Monday, October 17, 2016

The Monopolies Smearing Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the Republican Hindu Coalition, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016, in Edison, N.J.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The United States Constitution hold the right of Freedom of the Press, but in this 2016 Hillary Clinton election theft a violation of that trust has taken place which is criminal nor Constitutional.
See freedom of the press does not allow libel or slander at it's basis of law and order. Nor does freedom of the press allow license for a conglomerate to seize power in America by overthrowing the United States Government from the People of these United States.

NBC has sunk to such a criminal content form in 2016, in which  McClatchy News Service linked a series of assaults upon Donald Trump, directly to NBC.

If you need your memory refreshed, it was NBC who first threatened Mr. Trump over his television program, and in a series of what is now collusion with the Clinton campaign shows criminal conduct to overthrow the free election process, focused on the debates.

 NBC has coordinated with the other media outlets in this attack from the New York Times to CNN, but NBC has been focus in the Pussy Grab smear, as it was Access Hollywood, then it was NBC who employed Chelsea Clinton in a quid pro quo, then it was NBC who picked Kennedy adulterer Arnold Schwartzenegger to replace Mr. Trump, and that is where Kennedy Maria Schriver worked.

Who is NBC?

NBC is owned by the consumer raping Comcast, who abuses customers non stop in this Obama regime era while running roughshod over American Rights.

Brian Roberts Comcast.jpg

Comcast is under monopoly control by Brian L. Roberts, a dual citizen Jew born in Philadelphia who is the definition of the oligarch raping America. Roberts wrote a letter to Obama asking for Obamacare and has done nothing but buy influence with cash or use NBC, a PUBLIC TRUST BROADCAST, to provide quid pro quo for Hillary Clinton.

This is all in violation of the Federal Communication oversight, as all media which operates over the public airwaves is licensed and must not be subversive to America. Brian Roberts is running literal media terrorism against America along with the other Clinton cronies, and this is criminal.

In a Just America, NBC would be seized and put into receivership as United States property to be managed in the Public Good. Brian Roberts and Comcast would be indicted on every charge from treason, to election tampering to terrorism against Donald Trump and Americans, because we know for certain now that it was the Clinton campaign by James O'Keefe investigative work which was causing riots against Donald Trump, having Americans beaten up at Trump rallies, and it was NBC who was promoting all of that violence.

This is simply a public record, because if Donald Trump is not President, then this dead American nation will have littered in it the last generation of American People as corpses upon the land, as this Brian Roberts is the definition of the criminal oligarchs who are raping Americans to death in this 2016 election theft season.

Now you have another piece in this in putting names to the criminal conspirators working for American Genocide.