Sunday, February 12, 2017

and who is running the coup against Kellyanne Conway for her job?

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I noticed recently a fake news post about the Leaks of Donald Trump, and how the story named Ivanka Trump, Jared Kurschner, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Of course they are leaking damaging information on President Trump as bringing the President ruin, will being them to ruin, so naturally staff suicide is what the above are doing..........
Do you need to be told, that when a MOCKINGBIRD STORY is planted by the CIA intelligence misdirect, that they will not put in the name of the leakers like Vice President Mike Pence, who wants to move up to the Presidency, or someone else who might want to be moving up.

Let us look at the above and their moving up, in the subject of getting Kellyanne Conway's job, so it is in their interest to join in and degrade Ms. Conway to get her job.

First up is Steve Bannon........sorry he is higher than Conway, so it would serve no purpose.

Jared Kurschner.........already an adviser and is not moving down from son in law.

Ivanka......same with Evangka, already the daughter.

Reince Priebus........Chief of Staff would be a job downer, so not him.

What about Mike Pence.........VP is higher than advisor, so it is not Mike Pence.

That leaves us with the question of who in the hell among the insiders is coordinating to destroy Kellyanne Conway, in order to move up to Trump Adviser or knock off Reince Priebus for his klusterfuck?

There is a little pariah who has been lurking around for some time, a woman who went in and bitch slapped Jared Kurschner when Kurschner was protecting his father in law from the RNC sabotage, but first let us have a Mormon Jason Chaffetz moment in Chaffetz joining in with the "GET CONWAY" coup plotters.

Trump backed Conway both publicly and privately Thursday after House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, criticized her for promoting Ivanka Trump's fashion line during a television appearance and urged the Office of Government Ethics to review the matter...
The Utah congressman and the ranking Democrat on the committee, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, jointly asked for the ethics review. The Office of Government Ethics advises federal employees on such issues but is not an enforcement agency.

Now what would be in it for Chaffetz to be destabilizing the Trump Administration over some nonsense in Conway sticking up for Ivanka.......who had been sabotaged by Nordstrom's, as that corporation hates Donald Trump and engaged in this attack on Ivanka Trump in pure criminal pettiness.

Conway's high-profile and close relationship with Trump has created tension with some other advisers. One Trump associate said Conway's standing with some senior staff had been hurt by her recent missteps, though the person noted that her relationship with the president remained strong.
The Trump associate and the person with knowledge of the president's comments about Conway insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss internal matters.

Interesting a story about Chaffetz, and in pops up the TRUMP ADVISERS, that mysterious group who is named all over the place, but in this case is leaking all over the place. It is not all the advisers, BUT SOME OF THE ADVISERS..........but which ones.

Ivanka certainly was not pissed. Kurschner was not pissed. Bannon could not care less about girl stuff. Priebus?Yes he thinks he is king dong brain without the balls, but he sent Sean Spicer to "re-educate Kelly Anne", but that is what the Chief of Staff does in being anal.

Once again, it begs the question in just who this tense adviser it is, who has king dong sized balls .........or could it be ovary sized balls.......the kind that thinks she can bitch slap Jared Kurschner, tweet assassinate the GOP candidate in sabotage and the favorite in bawling on election night when Hillary Clinton, the person she voted for, lost.

Yes enter tense adviser, Katie Walsh.

Now let us review this little George Washington U graduate, who ended up politically whoring for John Ashcroft, always rising to the top, running the Ashcroft lobbyists who bought the GOP, and told Big Koch to suck off as they were the competitors.

Yes the person who looks like a CIA minder at the GOP, gaining money to 200 million, sharing none with Donald Trump's campaign, and being part of the Priebus group who suckered all those Christians to work for nothing to elect Donald Trump, and then booted those Christians in the ass, and slammed the door on them for every appointment. See any Trump loyalists like Corey Lewandowski, Kristina Pearson, or Christians appearing in Trump Trans?
But who rose to the top like a turd in a sewer? Katie Walsh.

GOP stabs Trump in back: Ryan advisor leaked ‘p*ssy’ tape; voter registration drives sabotaged

Paul Ryan super PAC benefits from Trump worries -

Shields said that the group has also benefitted from its close ties to Ryan. Those who have given to Ryan's own political entities have also given money to ...
Let us visit Jason Chaffetz in why would he be engaged in the smearing of Kellyanne Conway? First we just had Chaffetz humiliated in having to remove his bill to sell all Federal Lands, as Ryan Zinke of Interior and President Donald Trump were not going to sell America to the highest bidder.......
You remember LaVoy Finicum, and how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were seizing federal lands, driving off ranchers to sell the mineral rights to conglomerate cronies? That is what Chaffetz's bill would have done in a firesale.

Now who would like to see President Donald Trump ruined? Why Chaffetz for humiliating him, and Chaffetz oligarch backers interested in that free fortune. Sounds like the same group that was buying the GOP under Katie Walsh, in her same lobbyist contacts at Ashcroft associates, and where her loyalties are in the same Hillary Clinton tears.


Katie Walsh is beginning to look like the recipient and leaker of what is bad for Kellyanne Conway is really a step up for Katie Walsh and her oligarchs.

But let us review the soul of Katie Walsh, who says it is her manipulations of the electorate who won the election of the Donald Trump she was sabotaging, compared to Jared Kurschner's illusion that it was his Alamo Project which won it on computer algorithms...........when it was instead ALL the hand of God and His working through Christians.

By contrast, this cycle the RNC has spent only $321,000 on independent expenditures attacking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And all of that spending occurred last fall — before Trump had emerged as the leader for the GOP presidential nomination.
RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh said the committee is not going to spend any more money this cycle on television ads, but that the decision is completely unrelated to Trump.
Rather, she said, it stems from a strategic calculation made soon after the 2012 election that “that is not an efficient use of party committee dollars to spend money on television.” Pointing to a report that assessed the shortcomings of Republican efforts in the 2012 election, she said RNC leaders determined that the party’s money was better invested in data-driven voter contact operations.
“We put people on the ground for three years, invested in communities, doing data and voter registration, so that when we had a nominee, we would be able to link up with that nominee and work together to insure that the nominee had the best field program that the Republican nominee has ever had,” said Walsh.

So Donald Trump did not get a cent from Katie Walsh as Priebus and she were suckering Christians to believe they were part of he campaign, and Walsh had been part of the scheme which dried up all the donors for candidate Trump. But when you own the press, and the press is Mockingbird, the propaganda all makes you the queen and those who did the work, are just ignored.

"I think the results speak for themselves," RNC Chief of Staff Katie Walsh said. "It's a permanent ground game."

With an army of volunteers and RNC staffers, 24 million doors received a targeted knock this cycle. On par with in-person visits, 26 million phone calls were made. According to data provided by the RNC, over 2.6 billion voter contact attempts were made directly. No private, outside firms were hired to do voter outreach. 

If Katie Walsh thinks this is permanent, it is all as worthless as when this same group under HW Bush's operation betrayed the Reagan Coalition and told Christians to shut up and go away. Those who know what Trump Trans has done in this betrayal are transferrable to the impeachment candidate Mike Pence, and no one voting majority for Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz or little miss skirt who is moving on up from Deputy Chief of Staff to Chief in time, or where her handlers are moving this, to have Katie Walsh replace Kellyanne Conway.

Now with a trail of evidence like that, any US Prosecutor would get an indictment and conviction on. Who is the one underling who hates President Donald Trump, has access to knowing if Donald Trump had a robe on to leak to the press, and is the only person in the White House who will benefit by a rift with Mrs. Conway and President Trump, as she will be the one vouched for from impeachment candidate Mike Pence and that clever Reince Preibus who will think he has another voice whispering to President Trump in how all things Priebus oligarch are from the mount.

Kellyanne Conway and the President had better do a better job of watching their backs as those in the inner circle want their jobs.  See why I was advocating Trump Loyalists and Christians? None of this would be happening Ivanka if you had not let Mike Pence lead you down the Reince Priebus spoils program.