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Codename: Rainmaker

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If you noticed, this past week it appears someone has decided that the coup against President Donald Trump, is not centered upon the President alone, but it is a reality that there is a real effort from the insiders to continue on with smearing, weakening key individuals in order to replace them with operatives from the inside. The latest weak link target was Kellyanne Conway, but who could be behind all of this, as who would want to move up to replace Kellyanne Conway and be by President Donald Trump?

Would it surprise you, that there is someone in the White House who hates President Donald Trump, actively campaigned against the President, actively sabotaged the money flow and donors to candidate Donald Trump, and when challenged on this by Jared Kurschner at Trump Tower, she bitch slapped the son in law down.

Interesting story, and you are probably interested in who in the hell this woman is, and why would Donald Trump have her anywhere near him.

There are three powerful women in the White House. You know of Ms. Conway, so it is not her. You know of Hope Hicks, who is an Ivanka loyalist and is with the President daily, so that leaves the Deputy White House Chief of Staff in Katie Walsh.

Never heard of Ms. Walsh, the young 30 year old something who somehow after graduating from Georgetown was minding Attorney General John Ashcroft, was on the Fred Thompson campaign as it was blown out of the water by Romneycrats, and ended up as regional finance chair for McCain's campaign.

It did not end there, because when Reince Priebus performed the coup against GOP Chair Michael Steele, who should appear as his Chief of Staff, but the young Katie Walsh.
It does not end there, because amazingly as the GOP could not raise any money under Steele, the floodgates opened in a deluge of 200 million dollars from the oligarchs. The same oligarchs who loved Jeb Bush for President, which was everything anti Trump and hates the Tea Party.

Now how could a John Ashcroft protege, which the GOPliters detest, not only rise as a child to be chosen by Big Koch's Reince Priebus to be the second most powerful person in the RNC, deciding where and who obtained those millions in oligarch funds........while Tea Party candidates were left to be routed by Democrats.
How could such a young child, become the darling for the billionaires introducing the Obama genocide of Americans?

For the record, during the Trump Campaign in 2016, Mr. Trump was self funding, because these oligarchs were not giving him money. They were giving Katie Walsh money though, by the bushels, and none of it was finding its way to Donald Trump. That is why Jared Kurschner was raising hell over this, and you will notice that even with Reince Priebus supporting Donald Trump, Katie Walsh had no problem walking into Trump Towers and humiliating the nominee's son in law.

But the conflict has continued. At a meeting in New York late last month, Mr. Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, pointedly challenged Katie Walsh, the committee’s chief of staff, over the party’s spending plans.

In a tone that several witnesses described as imperious and aggressive, Mr. Kushner suggested that the national committee might not be giving Mr. Trump all the support he was due.

Ms. Walsh pushed back strongly, telling Mr. Kushner, who has no background in politics, that the committee’s fund-raising and spending are disclosed in detail to the Federal Election Commission, according to the witnesses who were in the room and two people briefed by them afterward.
Ms. Walsh told Mr. Kushner that the committee had a responsibility to take a broad view of its finances, mapping out a budget for the entire party and ensuring it could remain operational for the rest of the year, and could not solely focus on Mr. Trump’s needs.

I will have  readers revisit a most bizarre reversal from Reince Priebus in an interview found by David John Oates. In the reversal, Priebus was talking about "Muslim money coming into the RNC coffers to defeat Donald Trump".

Lame Cherry: Paul Ryan's Agenda Project

Paul Ryan's Agenda Project ... As another Lame Cherry exclusive in ... kept nattering on about "Muslim money coming into the GOP to defeat Donald ...

Gee, and who was raising money for the RNC in this period of time?

It is concluded this Muslim money was the McCain cut from the ISIS oil black market of which the Obama regime was receiving a DNC cut also. The same traitor in John McCain, and the same oligarchs, and the darling of them all holding the money bags, just like Penny Pritzker was laundering money for the Obama regime from terrorists flowing to ACORN in 2008.

So it begs the question just how does a best friend of Amy Dacey, the CEO of the Democratic National Committee, end up next to Reince Priebus and Reince Priebus convinces President Donald Trump to appoint her to his every day operations...........two women who detest President Donald Trump.

Dacey told Glamour. "We met on an overseas trip and found out we had a lot in common. The reality is, there are only two jobs like this in the country, right? And we both have them."

This begs the question in the torrent of White House leaks from the inner circle, which began in a stream flow with Mike Pence and has now turned into a torrent with the appearance of Katie Walsh, just who is behind all of this as Roger Stone states it is coming from the inside and it is disloyal to the President.

What are the odds of someone who hates Donald Trump, actively was against him in 2016, was withholding funds, but is the conduit of the oligarchs who ran the #NeverTrump 100 Days which is sabotaging the first 100 Days of the Trump Presidency.

You have witnessed this before in another woman who appeared out of nowhere in Hillary Rodham who was recruited by the CIA to mind another President. Walsh looks to be a CIA asset. The same CIA which was engaged in tampering with the 2016 elections and smearing Donald Trump. Walsh appears to be one of Langley's minders in the RNC, and her trade like Hillary Clinton was bag woman.
People who fund raise can tell you, that the doors just do not open, and pocket books do not fly open, for even the established insiders, so a 30 year old is not going to somehow pull in 200 million dollars on her charms alone.

Katie Walsh is posturing like she is employed by the major powers and that is Kissinger type of bravado, as no one goes in and bitch slaps the Jew mafia son of Donald Trump, unless they are backed by the real powers.

There is a story which has been circulating around in the GOP underground for some time and in order to attempt to save the sitting President of these United States, it belongs here.

There was a woman on election eve, at Trump headquarters, who was bawling. She was not crying tears of joy in the election of Donald Trump, like all Americans were. No, the best girlfriend of the CEO of the DNC, was bawling over Hillary Clinton losing. The snowflake in this story is Katie Walsh.

I can tell you that in typing this up, that everything began freezing, and whenever that happens, like in the starting of the expose' on Mike Pence, I know I have company monitoring what is being posted. The powers are very interested in Mike Pence's cover being blown and they are even more interested in a story about Katie Walsh, a woman that none of you have a clue about.

A woman who for all the Kochsuckers in the oligarchs, went on record bitch slapping them too. Her boss's owners, Kochs, who direct Rush Limbaugh at the CIA Mockingbird to slam Scott Walker for being off the reservation.......and little Katie Walsh has not only no problem doing it, but after bitch slapping Donald Trump, she ends up running the White House in scheduling.

She was critical of the RNC's practice of sharing voter information with the Koch Brothers, saying "I think it's very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how."

There are a list of Trump Trans who cut out the Christians, and are working against President Trump and against you. The woman who bawled over Hillary Clinton being defeated is one of them by all the evidence, and need to be on the short list of sent packing, because who is Katie Walsh really working for?

Codename Rainmaker.

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