Friday, February 24, 2017

Time for the GOP to Prosecute Disrupters

Coffee with Cramer town hall in Fargo 2-23-2017

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have had it with the Republican pussies in Congress who get led around by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and then put themselves into danger by these Soros domestic terrorists, and do not do a thing about it.

This is a note to the Republican Congressmen in their Town Halls and the Trump Administration, that unless you put the bite on these rioters, they are going to bite you hard like Bill Ayers.

Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota had a Town Hall yesterday, where 150 people appeared inside and 50 outside. 50 of those inside were there rioting, disrupting and terrorizing.
In the live feed of this, it was simply criminal.

'Coffee with Cramer' event gets contentious in Fargo | News ...

Coffee with Cramer town hall in Fargo 2-23-2017 . FARGO - U.S. Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer has held numerous town hall meetings since taking office in 2013, ...

So the Lame Cherry counsels the following:

1. Announce that all people who attend a Town Hall must have identification, and it will be recorded.
2. Do as Congressman Cramer did in live streaming it for a record.
3. Make Attorney General Jeff Sessions direct the US Attorney with Federal Marshals to monitor the situation.

Now, when these terrorists riot, you let them riot, return home, and the same day, the US Attorney presents evidence to a Grand Jury for indictment, and at 9 o'clock that night the US Marshals arrest these rioters, along with State Police.

The terrorists are shipped to a federal holding facility and held for trial without bail.

The terrorists are charged with riot and when convicted, the following takes place:

1. 10 years in federal prison.
2. They do not vote forever.
3. They do not own firearms.
4. They are cut off from all federal funding.
5. They are flagged as terrorists for the rest of their lives.

In essence, they are not on the streets to raise hell and disrupt anything ever again, and once one starts having hundreds of terrorists in prison, this is proof of George Soros and image Obama producing terrorists, and they are arrested.

Either the Republicans put an end to this outrage against America, or it is going to be a reality where national leaders are going to be harmed as the Weather Underground.

Standing around saying how troubling this is only emboldens these criminals. They are providing the evidence, so prosecute them.

In addition, all names and identification is recorded, as it will help your Republican contact base, so get your own data lists expanded and record your terrorists and remove them from the voting blocks.

This is all of our lives on the line, as the right to PEACEFUL assembly is a right, but no one has the right to disrupt, riot or terrorize, to violate the rights of Kevin Cramer, or other Americans there who were gathered peacefully to exchange information and gain assistance.

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