Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Butt Boy staffing the White House for President Trump's Impeachment

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After the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska, and the appearance of Jeff Gannon at the Bush43 White House with W hugging and kissing this young man, who appeared out of nowhere, it is a given in the old guard of any political group, that they start to grimace any time some child of 30 something pushes aside all the experienced experts and ends up at the top of the party heap, whether it be Katie Walsh who was living with a divorced Illinois Senator named Kirk, until that Senator stroked out or the Jesuit that Katie Walsh chose to overload the entire Trump Administration with 4000 appointments, in Karl Rove's protege in Johnny DeStefano.

Who is this most powerful man in the White House? Why the sunshine boy raining on Donald Trump's victory parade suppressing the Trump vote in tweeting out that DeStefano just wanted the elections over, so the Trump protestors would all be happy, with a Hillary Clinton the conspirators of #NeverTrumpers could declare victory and never have to deal with those damned Tea Party or Trump Party voters ever again, who would finally be vanquished.

But who is Johnny DeStefano, the mystery boy, who Trump Trans signed off on in Vice President Mike Pence who is looking forward to the Trump impeachment, Reince Priebus who is with Pence stopping the Trump legislative agenda to weaken the President for impeachment, and Katie Walsh who is part of "leakers are us" in making certain that Jeb Bush is the next Vice President once Mr. Trump is gone.


Why yes that IS a Twitter shout-out to leaker Katie Walsh in "fixing" a nice Politico puff piece for Mike Pence. Notice there is no congratulations on the feed for establishment "favorite" Reince Priebus, nor is there the obligatory congratulatory Tweet for President Trump in beating the data-driven odds.

Johnny DeStefano is the classic Washington “great guy.” He’s smart, charming, good looking, knows everyone who is anyone, and he knows politics inside and out, but if Donald Trump wants to drain the swamp in DC, appointing DeStefano as Director of White House Personnel will be a major impediment to that goal.

One can search for DeStefano, but he is just a shadow. He was picked to lead the GOP Data machine, which Katie Walsh had at war with Big Koch in gathering up all your personal information, repackaging it and reselling it, as all of you rats in the cage in the emails you sign up for in your candidates and donations, all end up on a list, which is then SOLD for profit just like the corporations sell your personal information on lists.

Party bosses have collected information about voters that interest groups like labor unions and the Koch-funded FreedomWorks would pay big money to access.

When Rove first convened a group of Republican operatives to his home on Washington’s Weaver Terrace nearly two years ago with the goal of designing a single electioneering machine to consolidate the right’s fragmented interest groups, Catalist was an obvious model.

In designing the Data Trust, Republicans have struggled to build a party-chartered independent business that allies will want to use. The terrain is perhaps even more precarious than it was when Catalist was formed; Tea Party challenges to Republican incumbents have shown how easy it is for the party’s interests to diverge from those of its interest-group

The RNC has structured the Data Trust as a private company with as much party DNA in it as possible: Its CEO is former RNC chief of staff Anne Hathaway, and three seats on its have been given to former committee chairmen: Ed Gillespie, Jim Nicholson, and Mike Duncan.

And from the official GOP website and Johnny DeStefano's own keyboard.
The Data Trust congratulates our clients, partners, and friends whose hard work and dedication was instrumental in success up and down the ballot, including gains in state legislatures and governorships, control of the Senate, and a historic majority in the House of Representatives.

That is the dirty secret of the Data Trust by Karl Rove, overseen by Priebus and Walsh, in it is nothing but your identity being sold to political parties and PACs to steal money from you. It is a scam, and had nothing to do with getting out the vote in 2016, because every one of these data miners from the GOP, to Jared Kurschner, to DeStefano ALL knew by their numbers that Donald Trump was going to lose. That is why Katie Walsh was bawling at Trump headquarters, because her candidate, Hillary Clinton got beat and it is why DeStefano wanted the election over and Trump defeated, so he could get rid of the Trump problem and begin Jeb 2020 in I TOLD YOU SO campaign.

These tweets from DeStefano are bizarre in 2012 he was retweeting image Obama's favorite British Virgin Island wrestle buddy in Richard Branson's tweet of NOT VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS.

Why is not someone asking the question what in the hell is this 30 something kid who wanted a Trump defeat, vouches for the #NeverTrumpers and is reposting Barack Obama's favorite vacation buddy stating they would never vote Republican.

Do you need to be reminded that this is the person Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh chose to fill the Trump Administration across America with 4000 people who HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP?

It is good to know that 4 years ago that Johnny DeStefano could not vote Republican, and posted it on his Twitter feed.

The evidence proceeds with this tweet from DeStefano, which are all probably going to be deleted once this information goes public. But it is good to know that Johnny DeStefano personally vouched for Rep. Corey Gardner of Colorado. Corey Gardner just happened to post this political assassination of Donald Trump just before the election IN VOWING GARDNER WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR TRUMP. Yes a #NeverTrumper is who Johnny DeStefano advocates for.

Yes Gardner has been part of this Mike Pence conspiracy from the beginning in removing Donald Trump and putting Mike Pence in as President.

What you are witnessing is the Ohio Mafia in this, in the .........oh yes, that drunken and Pater Pope worshiping John Boehner, hired DeStefano as a child to run the Speaker's office.


For background on Johnny DeStefano, he is from Kansas City, Missouri, a real Jesuit indoctrinated boy like Tim Kaine of the Clinton campaign. You might remember Kaine in a reversal on Hillary Clinton mentioning his disdain for that Protestant.
In this we have the right leggers of the Boehner Jesuits, now having a key hold in the White House, in appointing only those people who hate Donald Trump.

As deputy chief of staff, Walsh’s portfolio will include “overseeing senior staff,” the White House scheduling operations, and the Office of Public Liaison, where Manigault will direct communications.
The key post leading the White House Office of Presidential Personnel, a team that will help Trump fill up to 4,000 federal positions in the next year to 18 months, will be helmed by John DeStefano, a longtime political aide to former House Speaker John Boehner. DeStefano helped the RNC build a 2016 voter file and political database.

So the question in this is, what is this Johnny DeStefano, with only a "political science" degree from the Jesuit University of St. Louis, BFE (that would be Butt F'ing Egypt) somehow ends up running the GOP algorithms and computer data division, as DeStefano is not Bill Gates.

For the first time, the Data Trust and i360 will work together to reduce duplication and make right-of-center voter contact efforts more efficient, resulting in our partners having access to more and better data,” said John DeStefano, president of The Data Trust.  “We are very excited to work alongside i360 on this partnership designed to provide the foundation for Republican and Conservative victories in 2014 and beyond.”

 But certainly a Johnny with absolutely no computer background who ran the Rove data mining of Americans, is qualified for something like a White House job.

Mr. DeStefano, 38, has no background in personnel or human resources. However, he is a longtime member of former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s inner circle and a former Republican National Congressional Committee staffer.

 So answer the question in how does the staff of disgraced John Boehner, end up in charge of a complex computer data mining operation and then end up in charge of the entire White House staffing, when his "degree" is in political science?

Johnny DeStefano has no qualifications for any job he has held, and yet he keeps floating to the top, like another Missourian in this coup against Donald Trump in Katie Walsh, who is working for the #NeverTrumper oligarchs for President Trump's impeachment.

It does seem we do know one thing, Johnny DeStefano drinks beer with the boys while posing with his  fiance.