Saturday, February 11, 2017

Building the Trump Wall

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have previously stated a sci fi project to construct the Trump Wall in modifying high heat tunnel boring machines to build a rock wall. Now though the Lame Cherry will explain something of the Trump Wall, as the OMB office should be fired as they do not know a blessed thing about building a blessed thing in projecting costs of over 15 billion dollars for this thing.

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Have any of you noticed your local interstates in how there are paving and pouring concrete machines, which literally can run endlessly in making roads? Now that you comprehend this, you can comprehend that Trump Tower is built of concrete and steel girding. It is just a matter of pouring it into the form.

Now that you understand that part, I will take you to the next step, in did you know that you can pour hollow girders out of concrete for roofing. That you can literally build and form anything out of concrete, because it is that versatile of material?

See the Trump Wall does not have to be solid like the Great Wall of China. The Trump Wall can be an A Frame, H Frame or O Frame wall, meaning it can be thin concrete, like one puts in their bathrooms for dampness, have it hollow inside for all sorts of things from condos, to storage, to put a high speed train in the thing, and you can put anything over this you like from hardened epoxy resins to seal it and make it look pretty, and someone who is intelligent can construct this wall in under a year, with American labor, good paying jobs, have it under budget, and I will bet you the people of Texas will have their section of the wall finished while California is still wasting time.

It is ridiculous when one understands concrete forms, that the wall is going to be wire fencing. Use concrete pre forms, poured on locations, put them into place, whether on mountains or whatever in the hell canyon they are in, and put pretty razor wire on top, a mine field out front, and get this thing done.

I would challenge the President to appoint me a Colonel in the Army Corp of Engineers to direct this, I will run 5 crews, and it will be done in one year. Nom de Deus, when they can bury an oil pipeline out of Canada to Illinois and go under rivers 150 feet down, putting up preformed concrete slabs is as simple as taking a walk.

Trump vows to bring border wall costs 'way down'...

Oh and I will build this wall on the Texas side of the Rio Grande, that is the south side of the Rio Grande which is all TEXAS from original treaty.

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