Friday, February 24, 2017

The Law of Kim

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In more telling scientific evidence of the superior race which the Korean is, the North Koreans stood as the manly race of Asia, and called  the Chin of Peking, the Dancing Girls of America.

Honestly what good is a Chin? They work the Cantonese and Mandarin to death in sweatshops, as they engage in building sandcastles in the ocean, attempting to inflict on the more advanced races of Asia in the Vietnamese and Filipino in their territories.

The North Korean is in fact correct, as it is China which needs the North  Koreans, because North Korea has coal, and all China is a Russian oil addiction.

Kim Jong Un is praised as dear leader for showing restraint in not nuking Peking and wiping the culls from the face of Asia. It is the new genetic science of the North Korean which has replaced Darwinism, as the Law of Kim has supplanted the Law of the Jungle.

Observe the wonders of Kim Jong Un.

When a family member defied dear leader, Kim tied him to a stake and shot him with a mortar.

When  Kim's brother, began to treacherously plot a  coup against Kim, Kim sent female  assassins who  dispatched  the unruly brother, and now the Malaysians have the audacity to not release the trophy of the brother to Kim, and are weaving intrigue, which is ridiculous, as this is the Law of Kim and as a national ruler of the North Koreans, dear leader has every right to kill off every sibling traitor as that is the law in North Korea, in coup plotters are executed.

Kim has achieved spectacular results in miniaturization of nuclear warheads and his own ICBM, capable of wiping out the American  west coast or the Chinese interior, as Kim Jong Un is like the Caucasian coming to Europe, finding the Neanderthal, killing all the lesser primate males, and sexing all of the Neanderthal females who were most willing to copulate with such advanced males.

In this, all should advocate that every Chin female in China be impregnated by the seed of Kim Jong Un, in order to advance those faggot Chin to a higher order which are not dancing girls, but real men like Kim who rides horses, blows people up, poisons his brother and plays  with nuclear weapons  like dominoes.

A race of Kim is what Asia requires. It is obvious that in this order the Japanese are currently racially superior, then  the korean,  then Vietnamese, the Indochinese, but after the sperm of Kim is deposited in mass to the  Chin women, certainly the Chin will advance beyond being faggots of the west and learn to do more than build sand castles.

It is time for Kim Jong Un to call for an  Asian conference in Pyongyang, and institute the Kim order and inform China that their superior is on scene, and no Kim is going to take orders from the water buffalo Chinese.

Kim Jong Un inspires gorgeous women to be assassins. Is there any other leader in the world who has that kind of machismo? No one measures up to Kim Jong Un, absolutely no one.

If only Donald Trump was like Kim Jong Un, there would be no riots, not conspiracy, no intrigue, no Mexicans dissing Trump Cabinet member visits, all there would be is graves and smoking holes.

Star Trek had it all wrong in the Wrath of Khan in the  Asian Superman. It was always the sexy Kim Jong Un who only had the foresight and action to secure his nation. Yes in 100 years Korea will have taken over China,  and Kim  Jong Macho  will be seated in the Forbidden City, ruling the millions of his relatives, fathered by Kim Jong Un.

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