Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A God to Blame and a God to Throw Away


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My collection of Bibles has taken a sobering reality, in beyond people tossing away the Bibles of the dead as they get in the way of the hidden bags of coins being carted out beyond the reach of the IRS, and it takes the form of something addressed here previously in the Children's Bible of Haley.

As I tend to have abilities, I did some investigation of this, and the things I suspected hit home when I opened another Bible, inscribed to a name I thought was Haley's father, and of course it was.

So I had the invoice to this Bible from April 1994, Lutheran, which means this 42 dollar gold embossed hardcover Bible was presented to the father on Confirmation Day.......never apparently read, but carried into marriage, moving, and death.
The obituary stated he died at home. That projects to suicide or cancer.

The widow has since moved to a new city. Hence my discovery of the child's Bible presented by Lutherans, probably on the death of the father and the father's Confirmation Bible. As normal people do not throw out Bibles, especially children's Bibles, unless two events project out.

1. Event one, she was preyed upon by a cult in Jehovah's Witness or Catholics and renounced the Lutheran God.
2. Event two, she was preyed upon by another demonic force, who has her looking at her widowhood, blaming God, and getting rid of the God she deems responsible, and perhaps a new cock has entered the vaginal field for solace.

This sorrow over this little girl has taken all the fun out of this Bible collecting. Now it will be praying for this little girl for God to save her.

I ponder this in life in the little choices. I wonder why when I was confirmed Missouri Synod Lutheran, I was never given a gold embossed Bible, I had to buy mine, including hymnal, Catechism......but I did get a crappy prayer book. My Lutherans never gave a damn about me.

So here we had two Lutherans in a Church, the one got a Bible and never opened it, as the shipping tag stayed inside.........and the presenters never cared to take out the invoice.
So the little girl gets a Bible when her dad dies, and that is never opened either. Two parents never opening a Bible and when satan exploited their choices, one dies, and the other apparently gives up on God and plunges the daughter one step closer to hell.

My Mom went off her rocker when my sister got herself killed, but she immersed herself deeper into God. Thank God I kept opening my Bible even in the suicide times or I would not be here. Now here am I trying to change the time line for a little girl, because the little choices her parents made in not being Christian, have the child they were entrusted to care for on a path where Bibles are being dumped in junk stores.

I personally thought I had a shitty enough life in minding most of you, but now in poverty I have another couple of lambs in some Jane Austen novel.

God save Haley from herself and the faults of adults who think they have no responsibilities in Jesus Name Amen and Amen