Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Humiliating President Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As another of the GOPliter psychos have entered into the "#NeverTrump" as highlighted by the New York Times...........and he wants us to vote for vote fraud John Kasich.....that about says it all.

As no one has published what the Electoral College vote structure is, I offer it here for your information.

Mid-November through December 19, 2016
After the presidential election, the governor of your state prepares seven Certificates of Ascertainment. “As soon as practicable,” after the election results in your state are certified, the governor sends one of the Certificates of Ascertainment to the Archivist.
Certificates of Ascertainment should be sent to the Archivist no later than the meeting of the electors in December. However, federal law sets no penalty for missing the deadline.
The remaining six Certificates of Ascertainment are held for use at the meeting of the Electors in December.
December 13, 2016
States must make final decisions in any controversies over the appointment of their electors at least six days before the meeting of the Electors. This is so their electoral votes will be presumed valid when presented to Congress.
Decisions by states’ courts are conclusive, if decided under laws enacted before Election Day.
December 19, 2016
The Electors meet in their state and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots. The electors record their votes on six “Certificates of Vote,” which are paired with the six remaining Certificates of Ascertainment.
The electors sign, seal, and certify six sets of electoral votes. A set of electoral votes consists of one Certificate of Ascertainment and one Certificate of Vote. These are distributed immediately as follows:
  • one set to the President of the Senate (the Vice President) for the official count of the electoral votes in January;
  • two packages to the Secretary of State in the state where the electors met—one is an archival set that becomes part of the public record of the Secretary of State's office and the other is a reserve set that is subject to the call of the President of the Senate to replace missing or incomplete electoral votes;
  • two packages to the Archivist—one is an archival set that becomes part of the permanent collection at the National Archives and Records Administration and the other is a reserve set that is subject to the call of the President of the Senate to replace missing or incomplete electoral votes; and
  • one set to the presiding judge in the district where the Electors met—this is also a reserve set that is subject to the call of the President of the Senate to replace missing or incomplete electoral votes.
December 28, 2016
Electoral votes (the Certificates of Vote) must be received by the President of the Senate and the Archivist no later than nine days after the meeting of the electors. States face no legal penalty for failure to comply.
If votes are lost or delayed, the Archivist may take extraordinary measures to retrieve duplicate originals.
On or Before January 3, 2017
The Archivist and/or representatives from the Office of the Federal Register meet with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House in late December or early January. This is, in part, a ceremonial occasion. Informal meetings may take place earlier.
January 6, 2017
The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes. Congress may pass a law to change this date.
The Vice President, as President of the Senate, presides over the count and announces the results of the Electoral College vote. The President of the Senate then declares which persons, if any, have been elected President and Vice President of the United States.
If a State submits conflicting sets of electoral votes to Congress, the two Houses acting concurrently may accept or reject the votes. If they do not concur, the votes of the electors certified by the Governor of the State on the Certificate of Ascertainment would be counted in Congress.
If no Presidential candidate wins 270 or more electoral votes, a majority, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution provides for the House of Representatives to decide the Presidential election. If necessary the House would elect the President by majority vote, choosing from the three candidates who received the greatest number of electoral votes. The vote would be taken by state, with each state having one vote.

So as you can read by the above, the Governor of Texas can apparently boot off the Electoral College any controversial problems voting for John Kasich, which should be done. Then again is that not what Reince Priebus is for in having had half a year to clean up this shit?????

For some reason, there just seems to be a missing quantity of hammers who are capable of delivering messages to put the fear of God or Donald Trump into these people who think that things in life do not have consequences.

Does no say a great deal about Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Gov. Abbott, or any of these Kasich types who seem to only be able to inflict on President Trump, and these other John McCain and Lindsey Graham types prance around humiliating President Donald Trump.

I always  thought it was rather fun delivering messages from Presidents to those who pissed themselves and cried. President Vladimir Putin is watching all of this as are others.

These things are not handled by tweets, nor promises of Ryan and McConnell will produce. These things are handled by those a President has entrusted with power, who are supposed to have handled this months ago, and when they can not handle this, then perhaps it is time to employ those who can serve the President with the vigor he requires.