Monday, October 31, 2016

The Clintutional Crisis

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Sadly we now know how Hillary Clinton treats a woman who "is like her daughter", a Muslim American in Huma Wiener, who Hillary Clinton fixed up with Anthony Wiener, so Mrs. Clinton could dominate Huma Abedin's time. In Ohio, the Muslim who was like Hillary Clinton's daughter is being dismissed as "just another staff member".

That is who Hillary Clinton is in whatever beats at her heart, and it is a dire warning of what Mrs. Clinton will politically rape America through, as she like her husband Bill on impeachment, instead of resigning, ripped America apart in blackmailing federal investigators and Congressmen.


Vote fraud expert Bev Harris exposes electronic voting machines...

America is not on the verge of a Constitutional Crisis, but has surpassed that to a new entity of American Genocide in CLINTUTIONAL CRISIS.

We know that Mrs. Clinton has been advocating war with Russia, and this will be her 2017 wag the dog, just like bombing tents for bin Laden was in the 1990's for her husband when it came to Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton's crisis though will be one of impeachment, as America will revolt into riot.
I do not expect for a second the people on the right to revolt over Clinton crimes, but the Bernie Sanders voters and the Black Lives Matters voters will be the catalyst of this as in the war protests of the 1960's. Then will the right wing in America join in a revolt which is going to be based in hyper inflation, over taxation, record fuel prices and a nation where the public has absolutely no respect for the lawlessness of the Obama Clinton organism.
That kind of backdrop does not win wars no matter what the Pentagon thinks it is capable of. There is a certainty that Russian bases will be in place in Cuba, and there will be Russian troops invading in Florida in a beach head, as certain as the Chicoms invade in Alaska for a two front war on American soil.

2017 has the coming of the 3rd dip of the Obama Super Depression, and into this America is going to be dragged into the dead man's zone, of Hillary Clinton unleashing a police state on the public and a reality that either the military will refuse with the police state to be involved in slaughtering Americans, or it will be as the FBI field agents were in disobeying James Comey in destroying Clinton computers to hide evidence.

For those who think that Tim Kaine is some answer, his background is as criminal and that is why he was chosen, in he will pardon all of these traitors and then hand America over to his Jesuit order. This is the most dangerous time in American history, as in 1776 and the Civil War, there were traitors, but they did not hold the institutions and were not turning the police state upon the American People.
That will all change with Hillary Clinton at the White House.

In this most dangerous time, Hillary Clinton has shown her self absorbed narcissism again, in now smearing the FBI that had aided her as a problem. Yes the FBI has been corrupted on top, because it is certain now that either James Comey and Loretta Lynch subverted a criminal investigation for Mrs. Clinton's crimes, with full support of the Obama regime, or James Comey now seeing that Republicans will first impeach him and then impeach Hillary Clinton, has finally opted for the Truth in exposing Hillary Clinton for the criminal she is in 650,000 emails exposing her crimes.

There is not a taint from DC, there is a stench, and it reeks of the aftertaste of the nethers of Hillary Clinton.

- Lame Cherry

There are now signs this is something even liberals are not going to accept. Bernstein of Watergate fame stated that the FBI would not have  reopened the case unless there was a bombshell in this batch of Wiener files.
Tom Friedman of the New York Times is indicating he is not going to be a part of this criminal Clinton enterprise, and worse yet the White House is supporting James Comey at the FBI, indicating there is a full revolt at the FBI in the field agents, and the White House knows it has enough to deal with in crimes in image Obama illegally influencing this investigation of Hillary Clinton and lying about knowing of the Clinton illegal email server.
Hillary Clinton is so viral and toxic that even her pollster is dumping Hamrod Clinton.

Ex Top Clinton Pollster Drops All Support Of Hillary 

What follows in this is the complete destruction of the Democratic Party and it all is at the actions of Hillary Clinton. This will rip America apart worse than Watergate.

Watergate, which is the most interesting of the Hillary Clinton ghosts is where she became involved with the Kennedy's to "get Nixon" in a coup, and now the specter of Watergate has surfaced as much as the ghost of Lawrence Walsh, who indicted the Bush41 officials days before the election in order to install Bill Clinton for the cartel, and now both of these unsettled Spirits in Richard Nixon and Cap Weinberger are having their good names weighed in the balance in the Cassius coups which  the Clintons were apart of in stealing power in America.

The only answer in this is Donald Trump as President. Hillary Clinton can not be allowed anywhere near power as there will be revolt in the left, there will be war with Eurasia, there will be economic destruction in America, and Hillary Clinton will not be able to answer America's problems with this kind of foreign and domestic upheaval engulfing the United States, which is all to blame at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's feet.

For those who forgot, Hillary Clinton should have been in prison in 2008, as she was guilty of massive campaign finance fraud. People went to prison for this, but by miracle, Hillary Clinton appeared in a New York Court and it all just disappeared, in more fraud for Hillary Clinton.

Top Donor Seeks to Expose `Hillary's Chappaquiddick ...

Claiming Hillary Clinton pulled off the biggest campaign-finance fraud in ... "Hillary Clinton made a ... ability to finance her 2000 Senate campaign ...

That is the reality of the Clintutional Crisis of America. This woman should have been in federal prison in 1974 when she tried to deny Richard Nixon his Constitutional Right of counsel. There has been an endless parade of Hamrod crimes, which have now led America to the precipice of extinction in the Obama Abyss. Hillary Clinton has never given a damn about America and proved it in attacking a Black man in her commencement speech after Martin Luther King was assassinated, for her political game. Now the stakes are nuclear war with Eurasia as Hillary Clinton shows what a cold hearted female dog she is, in throwing Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman who looked at Hillary as her Mother, as her Mentor, and now she is just a "staffer" to be thrown to the FBI and prison.

Make no mistake in this, Huma Abedin for Hillary Clinton is looking at federal prosecution in her part in these Clinton emails. She had them, whether for espionage or for blackmail, and if Anthony Wiener got them in the Cloud, it does not change the fact that these are more destroyed lives in having rubbed up too close to Hillary Clinton.

When Hillary Clinton can do this to a woman she found a husband for in Anthony Wiener, and called her daughter, what the hell do you think she is going to do to you in what is coming?
If you need reminding, Hillary Clinton was ROBBING THE POOR in her 2016 campaign so she could ride around in her 737 private jet by double charging the poor donor's credit cards twice!

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