Thursday, February 9, 2017

It is only Second Degree Murder when it comes to Blacks Murdering Whites

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This entire Barack Obama race baiting which was amplified in 2008 to give Birther Obama a pass on being responsible to United States law, and last manifested in the racist attack on Jeff Sessions by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is what is responsible for the brutal rape and murder of an innocent woman in New York, by a Black thug.

Katrina Vetrano was out jogging as this digital was captured of her, and moments later when she entered a nearby park, she fought for her life, bruising and scratching her murderer, but the male was of course stronger and in a "White Hating Rage", as he punched this innocent woman, choked her and raped her as he murdered her.

Karina and her attacker had never met before. Her murder occurred moments after this surveillance footage of her running towards the park was captured 

This is the reality in a first degree murder, but somehow in Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlaiso's New York, this Black thug, Chanel Lewis, is only charged with second degree murder, with "sexual assault charges" pending, because the Black thug said he had not raped the woman he murdered.
In New York a dead raped woman, murdered by the Black thug who admitted to the murder, has of course his word taken for it, as why would a murderer lie, about raping a woman, as New York already has rewarded him for the crime in filing second degree murder charges against him.

This is the face of the legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama. This is the face of race hatred in Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with ranting Al Sharpton being the plantation Nigger for Black Lives Matter.

Cathy Vetrano (center) screamed at Lewis as they came face to face for the first time at Queens Criminal Court on Sunday 

A better face is the fury of the mother of Katrina Vertrano. Personally, let us just cut out of the picture the liberal Democrats of New York, and give Cathy Vetrano whatever means she desires behind closed doors to deal with this Black thug, and call it justice, because a couple dozen cases of this American Justice will stop all of the Obama legacy still murdering Americans.

Chanel Lewis, the 20-year-old accused of murdering Karina Vetrano, (pictured in court on Sunday) allegedly made a videotaped confession to police which his lawyers say they weren't present for

More of these goddamn foreign residue from Jamaica imported into America, because New York City makes a federal fortune off welfare and school loans to this Nigtard trash which squats in New York and rapes White Women............but only in second degree as this is the Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Nuff Said.