Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fed has warned Conglomerates Interest Spike coming

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Aetna is part of a number of "buy backs" of billion dollars worth of stocks in their own conglomerates which is  taking place in en mass. So you understand this, it means that the US Fed, not telling you, but warning all of these conglomerates who took your money that Obama was handing out free to them.......

Health insurer Aetna to spend $3.3 billion buying back stock ...

Aetna will spend $3.3 billion to buy back more than 20 million shares of its stock after the health insurer's board authorized more repurchases last week.

OK so you get this, a company got free money from the federal reserve at 0% interest, which companies then sold their stocks for profit, then bought them back with zero interest money, and took that cash and made a fortune with that money in other venues.

These conglomerates have been moving fast and hard in these buybacks of their own stocks, meaning they are paying off interest debt, before it spikes from the fed in an increasing move, which will be part of the process to make it profitable for banks to loan money....and for you to save money in passbook savings accounts.

Things are changing in the false market which began in HW Bush's corruption of Reaganomics and the wholesale Obama quid pro quo to world conglomerates for the horrid Obama great depression economy of zero growth and degraded economic maintenance, is beginning to end.

Interest rates will continue to raise, and if Mike Pence and Paul Ryan will get off their conspiratorial asses in passing Trump legislation, America will grow into the inflated stock prices, and no collapse will take place. It HAS TO BE done this year though in taxes, repatriation of corporate funds and and a budget free from Obamacare and Obama taxes.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.