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ATF Associate Deputy Director Roland Turk

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It is no secret that the Lame Cherry loathes the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives as it has been nothing since it's inception but a political tool meant to intimidate Americans in keeping them from their gun rights in liberal regimes and Bush regimes.
The BATFE should go the way of the dinosaur and be a division of the FBI under the FBI oversight and control, as there is not another Amendment to the Constitution which has an entire agency policing religion, speech or gathering. No one has to have a background check before they publish a news article, give a speech or go to Church. Americans are far too submissive in having their rights infringed upon.

That is why when the BATFE has an agent who actually excels as an America, the Lame Cherry will sing the praises of that leader, who is now the number two agent at the agency in ATF Associate Deputy Director Roland Turk.

Director Turk, created a lengthy white paper which touched on a number of necessary reforms from paperwork, saving money, removing accessories and firearms from bans and oversight.

The following is a synopsis of the reforms in this Turk White Paper for American Gun Owners.

The rule change garnering the most attention calls for the redefinition of “silencers” to allow for easier access by consumers. Ultimately, Turk wants suppressors to be removed from the National Firearms Act, a 1934 law that imposed a $200 tax stamp and additional paperwork for any suppressor purchase.
”The ATF cannot remove suppressors from the NFA by itself, but, according to Turk, it can revise the definition of “silencer” to include only those parts necessary for the suppressor’s operation.

Turk’s second significant change would loosen the restrictions on the importation of modern sporting rifles (MSRs) like AR-15s and AK-47s.

Turk proposes that the agency revisit its almost 20-year old Sporting Purpose Study to “bring it up to date with the sport shooting landscape of today.” Modern sporting rifles are used by thousands of shooters in competitions and hunting trips every year. Admitting that MSRs are commonly used for sporting purposes could significantly decrease the import restrictions imposed under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Another proposed change to import requirements would allow old U.S. military rifles like the M1 Garand and Carbine to be reintroduced to the U.S. public.

Another change Turk suggests would allow a firearm user to shoulder a pistol without re-classifying that weapon as a “short barreled rifle.”

Turk says that the ATF could “amend the determination letter to remove the language indicating that simple use of a product for a purpose other than intended by the manufacturer – without additional proof or redesign – may result in re-classification as an NFA weapon.”

Turk covers other topics as well, including FFL’s that deal exclusively at gun shows, armor piercing ammunition, a database of agency rules, and interstate firearm sales.

The above coupled with Duncan Carter Hearing Protection Act in not only removing suppressors and reclassifying them at the BATFE with Rep. Duncan of South Carolina's removal of the 200 dollar tax is exactly what is the remedy for this ridiculous infringement on American Rights.

Lame Cherry: The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. This is to alert people in one more step in taking American back in South Carolina Representative ...

I am especially thrilled over the call for importing the M 1 Garand from overseas stocks. Those military semi automatic 30.06 firearms are too expensive of the majority of Americans in new manufacture. Obtaining used military firearms, would open up an entire generation to these fine weapons for target practice, national defense and hunting, as the rifles would be sporterized.
With the addition of the 06 again to the public, it would mean an increase of ammunition availability, and as Russia produces good and affordable ammunition, this would open US Russian trade.

What Director Turk has begun, must be followed  up as a top priority of the Trump Administration, which really should be engaged in rescinding the Obama Executive orders which banned affordable firearms from Russia. The Russian Saiga line is a spectacular civilian firearm, and as a show of good will, the President could return the Rights of Americans to buy affordable firearms.

Director Turk has a very impressive education and record in being a self made man, in education, and in being an ATF field agent on the East Coast. He is a Brigadier General in the Air National Guard and had oversight of field operations to keep Americans safe.

This is exactly the kind of leader America needs in charge of BATFE, in he has put his neck on the line, and for all the sabotage the Trump Administration is receiving from the insiders, Director Turk is someone who actually is serving the American Public, and I personally am thankful for a Federal Agent who is not looking to regulate and criminalize every American.

The Turk White Paper is a start, and a necessary one to reform the BATFE and return Gun Rights to the People. The Trump Administration is going to need the millions of gun owners in America, the NRA and the glowing support of Tom Gresham, and the best way to lay the foundation of that political voting block is to implement every one of the Turk doctrines and expand upon them in removing the Obama Clinton Bush gun bans, because as of a few months ago, BATFE field agents were under orders to harass Gun Dealers to drive them out of business.

I would suggest one additional National Security directive, which is what America was governed by for most of the past century, in American owned ammunition and firearms manufacturers had an "understanding" that just like Fords, prices were kept low to benefit Americans in exchange for government contracts.
Three areas which must be addressed are cheap ammunition, affordable firearms and the removal of lead shot manufacture and use in America from the EPA and USFW in banning lead use or production.

America needs SHOT TOWERS to make large size hunting ammunition for shotguns in BBB, BB, B, 1 and 2 shot sizes. When President Trump can negotiate that USSTEEL is going to make all the pipeline for American oil and gas pipelines, then the President can promote cheap lead manufacture, use and availability, along with firearms, as Director Turk has started the reforms rolling with.

The Lame Cherry is the most pro Government and Federal and Local Police advocate in the world, when a regime is not criminalizing Americans and murdering them. When a Director Turk appears, he will be championed and extolled for his astute understanding of American Firearm Ownership.
We have witnessed the worst at Hutatree and LaVoy Finicum in the Obama misuse of the police state for political crisis. Director Turk has shown the best of American Law Enforcement and this is what every American must champion and support.

and of course the Washington Post had this leaked to it by a traitor at BATFE to intimidate these reforms from taking place. It though thrilling that the Deputy Director in his opening comments quotes the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Federal Firearms Regulations
Options to Reduce or Modify Firearms Regulations
White Paper
(Not for public distribution)
Ronald Turk
Associate Deputy Director (Chief Operating Officer)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
20 Jan 2017

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right
of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

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