Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Donald Trump Super Majority Strikes

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For all of you who doubt the landslide of Donald John Trump which is building, you need look no further than that traitor Senator John Thune of South Dakota who was spouting off not 5 days ago about Trump resigning and praising Mike Pence as they leader..........

So you get this, John Thune is in that Dennis the Mutard Daugaard Governor state of South Dakota. It is so GOP that it has super majorities in the Congress. The last  time a democrat was governor was when Nixon was President.
Republicans would not have a problem at all in that state, if it was not for Mutard importing those damned Obama terrorists and dumping them all over the place for Obama bribes run out of Lutheran Social Services, exactly like North Dakota.
Thune get elected at 70% margins.....and that is why this traitor of Big Koch was chosen to lead the charge in the Senate to coordinate with Hillary Clinton's campaign with traitor Paul Ryan, as it was a sure thing in Thune was up for re election.

Funny thing happened though on the way to the Trump political assassination run out of South Dakota

Trump Slows GOP Defections as Lawmakers Led by Thune Retreat (1)

... 3 Senate Republican, John Thune of ... bring Republicans back into the fold. Trump also ... Thune, other Republicans shifting back toward ...

Now what would make Thune shit in his pants and be humiliated in retreating from his pissing on Donald Trump just a few days ago?

The answer is YOU.
See there are some Patriots in America who get off their asses, instead of pretending they are hot shit all the time in Facebook and Twitter, and actually call up these pompous traitors and email these treacherous politicians and tell them how they are not going to vote for them on November 8th.

That is the case with Thune and that puss bait from New Jersey. I can promise you that Chris Christy got on the phone and told that puss lips from New Jersey that puss lips was not going to humiliate him with Donald Trump nor the people of New Jersey, as Christy was personally going to destroy this little twat, and the people of New Jersey backed Governor Christy and railed on this vulva of the voting booth.

See if someone in power says, "I say old twat, you think you are going to stab us in the back and retire to Big Koch for the action, I can tell you that no matter where you crawl, there is going to be indictments following you to prison. Have a nice day".

Let me explain this to you in how this works with someone like Hillary Clinton's 3rd ovary in John Thune. Thune is from a small state. Whenever people contact Thune it is noted that each contact represents something like 1000 to 10,000 votes. For Thune to soil himself this bad, means South Dakotans scorched his bimbo office with such numbers that his 65% margin in November must have evaporated to his getting his ass kicked out of the Senate.

I desire each of you to THINK about that. South Dakota is not alone. Every state in these United States has numbers operating like that for Donald Trump. When Thune had to be humiliated and back down, it meant that a super majority for Donald Trump  was operating and some Constitution or Libertarian candidate was probably going to win, or split it for the Democrats to pick up a seat.

All John Thune had to do was keep his backstabbing mouth shut and coast, but no he had to be proxy boy for the conspiracy, and Thune is a Bush baby, but Thune never expected the Trump Super Majority to descend like it did on every other one of these traitors and bring their ruin.
You will notice that Kristi Noem after spouting off about Donald Trump earlier this summer has kept her mouth shut, as she is having real problems out there too. Every one of these crooks and liars is having problems and just lost the majority of their votes.

That is what all of this means and you must be aware of how many people are voting for Donald Trump across America as this is not some anomaly only in isolated states. Republicans hate the Republican party now, and are going scorched earth. Paul Ryan can steal the primary from that Nehlen, but in the end he is getting his ass booted out as polls show Ryan going down to that Democrat in that district.

So if you people will get off your asses and stand up when it matters as those cow chips in  South Dakota did bravely.......because believe me in that GOP Syndicate state you do not make waves any more than Biden's Delaware as Mutard runs that state like a gestapo camp......the difference can be made.

A great victory was won by Donald Trump. His People, thee American People stood up and made the 3rd most powerful man in the Senate bend at the waist. You remember that, as it gives clues in this that the voting software to steal this can not overcome super majority margins. That means Donald Trump will win this if you get off your asses and do a few things before November and show up at the polls on election day in droves and drive your tormentors from office.

This is the Donald Trump Super Majority. It ate the top Republicans and it is coming for November 8th.