Monday, February 20, 2017

Orion Lost in the Stars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Captain Kirk apologized the other day in things were happening in his life, and he had not been around. Numbers of good people have had that same condition in this Spiritual warfare from medical problems to personal problems to traffic problems.

In all of this, I get the hangers on who think a few dollars give them the right to be my new best friend as my being right by God, makes me the popular girl........I know the facts in this that the first moment I fall, these Judas' will be the first ones on social media saying they knew it was all a fraud.

My reason for posting this, is two fold as I wrote to someone who is responsible for putting together the winning solution for the President, who tolerates me times 10. I told her that I had to go check a cow who was calving. That calf is now laying dead in my kitchen, another casualty of your evil. Like my two pet goats died one day after another this past week. I literally have not had time to recover from the Trump election, as it has been one horrid event after another. Sometime after Christmas I shot a cow, whose calf inside of her was a freak the vet said, and grew to such a large size it killed the cow.
I get lots of events which make no sense, so Captain Kirk is not alone in the freak show of bad things in life, and I completely understand.

As I am typing this I am doing a John McCain impersonation, because earlier today I fell through the floor of a second story, much to my great surprise. I was fortunate in I came an inch away from smashing my teeth out and my nose smashed. If I would have lit on something solid below, I would have shattered my legs or ankles or both. As it was I know my bones are solid, as what gave way on me was the tissues on my collar bone and tricep.
After the surprise of busting through, I hung there for a bit, then let myself down, and noted I had a bit of pain which was making me want to puke.

Got things to do though as no one else will do things, so with me being the healthiest cripple here, it was finishing the project at hand, and working on posting what will appear tomorrow, which should be the final straw for Jeff Sessions to indict Katie Walsh and all those around her.

Saving each of you, has been extremely expensive in what matters in life and health. Your bad thoughts add to all of the other evil in satan which ends up in injury and murder here. It was getting so bad that I was warned my head was on the block again, as all of this is about the reality, while each of you are in your safe homes, pretending you are a patriot, and the reality is in this Spiritual battle I am stuck doing, has kept you safe in comfort and me in the situation I am in.
I did read the comment the other day about a reader wondering in doubt if I really am a popular girl who is in poverty who collects Bibles. I do not lie. That is me, dead premature calf and all in the kitchen and the Puntz having hissy fits about an intruder in her house.

Except for a few, all of you have doubted or convinced yourself to your delusions that by God's Grace, the Lame Cherry changed the time line. The President was not supposed to win and yet he did. Not with data minging, but with the Hand of the Lord and Christian volunteers. I was going to write on that in how it is all wide open now, in President Trump in the lynch pin, the king pin, the key stone in all of this now. He literally if he remains Christian could suck the power right out of the anti Christ. The President can be like George Washington, but he has to stay in Christ, keep his word and not become involved in the foreign intrigue.
Everything which was has now disappeared, and that which was to be, is reforming on an epic scale in what the Lord has wrought. Donald Trump does not yet know what he can be and all he can be. He needs God though with Christ as the evil is out there and that evil has been striking at me for what God generated through the Lame Cherry.

I am though weak in not of Spiritual strength to hold off a world of evil. Tomorrow I bury the dead, heal some more, and move forward as those who are timid and in power are afraid to move to protect all they have while others suffer the burden of the American Virgin.

Some lost soul posted on me being a racist and other nonsense, as their pathetic trolling to strike at me in an online profile........taking away a nice one which someone had posted. They will answer to Christ for that in Judgment like many will face the same end of their making. I do pray they repent and that those of you who need to repent, that you do change to become Honest and Truthful, for only those can worship in Spirit to the Father.

The stars were lovely tonight here. Orion was lost in the Milky Way. Perhaps is a sign the Hunter will gather His host as I have never witnessed that before. So much to do in Job suffering though. Tomorrow is already here and the dawn has not yet broken, but LC has in body as the Spirit continues on.

Move by the left flank. Boots and Saddles.

Nuff Said