Wednesday, October 12, 2016

November Nine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Few of you have contemplated what November 9th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord holds for you. Your flat world shortsighted, running to one bit of information to claim as your own discovery, has none of you prepared for the reality of this election stolen from Donald Trump, and then all of your mouthing off which has been collected will be for your own visits from federal authorities as the Clinton police state unleashes it's wrath.

What is November 9th to you? Do you think you are just going to continue on with Facebook and Twitter? Do you think the Lame Cherry is going to be your shield so all of you brats can keep acting brave? Just how deep of hole have you dug for yourselves without thinking anything out?

I stated last year that I was through with propping up regimes which are Godless. I will not resist that regime nor will I assist that regime. It and those who serve it, can experience all they are without me. I will obey the laws, I will pay my  taxes, I will follow the rules and I will do it quietly, while the rest of the fools who think nothing has changed can sound brave, until they are crying at 3 AM in being dragged out of their beds.

My focus will be on God and Garden, and those things God moves me to share on Biblical things. For those who are rich, and you are as I run across your posts now and then talking about all the expensive things you are doing.  Do you really think I am  going to stick my neck out for you when you need to be saved, when if you had simply came up with the big donation, I could have focused on a reality which would have saved everyone. By your selfishness, you made the tribulation, so do not expect me to stop the perfect storm.

I will continue to work and pray with all I have to elect Donald Trump and have him inaugurated twice as President of these United States, with all of his policies, as that is the Donald Line which saves us or we all venture to a Biblical end. Each of you before November 9th are going to have at least an idea of how to keep yourselves out of trouble, because when the Conglomerate Curtain falls, and all of those donors to the Clinton Foundation will collect on all they purchased Hillary Clinton for.

The Clinton's have a history of having those around them who use lethal means to solve problems.

As Amos the Prophet stated by the Holy Ghost: Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.

What you must be aware of is all of those guns in America are given to American to make them think they can fight back, but no one is going to fight back. That is not a challenge but a reality, because only a fool would attempt anything against his machine, as it is suicidal.  If one has that type of death wish, they might as well go  get a bottle of tranquilizers, a bottle of their favorite alcohol, pop in Winnie the Pooh and have a peaceful exit as the other is nothing but a show of how unempowered that person is, and try to make a big noise to make up for how worthless they feel.

I would suggest that you look at the footage of the Iron Curtain, in how those sober, pale faced zombies, taking all the abuse of a regime and the humiliation, because that is how you survive in the gulag.

I am certain most of you will respond as Tavistock and Stanford have already projected you will, with depression, and when you get angry, there will be Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh telling you to wait for the next election. I fully expect the protocols have been factored out to some "Trumper Party" to mock, which of course will be another managed implosion of failure, exactly as Ted Cruz destroyed the Tea Party for his 30 pieces of silver.
You do not see that it is ALL already projected out. Your leaders, the sabotage of them, the progression pedophilia by MKULTRA conditioning, and swept away by emotions, you will pour yourselves into another 4 years as rats in the maze.
Of course that could never happen to you, because you are not a rat in the maze now, having figured out all of this is coming.

There are rules in this. Do not make yourself a target, do not allow yourself to be made a target by someone betraying you and posting things so Homeland comes knocking. Pay your taxes, obey the laws, offer up allegiance and go quietly about your life in the gulag, pretending you are free.

For the Christian the outlook is one focuses on Christ's Kingdom, as you are not of this world, nor is your leader.  Christians survived behind the Iron Curtain and you will too.

That though is the worst case scenario. A great deal of this fixes with Donald Trump as President for 8 years......because you actually took the time and from this point on, and convinced 10 people to vote for Mr. Trump, and took the time to find out how they could vote absentee if necessary.

But then most of you are too busy or too afraid when not behind a computer screen to engage people to get them to vote for President Donald John Trump.