Thursday, February 9, 2017

America Has A Trump Without Borders: Time to Arrest Federal Judges and States for Aiding Terrorism
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This post is not going to be stating what is obvious in America has no security, no borders, no judiciary, no government responsible to the will of the people. All America has is President Donald Trump standing against the American Genocide.

It does absolutely no good for Ann Coulter to rant about the insane courts, as when the terror events happen in America, it is the Americans who will be raped and murdered.

It will require more than Pat Buchanan stating that President Donald Trump will have to break the power of these courts, because rape and murdered Americans are still raped and murdered while the courts are inducing the American Genocide.

Instead as President Assad of Syria, the protector of Syrian Christians, who Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain in crimes against humanity created this Muslim disaster on the West in blowing up Islam, warns Americans as an ally that terrorists have infiltrated this refugee movement, and are inside America and more are pouring in, that an examination of the US Constitution is in order.

The reality of the Constitution is that a Judge can be removed by impeachment, but nowhere in the Constitution is a protection of any Judge from immediate arrest when that Judge's rulings have caused the injury of an American.

For example if a Judge stops an oil pipeline and people freeze, that Judge is guilty of manslaughter, as much as if that Judge releases a rapist and the criminal rapes someone, that Judge is guilty of aiding that rape, as much as in the case of murder, or terrorism.

In this, the Lame Cherry advocates that while President Donald Trump fights now with Attorney General Jeff Sessions this defense of America to the Supreme Court, that Mr. Sessions instigate a legal finding on the responsibility of Judges on the bench of being criminally responsible if some one is harmed or murdered due to their findings.

The three judges who heard the government’s appeal were Democratic appointees William Canby and Michelle Friedland and GOP appointee Richard Clifton.

These three Judges, along with the original Judge in Robarts, along with the attorneys who instigated this case, including the State of Minnesota, are all guilty of terrorism, the minute one of these Muslims harms any American or property.
If you had helped one of the 9 11 terrorists by providing them a law book in how to evade New York Police, you would either be executed or sitting in prison for life. There is absolutely no difference in these Judges, Attorneys or Politicians who are involved in this sedition against America, because this case is President Trump has all legal right to ban foreigners and enforce laws. This is not about President Trump's intent. This is about Judicial over reach in a violation of the Constitution, and the moment any American or property is harmed, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should have federal warrants signed and delivered, for the arrest of all of these characters on charges of terrorism.

That is the only way this treason will cease in yanking these traitors out of their ivory towers and putting them into the grey bar, to await execution.
Hanging the entire liberal regimes of Minnesota and Washington is not out of the question in this type of civil treason. Lincoln recommended it in the Civil War, including forced exile. It is only a matter of supply enough rope and Canada has a ready supply of hemp for the product.

There are millions of Americans for juries, to tie hangman's knots, to build gallows and to pull the lever and only require the opportunity under President Donald Trump to enforce the law and sentencing in America, that no one is above the law, and no one can sentence Americans to Genocide, hiding behind law degrees.


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