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The Ghost of Lawrence Walsh

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Karma is a payback bitch with ovaries full of PMS.

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Remembering Lawrence Walsh | The American Spectator

Lawrence Walsh, the Iran-Contra special prosecutor, died two days ago at the age of 102. American liberals adored Walsh in life and now sing hosannas to him in death.

It is unprecedented that FBI Director James Comey has reopened the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton in EMAILGATE, which centers on Anothony Wieners, sexual deviant case involving minors, in the final  days before a Presidential unprecedented that Democrats nominated someone under investigation by the FBI as their Presidential nominee.
Never before in American history has there ever been this occurrence, now drawing in image Obama, in exposing the creature as an absolute liar to the American People, as the image knew that Hamrod was not emailing from a mandated government mail system.

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey's Clinton Foundation Connection

These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey's former membership on a Clinton Foundation ...

For those who are not aware of history, there is irony in this James Comey re investigation, because it was the very corrupt regime of 1992 in the shadow government which engaged one of their stooges, Lawrence Walsh as a Special Prosecutor to indict key HW Bush officials juts before the election.
For those who were not there, the dope smoking, draft dodging traitor, Bill Clinton the rapist, was about to be defeated by HW Bush, but Walsh was sent out to perform a coup de tat on HW Bush in the indictments. HW Bush up to that point was beginning to surge past Bill Clinton, but after the sham indictments, HW Bush's numbers went flat line and that is how Bill Clinton stole the White House in 1992 AD in the year of our Lord.

There is a great deal of speculation what the Clinton insider of James Comey  is up to, as he and his number two are the definition of corruption, in one was Clinton Foundation linked and the other was taking bribes from Clinton insider, Terry McAuliff, for the number two's wife to run for Congress.

Terry McAuliffe's PAC donated to campaign of FBI official's ...

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's political action committee donated nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe--the wife of an FBI official who ...

Is this further proof that Donald Trump is polling so high that Hillary Clinton can not steal this election, and Comey having to deal with President Trump is trying to save his reputation? That is a given as James Comey has proven he has absolutely no principles and answers to a higher allegiance than the American People.

There is a great deal of nuance in this. Nuance of those who have been screwed over by the Clintons are creating payback. The elite have now using evidence so crippled Hillary Clinton, that in order to save herself, she is going to be blackmailed into whatever these elites want.
Do not forget that Hillary Clinton was being investigated in Campaign Fraud before any of this started, and by magic it all disappeared for her. That is how the elite leverage power, and Hillary Clinton owes her soul to the most powerful people on the planet and James Comey is not doing this out of affection for the rule of law.

I believe this is about Wiener's emails with Huma Abedin, his wife. I believe Wiener was getting his jobs, his runs for public office, all from the Clinton Obama vortex of criminality, because Anthony Wiener knows things from his wife, Huma.
Logic directs that Huma in her emails is far too chatty. She constantly is blurting things out about Hillary or Al Gore. If the FBI is focused on Wiener's emails, then there is something in there which is a smoking gun that loads this directly into the Hillary Clinton inner circle, meaning Huma Abedin, chattering about Hillary Clinton, in what she knew, when she knew it, what the quid pro quo was, and it was hot enough, that it was an HRC forwarded, classified email, in Hillary Clinton's fingerprints were all over this.

This was not DC FBI that was after Wiener. This was different prosecution out of New York. There is not a great deal of bluff in those people as they believe in their reputations. Given that in connecting the dots, the investigation into Wiener opened a server with all of Wiener's emails, and New York uncovered something criminal involving HRC, and they shot it up to Washington, with the warning that New York was prosecuting this case to win, and everything they found was going to come out in discovery and in the trial, and that means Hillary Rodham Clinton's crimes, and that meant James Comey who already looks the part of the stooge, was about to have a sullying that nothing was going to make go away. It is logical to conclude that the information would have linked Comey to collusion and cover up for Clinton crimes if he did not Comey moved to save his ass from the gay bar prison. 

New York Times: FBI Investigation of Anthony Wiener Led to ...

The New York Times was reporting Friday afternoon that the source of the newly discovered emails that led to the FBI reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton ...

Sean Homo Hannity thinks this is linked to Wikileaks, but I doubt it has anything linked, unless it was the file numbers Wikileaks released as a confirmation what was being mailed to Wiener. This all looks like Huma in her Yahoo account chattering to Wiener about Clinton crimes.

Whatever it is beyond logic, I have not inquired. This is though the ghost of Lawrence Walsh in the upper cut to sick old Hillary that dropped her to the canvas. Nothing could be worse than two weekends out to have this level the Clinton campaign.'
Podesta overplayed it in going after Comey, giving it more life and meaning as a damning story. It will play now for 4 days hammering Hamrod all weekend, and then Wikileaks is going to open a new gusher the coming week, if Assange keeps his word this time.
That brings us to the final weekend, and Hamrod will be bled out by then.

This can trend now in breaking through to the MSM covering Comey to Donald Trump picking up a percentage point every day for the last 14 days of this election. It is building to a Trump landslide which Hamrod in vote fraud can not neutralize or keep close.

Payback is a PMS bitch and the Ghost of Lawrence Walsh has been in the balances for over 25 years waiting to be exorcised with a reckoning that Hillary Rodham Clinton deserves.

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