Friday, February 24, 2017

Ain't that a Pisser

The Queen honoured her long-serving hairdresser, Ian Carmichael, at Buckingham Palace

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well ain't that just the whole bull and the horn. Here am I the popular girl, by God's Grace rewriting the entire future time line, hinging on king pin, lynch pin, President Donald Trump, and I don't get squat.

I get cut out of the White House by Mike Pence

I get cut out of the White House by Reince Priebus.

I get cut out of the White House by Steve Bannon.

I get cut out of the White House by Kellyanne Conway.

I get cut out of the White House by Jared Kurschner.

I get cut out of the White House by Katie Walsh.

I don't even get a Rupert Murdoch ex wife Trump steak invite by Ivanka Trump in Wendy Dong or Deng, depending on which rich family the Chinese communists have you spying on.

Making it work: Wendi posted a photo of herself and Ivanka at a pre-inaugural ball in January (above), the last time the two were together

I mean I don't even get some multi millionaire lurker donating 500,000 dollars for saving them from Hillary Clinton concentration camps for all the things they posted on Facebook that the FBI has on them.

But let some fruit play around in Queen Liz's hair in Ian Carmichael, and the Queen does the award thing. I don't know what a Queen Victoria 1896 Royal Order is in five grades and if it comes in  1 2 3 4 5 or A B C D E or it is is something like Knight in the Garter Making silk grade stuff, but at least dude got something.

The Queen honoured her long-serving hairdresser, Ian Carmichael, at Buckingham Palace

Hell even Dong woman had Ivanka sweat on her as the above picture shows, but I don't get dit.

Maybe I should have made Queen Liz the President. Granted Wendy Dong would not be sweating to the Ivanka now for the Chicoms and Ivanka would not be demanding Global Warming for the Peking communists to make things impossible for her father the President to have American industry compete with no regulation China, but Queen Elizabeth seems to not forget the help in handing out things for people who made them look good.

Now I  know  the President called Alex Jones to thank him for whatever AJ did and AJ got Jerome Corsi in the White House.
Now I know  that the President told Reince Priebus to handle rewarding those Friends of Trump as the President noted that in the headlines, but Priebus did not hand out jack or shit to anyone.

It is just knowing does not help. It just does not help when a guy who plays in the Queen's hair gets some order and a medal that looks like something the Germans hand out and I don't get squat. Nothing like all Christians from the Trump Trans and the President does not make it right. Nothing like all my powerful and rich lurkers on this blog not donating like they appreciated their lives were saved.

 I mean that Queen Liz is who I should have put into the White House. Hell Obama was a Birther so Queen Liz was nothing and she would have probably kept the Churchill Bust and lit her cigars on Martin King's head.
Yes Queen Liz hands out orders to someone who plays in her hair. Hell she handed England over to Charles for sucking her titties. I mean I would walk her dog for knighthood as I like dogs. I mean for making Queen Liz the Oval Office sitter, I bet she would have given me I would get Saskatchewan and Alberta thrown in too.

The Queen really comes through.

Oh you did get why the agents are hanging around Ivanka right or did I have to say that again.

Life ain't that a pisser.