Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rand Paul, True Leadership Senate for President Donald Trump

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Considering the dark treachery of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in being against tax cuts for Americans, and working against President Donald Trump, I could not be more enthused about Senator Rand Paul, who has kept his word in supporting President Trump, but is expanding upon Trump Policy.

Senator Rand Paul was on the Sean Hannity program on Tuesday, and stated he has co sponsored a bill with Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California to drop the corporate tax rate from the Trump 15% on return funds from overseas which are sitting in Eurasian banks to 6% when these corporations return trillions to the US economy, which are now not repatriated due to Obama high tax rates.

As long as this money is earmarked for infrastructure, this is exactly what the American People deserve, as it adds nothing to the Obama 20 trillion dollar deficit, but it does add to all of our communities to invest that money in infrastructure in roads, electric plants, sewers etc... that we use, but that will entice billion dollar corporations to build manufacturing in our communities which will bring high paying jobs.

Senator Paul supports all of Mr. Trump's nominees, some more enthusiastic than others. His statement that Sec. Pruitt for EPA is an assurance that he is someone who goes beyond what even Ronald Reagan would pick.

There is positive news, in Senator Paul will work with the Munchkin who will manage Treasury, in there is definite policy movement to just a 3 bracket tax rate, as in low income will pay no taxes, and the "Penny Tax" is being looked at by the Secretary.
The situation is in President Trump and his Cabinet, with Senator Rand Paul's leadership, we actually have exactly the Americans who are intent on helping Americans.

It speaks a great deal to Senator Paul joining with Senator Boxer who is Hillary Clinton's sister in law, to bring her along to Trump policy, because if you recall Obama promised for his 1 trillion dollar stimulus, just that and it helped not one Boxer constituent or Paul voter, but instead was bribes and looting to "Green Energy" which went bankrupt.

There is a great deal to be leery of and to complain about to get our people into power, but in this case, there is a moment to celebrate the leadership of Rand Paul in the Senate, because he is leading as America and not bowing to the Coastal Cronies, who Hillary Clinton, image Obama, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can not bend over far enough to prostitute America for.

Let us think about the day when Rand Paul is Majority Leader when Mitch McConnell is arrested for trying to join in blackmailing President Trump with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

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