Friday, February 10, 2017

And who is sabotaging President Trump from the Inside

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Vice President Mike Pence is the source of the sabotage and leaks against President Donald Trump. Pence is the HW Bush traitor to Ronald Reagan.

This Trump Trans isolating Mr. Trump, began with Paul Manafort and the Mike Pence, Big Koch machinations which hijacked the Trump Revolution, with full intent of supplanting Donald Trump with impeachment, once they reached the White House, or full sabotage mode as Mike Pence almost cost Donald Trump the election in October.

If you need reminding of that reality, the Lame Cherry broke that story in December of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
In a unanimous opinion, the appeals court said Gov. Pence acted illegally in accepting federal money for refugee resettlement and then refusing to use that money to aid Syrian refugees.

Yes the Criminal Courts of the United States ruled that Mike Pence acted ILLEGALLY, meaning Pence BROKE THE LAW over Syrian refugees and embezzling federal funds.

All of us have heard the incessant lies concerning President Trump, the embarrassing leaks and the unnamed source from the inside blabbing everything, to the extent of planting stories that President Trump strolls around the White House in a bath robe.

Let us examine the Trump insiders, who would only have access to the President strolling around in a robe, in that kind of intimacy.

Steve Bannon:  Roger Stone vouched for Steve Bannon who is a protege, as Bannon hates the press and would not leak to them to destroy Donald Trump. Destroying Trump would destroy Bannon.

Kellyanne Conway:  Again, if Conway destroys Donald Trump, it would destroy her career, as she is at the top of the heap and it is only down hill from that position.

Jared Kurschner: The son in law is nothing if President Trump is not there to back Israeli peace talks.

Ivanak Trump: Destroying her father voids Ivanka's access in her woman in the work place agenda and global warming. There is not that kind of regicide in Ivanka.

Reince Priebus: Possible Big Koch traitor, but in destroying Donald Trump, it taints Priebus, to his sullying forever.

Vice President Mike Pence: As we have eliminated the above, that would leave the only remaining factor, and that would be Mike Pence, but besides Pence being a backstabber in undercutting Mr. Trump at every turn in the campaign, especially when pussygrab manifested FROM THE GOP insiders, is there any evidence that Mike Pence could be the possible leak source?

Let us visit the Mexican press, concerning the leaked phone call which humiliated the President of Mexico, and in a continuous State Department leakage, has information on French and Australian calls.

Here is the quote in Spanish:

En el cierre de semana tensa, en la que Trump firmó la construcción del muro en la frontera, lo que ocurrió vía telefónica fue una humillación por parte del estadounidense al mandatario mexicano, sostuvo la reportera, colaboradora de Forbes, quien ha cubierto durante años la Casa Blanca.

For those not literate in Spanish, this is the translation:

In the busy week-end, in which Trump signed the construction of the wall at the border, what happened via telephone was a humiliation on the part of the  American to the Mexican president, said the reporter, Forbes collaborator, who has covered for years the White House.

 The Forbes collaborator is Dolia Estevez.

The journalist in Washington Dolia Estévez indicated that she had access to part of the private conversation held last Friday by President Enrique Peña Nieto and his United States counterpart, Donald Trump.

Now how does a Steve Forbes reporter, get access to a confidential transcript, which only the inner circle of the Trump Administration could have had access to?

Interesting access as this link which Forbes hides, shows an insider leaking to the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch, in Donald Trump linking the sexual smears to Carlos Slim and the New York Times, and who is the insider in collusion with the Wall Street Journal, but Dolia Estevez again.

The strands of this spiders' web begin connecting when one remembers it was Mike Pence sitting with James Baker at the Super Bowl, plotting carbon taxes on Americans, and the Wall Street Journal was the source leaked to again.
Interesting in Secretary James Baker of Bush family of the State Department, with Mike Pence, and State is leaking additional information, and the common link to the Wall Street Journal oligarch Rupert Murdoch and Forbes oligarch is none other than Vice President Mike Pence.

But is there other evidence why Dolia Estevez would be shown confidential transcripts? Perhaps there are a few links providing evidence of a further connection.

Forbes And Indiana Governor Mike Pence Announce 'Forbes ...

INDIANAPOLIS (July 24, 2014) - Forbes, in partnership with the Honorable Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation ...

Forbes touts Indiana's economic record, Pence's resume | 2014 ...

Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes, ... Home » Forbes touts Indiana's economic record, Pence's resume. ... what are your thoughts about Gov. Mike Pence? FORBES: ...

Almost like an incestuous relationship between oligarch Steve Forbes and Mike Pence, in Pence was always the original choice of the oligarchs, as their marionette with Jeb Bush. So you get this, the capitalist colluders  chose Mike Pence as their anointed before Donald Trump ever ran for President. Pence was a minder moved through the process in the post 100 Days #NeverTrumpers plot, for the impeachment of President Trump and the usurpation of power by President Mike Pence.

You must understand this "board" of oligarchs who are the pimps of the international financiers who own America and the world, are not the least bit interested in every allowing any American the opportunity to take their America back. This is about to sucker you in Paul Ryan bleeding off Trump Nationalism fervor in beating it down, and removing the President in impeachment to depress the Trump Party, just as this group hijacked the Tea Party with fraud Ted Cruz and sodomized it, and the end result was for Americans to submit to genocide under another HW Bush fraud in Mike Pence.

There is the evidence though, from the Mexican media, whitewashed in the English Molotov Press, so that no one would ever know it is the Forbes Pence link, the Murdoch WSJ Pence link and the Baker Bush Pence link with Mike Pence being the uncommon denominator.

That is the reality, the traitor to President Donald Trump and America is Mike Pence, the ultimate Cassius with that lean and hungry look about him.

You are witnessing a coup against President Donald Trump, and regrettably Mike Pence has gained such control over the inner circle by manipulation, that Jared Kurschner and Ivanka Trump are not protecting their father, but listening to the Pence siren's song of liberalism, as the children are manipulated again to doing the dirty work of betrayal.

Now the final question in this is, was Mike Pence left out of this meeting or was Mike Pence in this meeting and the collaborator left Pence's name out of it?
Because the Forbes collaborator knew EXACTLY who was in the meeting, how long the call lasted and that an interpreter was present. So is what set this off, was Mike Pence being petty in being cut out of the loop, or Pence being the traitor he was installed to be, or has President Trump realized that the saboteur to his Administration is Mike Pence the oligarch marionette. 

In the phone call, "Peña was accompanied by people from Foreign Affairs, including Carlos Sada." And along with Trump "was the famous son-in-law and strategist Bannon," Estevez said.

Contrary to what the Presidential communique reported, the journalist said the conversation did not really last an hour, "but it lasted for an hour because they were communicated through an interpreter."

"The minutes of exchange were about 20 minutes," he said.

"Yes they were on the phone an hour but they were not talking continuously," because there was an interpreter, he explained.

Estévez commented that in spite of what happened, in Mexico they still believe in a negotiation with the government of Trump.