Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A note to Kellyanne Conway


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The flatworld mind is just so non dimensional. Like Kellyanne Conway can mind thrash Hillary Clinton's staff, because they are lightweights, and miss the point as she points out that Trump supporters are wondering about appointments, and how Obama did not appoint anyone until 4 weeks in.........and Mr. Trump is so far ahead in appointments........

Ah, but appointing people the Right Wing detests as they are Pence Big Koch stooges, while Pence and Kurschner have been knifing all the Americans  in the back from Chris Christie, Corey  Lewandowski, Sarah Palin...........in favor for the Romneycrat feel.......just sort of keeps people who did all the work in a mindset they are being betrayed again like as with HW telling Christians to shut up and go home.

Thing is, TL has had numbers of these Pence trolls unloading........oh as there are not Pence trolls, this means there are hired trolls employed by Priebus, Ryan and Pence............how about Jared Kurschner's paid  trolls have now been employed to fan out online, to not keep blacks from voting, but are now employed to destroy the people sounding the alarm on  what a traitor Mike Pence and the problem Jared Kurschner is.

Wow, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in Alamo Project appears to be doing the Davy Crockett on Lame Cherry and other Trump supporters, to shut us up, for the Pence Big Koch coup.

Now where was the Prophetess..........

Oh yes, the coastal cronies seem to have forgotten that America exists west of the Mississippi, in no appointments have appeared from Christian Conservative Westerners.  Is the reality, that Kellyanne is at home, with her six figure salary, getting what she wants, Pence is getting the 6 figure, and is the way that all of these people taking credit of Christian victories in God for Donald Trump, and all who have done the work got the doors locked behind us for the Davy Crockett ending.

Nor is it going to work in the Hannity, President Trump and Mrs. Conway belittling the Alt Right as apparitions with one website. I do not happen to be one, but I have an odd condition, that I am loyal to people. If someone helped in this stopping of the Obama cartel, then they are a welcome in Lawrence Sinclair being a heroic person as Ricky Vaughn in tweeting. The problem in all of this as Mrs. Conway was up Ted Cruz's crotch slot, the rest of us were defending Donald Trump when no one else would. We gave all the cover, and when this was over, we thought things would be handled fairly, while it appears Kellyanne Conway was busy taking the paycheck for all the work others have done.

I sort of figured in diplomacy that you just do not walk up and bitch slap people, because someday you might just need them, as every Presidency has their moment in the sun....always some HW around in Iran Contra, or some Dick Armitage around in Plamegate.....always some Mike Pence around with perhaps others with Big Koch histories who just are looking to perform another coup on another President.

Then again, if there were some Trump loyalists in positions they earned, then when the boogermen come, they will be there, with their din of followers supporting President Trump as he should be supported and protected from intrigue, as should have done from the beginning.

Enough of this fun.