Monday, October 31, 2016

The Fell Pony Ride

All smiles: The Queen, 90, still enjoys riding along the Thames on  Fell pony Carltonlima Emma

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The foul flavor of Hillary Clinton with the scent of Bush fam permeating the end of this 2016 campaign, had me discover something that pleased me. It was the Mum, out for a 90 year old ride. The old girl was in good spirits, body and mind.

I have always like Elizabeth in her being earthy, with guns, hounds and horse. It is more the pity of what has been done to England, as the Palace has stood by with gun confiscation, the end of the hunt and turning the Anglo Saxon race into an impregnation of Islam.

She does though breed the Fell ponies which is an activity all the rich should be engaged in, in the preservation of the great work of the English breeders of the past 1000 years.

Too many women think life is over at 40 and too many men think 70 is ready for the grave. Every person can be renewed in the Word of the Lord, and not sell their soul for a false tree of life. Some might be a step slower, but you will get there and back. You live life like each day is your last and you appreciate it all good or not that great.

I have a little over a week of hard push for President Trump. Then I go back to the vacation of the regular work load in trying to prepare some shelters here for winter as I have put everything on hold, except potato digging, for a Trump victory.

No time to ride pony now, as Trump is the only horse to get us out of the Obama abyss and Clinton nuclear grave, by God's Grace.

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