Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to take you into her confidence, but realizes in explaining the situation, there are those half assed fucktards out there who will not understand what is being posted, and go off ranting in shit for brains diatribes again, which of course requires more time to expose them as idiots, as much as exposing the MOG's who are all over Facebook now, bravely screaming propaganda about President Trump.

Abraham Lincoln once stated that you had to win an election to govern. Most of you do not comprehend that once an election is won, that no one can rule, but has to govern. Even Birther Hussein had to follow the orders of the cartel who installed him, and it was not the Obama dictatorship, as all Obama ever was, was just another Nigger shoveling shit at the door.

The reason the Lame Cherry raised so much hell over Trump Trans, is because there was a coup taking place of coastal cronies who were cutting loyalists out and not nominating Conservative Christians. This was the Big Koch bend over boys doing this as much as the Kurschner mafia, and the Lame Cherry had to remind  the Trump Campaign rather loudly about God's Victory.

What each of you have to understand though is George Soros has been conditioning you for a generation. A good mark of this is just a few months ago most of you were ranting about Red Flags, and once that was posted on here in explaining it, the brainwashing phrase almost vanished, as the new catch word was Fake News, which you can see by posts how many MOG's and mindtards there are in repeating those words to degrade President Trump and the Fringe Media who support him.

This Soros media has had a number of imbeciles like Steve Quayle parroting Capitol Hill Blue propaganda to MOG's like George Nouri at Coast to Coast AM to condition some  very volatile wetware to implement the propaganda. In this, Jeff Rense and his group did a very good job of keeping the story flow positive for Mr. Trump, and that is what this exclusive in about.

Do you have a trillion dollars to manage? Of course you do not, but there are people who do and most of them are employed by Goldman Sachs, Chase, JP Morgan etc... In order for Mr. Trump to get the best talent to make America great again, he has to appoint people who actually know what they are doing, know what the system is,  know the players, and know how to implement it for Americans for this work.

The genius economist, Milton Friedman once stated that every person does not have to be good in an Administration. Instead, the reality was you needed a number of good people in key positions, and then the sloven and bad people would do the right thing, instead of doing the wrong.

We have witnessed this in Ronald Reagan brought out the best in people for America. Senator Orin Hatch was effective for America with Ronald Reagan. Under Bush, Obama, Bush and Clinton, he turned into Teddy Kennedy's evil twin. We watched FOX become Obama news. We watched the GOP become the Clinton party, and all of us felt betrayed. President Reagan had to have some time to tame the Congress to do the People's will with the People screaming at Congress when the President told them to phone up.

That is what must be understood in this, in someone like Dr. Henry Kissinger, espousing support for Donald Trump as President in Mr. Trumps unique character and broad vision for a "better world order of peace".

None of that world order phrase is lost, as it is Dr. Kissinger playing mind games as the best diplomat in the world who works for the Rockefellers. It is signaling something for each of us though in President Trump should be safe, as in not facing a JFK or Reagan moment, which is what we want. The New World Order understands Nationalism, and already has plans to harness it to their advantage, just like they did in past ages.
What has been taking place around the globe though, is the genocide of native peoples like Ameicans, Germans, Swedes etc... in the Christian West. We have been impoverished and criminalized, because the policy of the Dwight Eisenhower era of Americans get a piece of the profits for their American Dream, was obliterated under Bill Clinton shipping jobs overseas.

What President Trump is going to be doing, with the cartel watchful is making certain that you will get your piece of the dream back and that is what we will.

There are those like the Lame Cherry though who remember that Ronald Reagan was allowed to do the same thing, but someone shot President Reagan to put HW Bush into power, and HW plotted in Iran Contra and later in smearing President Reagan in being senile to grab power.
All of which under Bush and Clinton's regimes, became the rape of South America which turned those Republics to the festering Obama communities of socialism dying now, all owned by the cartel.

Understand that, that we know what is coming, in the cartel gleans profits. We will be ready this next time to stop it so it does not take place under President Trump's successor. Furthermore we are not going to allow Mike Pence in his little Priebus Kurschner coup, get away with putting Big Kochers all through this to make this a Jeb Bush rapine of America.

The moron will  take  from this that Kissinger is bad so it makes Trump the same.  The astute person will note that Dr. Kissinger is a mule like any other pack animal, and we can utilize him to assist Mr. Trump, we can utilize him in support for President Putin in peace, and we can share Dr. Kissinger's oats for our pack animals, knowing he is owned by someone else and hauls their cargo for their purposes. We though do not have to follow along behind to the glue factory as most did with HW Bush and Obama.

President Trump is going to have to cement power. That is what the Russian hackers and electoral college intrigue is about. The forces of the cartel against him, are attempting to delaying his cementing power.

For those who do not understand history, Adolf Hitler never did cement power in his Gauliters dictated too much to him, and it took someone like Joe Stalin decades to cement power, and in the end his own communists assassinated him.

President Trump has to proceed in phases to cement power, to get all the policies we desire. It is why the Lame Cherry has pressed for the correct Milton Friedman heads of departments to make this easier, so we do not have major problems  erupting later, as this will be the case.
Currently the criminals who want war with Russia, are going to try and destroy Rex Tillerman as Secretary of State. We will fight this as the is the right horse at this time in the race. It is important though that none of us go to the dark side, just because James Baker and  Condi Rice like Mr. Tillerman. The more people who support President Trump from the outside, the easier it is to move this to where we want to be.

Some of us have been to memory alpha and played this game before and been played in this game before, and with the Holy Ghost's help provided a God given victory in Donald Trump as President.

Just do not always think the world is ending, because the most sinisterly brilliant people in the world have a plan to try and use Donald Trump. We have God and His plan. It is our fight every day until Jesus returns for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

This is Trump America, and as long as we take our American Dream and keep it, it is better to the cartel protecting Donald Trump than attempting his ruin.