Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Birther Force the Obama that just keeps on giving


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter.

While Congress is looking into a criminal sweetheart deal that image Obama gave insiders for a Kenyan weapons deal on the morning America was tossing his ass out of office, the Lame Cherry would like to put in a request for what image Obama was giving away.

What was the image up to? Why it was giving away weaponized chemical and biological spray planes.

Now who cool is that eh? Would you not a combat hardened spray plane sitting on your front lawn to shoot flies and chiggers with?

Here is the weapons capability.

The AT-802U brings firepower in close where it is needed and at the best speed for maximum effect. Capable of employing a large arsenal of weaponry, the aircraft has been built to employ dual .50 cal. GAU-19/A three-barrel Gatling guns, dual M260 7-tube rocket launchers, and 500 lb. Mk-82 bombs on nine wing and fuselage hard points (expandable to 15 hard points). The AT-802U is also configurable for more advanced systems depending on customer requirements. Laser guided ordnance, helmet mounted displays, fire control systems, survivability systems, and sensor payloads could all be incorporated into this robust aircraft.

With ground-to-air communication so vital in close air support missions, the AT-802U has been equipped with the Wulfsberg Flexcomm tactical modular multi-band airborne FM/AM/UHF radio communications system. This enables the aircrew to maintain radio communication with practically any radio system utilized by ground units.

Flying where others would not dare, the AT-802U protects aircrews with specially designed cockpit and engine armor, ballistic glass, and self-sealing fuel tanks. It also has mounting provisions for an optional AAR-47/ALE-47 survivability system. 

This is a people killer and apparently the image Obama was hot to continue it's legacy in killing off rival terrorists in the dope trade in Kenya, and why it was unloading a squadron on the Kenya Birthers.

I just can not help but want one. Imagine the northern pike I could bag in one strafing run by hopping the border to Canada. Them Mounties would be not looking to get their woman with me. I would be eating fish for a year.......I bet I could fry one up on the engine on the way home, and have it cooked for TL and I to enjoy. Yes Trudeau lets in terrorists from America, so I see no problem in a popular girl flying in her Obama combat fishing plane for a few pike.

Apparently this is a real humdinger of a crime fighting plane too, in used in the dope wars. Under Obama Lynch and Holder though drug traffic increased, so the DEA must have just been logging hours and shooting cactus.
If the DEA would let me fly, I would use an Obama plane to shoot wild hogs. Big problem down in the American South, and I would be all set with Canadian pike and Texas pork. Chuck Yeager used to shoot antelope in Wyoming with a fighter plane, bag them by the dozens, for the Army Air Force.

Air Truck 802U

So I would like to put in a request to the Trump Administration as if darkies in Africa can get planes, then darkies in America should get the same air hoser for recreation.

That image Obama down there on Virgin Island with Mrs. Obama, and it just could not get enough dead bodies for a legacy. That image always thinking about securing the place in history it deserves. One would think with all that man wrestling and that big ass of Muchelle trolling around, it would be enough, but there is nothing like Gatling guns to add a few more Muslims to the tally, as why stop with 500,000 Syrians.

Yes nothing like having a Kenyan Air Force of your very own. That image Obama thinks of everything.

All I want though is my own weaponized chemical and biological weapon plane like image Obama gave to the Kenyans. It only seems fair, and I do not care how much kickbacks or crimes are committed which the government would be involved in getting it to me.
Look, I will even offer my Air Force of one for like ICE. I could strafe at Mexicans in herding them to the Border Patrol. I could strafe those Soros protesters in cleaning things out like in North Dakota and like those Ashley Judd nasty snatch rallies. All I need is food and bullets from the government, and maybe some hickory wood to smoke that pork I will be hunting and maybe some dynamite for fishing as it would make it easier as I imagine shooting fish is not as easy as shooting Obama Muslim dope terrorists, but I am new to all of this.

Seems to me that for 8 years Obama kept Americans from getting guns, and on the last day it gave away weapons of mass destruction to Kenyans. Maybe that is the problem with that Obama in it took 8 years for him to get on the right track......then again he was giving guns to terrorists for 8 years, so it all gets confusing.