Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paul Ryan coordinating with Clinton campaign


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

To add to the good work that the Gateway Pundit posted, this Trump smear story was pushed out of Paul Ryan's office, and this is coming directly from Big Koch out of Wisconsin.

The link in this coordinating is Dan Senor for Ryan and Campbell Brown for the Clinton campaign. In this way, there are not any of those Podesta emails to surface. It is pillow talk.

The damning part in this is Brown is uber leftist and Senor is the hammer for Ryan who has given Obama everything the regime wants. It is obvious these are oligarch prostitutes.

As reported here first, this was a coordinated effort of the oligarchs and their political pimps in why this was coordinated and choreographed for the debate and this nonsense of a week of GOP meetings.

I will have more on this tomorrow in the sense of the ballot logistics of what Ryan is taking marching orders for, but this is the smoking gun. This Trump Coup came out of the Speaker of the House's office, coordinating with the Clinton campaign.

Mr. Trump is to be praised for his gloves off attitude now with these criminals, as this is a conspiracy, and Ryan has violated all principles as Speaker, and should fire Dan Senor and the call must be made immediately for Reince Priebus to remove Paul Ryan from the Republican Party.

More to come.