stuff if she was in the lead. She would not be in Florida with loser Al Gore if she had it all wrapped up. Hillary Clinton is behind nationally and is losing in all the key states. That is why she is abusing these Brock Bimbos as her policies are rejected by American votes, Americans do not like this woman, so all she has left is the Bimbo Eruptions to try and smear Donald Trump with.

This is the only complete analysis of this which you will read, unless of course it is the following days, and then all the children will have the same insights again and not mention where they originated from.

Just keep the Faith and pray for Donald Trump's victory by Christ. Donald Trump is winning, and the Hillary Clinton / John Podesta scheming is failing as Americans are rejecting it.

I will close with an insight that Hillary Clinton should have hired the Lame Cherry and saved her from all of this as the Memory Alpha here knows all and remembers all.

Years ago Maury Povich produced a show about women who has sexual dreams about Bill Clinton. As he related later, IT WAS THE LOWEST RATED SHOW HE EVER DID. No one was interested in it, as Bill Clinton was not desired.
Now here is the key in this, in the reason the Clinton Podesta Brock Bimbo smears are not working, is because Donald Trump is liked, and women want to be kissed by him and guys would not be put off he kissed their gals, as that is the charm of Donald Trump.

So you get this, Donald Trump is charming in all he does and it is acceptable. Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton is the rapist's wife chasing women down the street calling them whores after they are raped.
There is nothing charming about the Clintons.

The final word from the Trump Campaign

The Trump campaign fired back, calling The New York Times article a political attack and demanding a retraction.
"This entire article is fiction, and for the New York Times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against Mr Trump on a topic like this is dangerous," senior communicators advisor Jason Miller said in a statement.
ABC News reported three senior-level sources as saying Trump is drafting a lawsuit against the newspaper for defamation.
"Your article is reckless, defamatory and constitutes libel per se," Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz wrote in a letter to the daily.

Yes the Trump's file lawsuits against the Clinton media for defamation, while Donald Trump rightly calls Bill Clinton a rapist and Hillary Clinton a liar, and they resort not to the courts, because they are rapists and liars, but resort to unbalanced women bought and paid for in necessary attention.