Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Something Hillary Clinton is wrong with Nancy Pelosi

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Something Hillary Clinton is wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi breakdown? Repeats words, tells audience to clap, Kasich 'gov of Illinois'...

Quoted 'Martin Luther Sing'...

I do not celebrate this, even if it is deserving in what Pelosi did to American is using Cindy Sheehan and discarding her or for the Obama dictatorship. But there is definitely something wrong with minority leader Pelosi.

Her rambling on, on Inauguration Day about a clock during the luncheon for President Trump, other missteps in conversation in public, and the performance today of calling Martin Luther King, Martin Luther Sing,  which reveals verbal process problems, calling John Kasich the governor of Illinois, when he is of Ohio, reveals memory loss, and the bizarre lecture to the audience that they needed to clap when she ordered them too, reveals brain dysfunction.

Nancy Pelosi is old, her brain is not functioning properly which is normal in the aged, but this points to something more in three probabilities.

  • Altzheimers
  • Stroke
  • Medical dystrophy of the brain

Medical dystrophy of the brain would point to medications or procedures as botox, which Mrs. Pelosi has had numerous injections of, have taken a toll on her brain, as much as drug use or if she had been a boxer getting too many blows to the head.

Can Botox Cause Brain Damage? Allergan Fights 3 Suits That ...

There isn't a single piece of medical literature alleging that Botox might cause autoimmune encephalitis, a particularly unpleasant form of brain damage ...

Nancy Pelosi needs medical observation and testing for her own sake, as Barack Hussein Obama took complete advantage of this woman as Speaker, as she was the one who uttered, "You have to pass the bill to read it", which sounded insane then on Obamcare, but now points to 8 years ago, Nancy Pelosi was already having mental dysfunction.