Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Lady GaGa of Gag me with a Milo


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whatever Milo Yankopolis is, and no that is not his name, but I simply do not care, as I am not Matt Drudge leaving that perverts photo up for a 24 hour period as if it matters that the Lady GaGa of Gag is somehow the face of anything right wing in America, which MY invaded for a publicity stunt in lying about not being a sodomite and trying to hijack the Alt Right before cuddling with Bill Maher on television in praising him as a good liberal.

MY's statements within statements about "child love" in raping children which got him fired was a perfect mix for the British pedos as much as their American pizzagate hosts, as it was "complicated" to Milo in first being abhorrent and then in his case where he was supposedly molested, as Milo liked it.

It is at the core of this entire sodomite ilk, in it is why one does not allow sexualization of any child at any time, as they are not emotionally capable of processing something that is appealing or feels good, when connected to "right and wrong". It is why homosexuals seduce and rape children, or wait until those children are at college to rape them when doped or drunk, as it produces the complicated signals of "it felt good and I liked that feeling" so "maybe rape is not a bad thing".


Milo slipped up in revealing his real purpose was to molest and rape flyover America in presenting his perversion as acceptable when this pervert from England immersed himself in the Trump brand. This is the problem with Donald Trump as President being associated with that blood sucker Peter Thiel and listening to the LGBT advocates in Ivanka and Jared Kurschner in their "humanity", because Milo Yankopolis IS the face of these freaks who have all been molested, can not figure out degeneration is, and their one purpose in life is to be "accepted" and they do this by going to small town American and rape the small town conscious with their perversion.

He also said he believes he has done more for the image of gay people in the 'flyover states'

 But Yankopolis who put on a suit, instead of his usual Lady GaGa attire, stated that his brand had not been damaged in his mind and that is because he has no soul. He is a genital sapien who is defined by an anal sex act which smells of feces, so of course he is incapable as this entire group of perverts is to have any semblance of what is right or wrong.
It is Biblically why the Children of Israel wiped out Canaan, and why God wiped out Sodom and the cities of the plain, because there is absolutely no remedy or undoing any of this programming.

Charlie Rose's brain experts stated matter of factually on his  program that unless a child is removed by 2 years of age, the permanent damage is done to the child and that child is programmed, no matter the programming.
That goes to pedophilia and that goes to Islam. All of those "children" which this same group of American haters are pouring into America in humanitarian concerns in these Dreamers or Muslim from Syria ARE ALL PROGRAMMED FOR DEATH AND SEXUAL ASSAULT if they are over two years old. Every American child is endangered by these predators who will continue the process of preying on children.

'I don't think this has done any harm for my profile,' he said - announcing that he would be setting up his own website, and returning to speaking at campuses and commercial speaking events very soon. 
He opened the press conference with the words: 'I am a gay man and a child abuse victim' but added that he didn't view himself as a victim, saying the relationship with his abuser was 'complicated'.

The fact of Milo Yankopolis is he was programmed by rape and has been raping America by design for his entire presentation, as he admits in Christian America were his target. This is a performer who has made it a fashion to be a fag, carried around like Cleopatra and started violence and riots around America, all for effect.
Has any of that benefited anyone but those who are raping children and looking to genocide Americans?

See Milo understands that when real evil appears, he has to make excuses for it in being good. He has to take a bath and wash off the whore's make up and put on a suit and tie, but in that, his real degenerative self comes bursting through in violent outbursts of rage.......sexual rage.

'They have reported things about me which they know aren't true and f*** you for that,' he said to the assembled press.

There is nothing moral, repentant, Christian or American about Milo Yankopolis. He is the same disgusting predator which was after flyover country who would think that turn the other cheek, would be his ass cheek to be spanked as something was shoved up his ass for pleasure, or his facial cheek slapped for not swallowing cum in being a bad boy, as they all sat around afterwards sipping expensive wine, smelling of shit.

It does not matter what kinds of sheep's cloth these degenerates put on, or who is vouching for them, they are a soul rape in the making which will only bring you ruin, and is why the Bible states to separate out from sinners.
It is the mistake of President Trump in his Ivanka moods, because now Steve Bannon from Breitbart is tainted by this scent of feces as Milo stated they were sticking by him, and America just got shoved one more step closer to legalized child rape, and Yankopolis has his perversion all over it.

Including producing incidents like this which have to be exposed so normal people become educated to what is out there, and desensitized to the greatest of sins, in harming children.

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