Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sua Sponte En Banc

CBS Lookavision Reporter Paula Reid

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ok this begins with the CBS eye candy, as you know she was hired, because she is a brilliant attorney and she is brilliant, and her appearance had nothing to do with her being hired.  Paula Reid though did break a story of an En Banc filing at the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco, after the following three idiotos ruled on President Trump's intentions of his heart in the travel ban, instead of the law which states the President has absolutely authority to ban foreigners from entry into America.


See I told you they looked like their parents carried the retard gene and were siblings for like the 7th generation of moron line breeding.

In any semen stain, we continue on in the Latin legal terms of a Judge in the 9th Court which is most of the Western United States, never works in having like 13,000 cases backlogged, requested Sua Sponte En Banc, as translated below in the court will hear on its own request from its bench a rehearing of the Trump Travel Ban, that instead of just 3 idiots, there will now be 9 black  robes hearing this case.

Sua sponte - Wikipedia

... sua sponte (Latin: "of his, her, its or their own accord") or suo motu "on its own motion" describes an act of authority taken without formal prompting from ...

En banc - Wikipedia

In law, an en banc session (French for "in bench") is a session in which a case is heard before all the judges of a court (before the entire bench) rather ...

So you understand this, the left as the Lame Cherry explained is digging its political grave, and these other Judges know damn certain that with 77% of the foreigners coming in being from these 7 terror states, and with President Assad of Syria, confirming these are terrorists entering the United States, that sooner or later some school, mall or gay bar is going to be sprayed with lead or explosives, leaving more piles of Americans dead........and with President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions leading a furious mob which is armed, demanding these Judges be indicted, tried and hung, that these judges are not going to have such a great retirement package at the ivory towers.

If one progresses this out to the 2018 AD in the year of our Lord elections, we are looking at the ability of massive Republican sweeps of Trump candidates.

This would be the full list of judges in the 9th, and one of them took it upon themselves to request a full court hearing of the 9 judges on the bench, and this will then be voted on again. You must understand in this, that the Trump Administration has nothing to do with this request. This came from a Judge on the 9th, and it must be heard.

As of January 1, 2017, the judges on the court are:
# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
74 Chief Judge Sidney Runyan Thomas Billings, MT 1953 1996–present 2014–present Clinton
57 Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt Los Angeles, CA 1931 1980–present Carter
62 Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski Pasadena, CA 1950 1985–present 2007–2014 Reagan
76 Circuit Judge Susan P. Graber Portland, OR 1949 1998–present Clinton
77 Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown San Diego, CA 1951 1998–present Clinton
78 Circuit Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw Pasadena, CA 1954 1998–present Clinton
79 Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher San Francisco, CA 1945 1998–present Clinton
81 Circuit Judge Ronald M. Gould Seattle, WA 1946 1999–present Clinton
82 Circuit Judge Richard A. Paez Pasadena, CA 1947 2000–present Clinton
83 Circuit Judge Marsha S. Berzon San Francisco, CA 1945 2000–present Clinton
84 Circuit Judge Richard C. Tallman Seattle, WA 1953 2000–present Clinton
85 Circuit Judge Johnnie B. Rawlinson Las Vegas, NV 1952 2000–present Clinton
87 Circuit Judge Jay Bybee Las Vegas, NV 1953 2003–present G.W. Bush
88 Circuit Judge Consuelo Maria Callahan Sacramento, CA 1950 2003–present G.W. Bush
89 Circuit Judge Carlos T. Bea San Francisco, CA 1934 2003–present G.W. Bush
90 Circuit Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr. El Segundo, CA 1942 2006–present G.W. Bush
91 Circuit Judge Sandra Segal Ikuta Pasadena, CA 1954 2006–present G.W. Bush
92 Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith Pocatello, ID 1949 2007–present G.W. Bush
93 Circuit Judge Mary H. Murguia Phoenix, AZ 1960 2011–present Obama
94 Circuit Judge Morgan Christen Anchorage, AK 1961 2012–present Obama
95 Circuit Judge Jacqueline Nguyen Pasadena, CA 1965 2012–present Obama
96 Circuit Judge Paul J. Watford Pasadena, CA 1967 2012–present Obama
97 Circuit Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz Phoenix, AZ 1947 2012–present Obama
98 Circuit Judge John B. Owens San Diego, CA 1971 2014–present Obama
99 Circuit Judge Michelle Friedland San Jose, CA 1972 2014–present Obama

The hearing for this en banc is scheduled for Friday, the 17th of February, for another strange delay in this, as of course, none of these 9 judges know anything of this case and have no opinions on it in the least and will need time to deliberate after asking questions. That is satire on my part, as every one of these judges knows how they are going to vote, and some of them are sweating it in their political feedback in how they are going to save the liberal agenda in America, when they are blamed for waves of terrorism inside America.

So you get this, as no one but the Lame Cherry is going to point this out, this IDIOT KLUSTERFUCK CASE which came out of liberal Minnesota is the doom of the Democratic party and liberalism in America. This case is bigger than Roe vs. Wade. It is bigger than Obamacare. It is bigger than sex up the sodomite ass.

Those fumduckers from Minnesota, went to Washington in judge shopping and that Patty Murray, asstard judge named Robarts, overturned Federal Law, which has produced a Constitutional Crisis, and the liberals on the 9th affirmed this Constitutional upheaval, as they all hate White Americans and want them all Bill Kristol replaced with tan skins. When the manifestations of terrorism happen though, it is not like George W. Bush being caught in bed with Saudi Arabia, it is President Donald Trump given absolute cover as he tried to protect America and the liberals now own the bloody hands of Obama terrorism.
That is how huge this is, because terrorists always are in sanctuary liberal cities and are always hosing down faggots, and when that keeps repeating, this entire liberal judiciary is doomed politically.

As it stands now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now leading the Department of Justice, and not that stuttering bunch who overthrew the Trump Appeal in not being prepared, which started all of this. There will now be a record of how this court voted, and the importance of all of this, is even if these idiot liberals on this 9th do not slap down the three idiotos above, there will be a dissenting opinion on this, in all 9 judges will not vote in block. That means the entire ridicule and Constitutional legal authority WILL BE on the record, instead of three idiotos talking about feelings in a ruling, and that is the stuff that Law is made of, including appeals to the Supreme Court, which will by that time be led by the Anthony Kennedy and Neil Gorsuch duo, who are going to strike down the 9th hard, as Justice Kennedy is not going to go out on his 80th year as the Judge whose legacy destroyed America and the Constitution.

Always give a liberal what they demand, as their passions are always suicidal and homicidal to never take responsibility for their actions, so they are consumed by their own lawlessness.

- Lame Cherry