Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Do you want your fair share or not?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This diversion of the terrorists in North Dakota on American lands over a pipeline is hiding the facts which the Lame Cherry has been exposing for years, as everyone else was patting themselves on their backs.

I have this question for you.

In oil soaked Saudi Arabia, do the people there pay for anything? The answer is no.

How about Libya, before Hamrod and Birther, murdered Khadaffi, did those kids have super college tuition bills? The answer is no.

Why? Because those regimes feared their people, and they were forced to share the wealth.

You might be saying, "Yes but that is Muslim land, and we are America, so how could we work a deal out like that?"

Ever heard of a gal named Sarah Palin? She used to hand out checks every year to Alaskans, as in Alaska it is a novel thing in people actually pay the public for THEIR OIL.

That is what is wrong with this entire system in North Dakota bragged it got billions, which was peanuts to the reality of the fortune flowing out of that state. The People there got screwed and were told to work for their money, when their money was flowing out in pipelines, and those terror Indians are holding everyone hostage in the cold of winter, for George Soros to take over that oil.

Before the People of Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Ohio start smirking, I got news for you bozos  that you are not exactly getting Palin rebates are you now?

There is a fortune in coal being dug out of Wyoming, and they get shit. Everyone gets shit on in America and the 1% reap all the profits as they nation rape Americans. No one is allowed to discuss this in the oil soaked press, but when you got Muslims getting the king's life and Alaskans getting enough to buy nice new guns every year, there is something wrong with us, as all we get are big fuel bills.

North Dakota should have a deal that every Citizen who has a license, gets free fill ups in their gas tanks......no bulk, no containers,  but you get free gas.

Ohio, should have free heating to all the people in that state, as it is the Natural Gas owned by the People of Ohio, and what is shipped out can be the profits for these companies.

America is an ass backwards nation, where the few get richer, and the many get robbed. It is your State's resources, not Washington's or Wall Street's. It is not your State regime, but YOUR RESOURCES, and it is time those moneys get into your bank accounts, because why the hell should you be working when Muslims are plotting your death in invasion?

Yes it is all novel, but every one of you has been conned. Money goes to Wall Street, Politicians, and "government funds", and you never see it, but the lobbyists sure as hell make sure it goes into the conglomerate's accounts again.

So if you think this Trump make America great again, and take American back, is about November 9th, and now who gets what seat to stop Obamacare, that is bullshit. This is about YOU getting back ALL that is your property. So start speaking up, as if Sarah Palin can do it, it can be done for you too.

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