Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Now 7000 Terrorists are in North Dakota


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

image Obama has been meddling in North Dakota politics and oil for years, and with the Standing Rock terrorism, in which an Obama Army Corp of Engineers official has defied a court ruling on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the terrorists now have bloomed from 2000 to 7000, and in addition, there is a HAARP made Arctic super storm piling into the region, and all of these morons who do not understand a thing about cold, but do know how to rustle beef, are going to be another colossal problem as this is out in the middle of nowhere.

Image Obama is a criminal, guilty of crimes against humanity, terrorism in using oil and water, and now weather against Americans. This is the Obama legacy, in 21st century Indian terror, and the morons cheering them on in those poor pet Indians again..........yeah same poor pet Indians at Wounded Knee your terror enabling relatives brought to their end in telling idiot terrorists it was ok to leave the reservation in the middle of winter, because a tan skin messiah told them, that all the white people would be genocided and Indians would rule again.

Federal charges must be filed against this Obama regime, and that means the Army Corp, Department of Interior, Justice and the Executive itself, because this is a reality of what is taking place in America. Soros funded terrorists endangering others, themselves and now America, in cutting off oil supply in this Obama green embezzling syndicate who stole billions from Americans the past 8 years while the Obama police state protected these criminals.

It is time for Sarah Palin to head the Department of the Interior.

Get it done Mr. President!!!