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The Katie Walsh ACORN Money Laundering and Influence Pedaling

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(The above statement by fiance Mike Shields of Katie Walsh is on November 1st. The "freedom" was in the defeat of Donald Trump which the Walsh #NeverTrumpers were working for, as Mike Shields was directing the funding to the down ticket Congress in #NeverTrumpers. All of their data was projecting a defeat for President Trump, that is what freedom looks like to these traitors in destroying Donald Trump and scattering each of you to the wind.)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There have been numerous intrigues against Candidate Donald Trump and then President Donald Trump from the 100 Days in the primaries, to Mike Pence / Paul Ryan intrigue to stop the Trump agenda to impeach President Trump, but one nefarious aspect in all of these important criminal operations which Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be investigating by the FBI, which is overlooked because it makes absolutely no sense to most people as it is technology and just sounds stupid to them, is the data mining operations, or specifically who controls the data mining operations.

For most of you, you would think this is about NSA things in the FBI collecting data on you in being important to prosecute you, but what this is really about the data which conglomerates like Amazon collects on you, and then sells that list to other marketers for fortune.

You need to understand that you are viewed as rats in a maze, and that your habits are recorded to be used against you to get you to vote Republican or Democrat, or get you to donate all you have to these saviors.

This is what was behind the coup from inside the White House against Steve Bannon. It had nothing to do with the fake news about Bannon in racism or being dead beat, it had to do with those damned data lists, because Steve Bannon represents the Mercer oligarch interests who ran the Ted Cruz data operation, through Cambridge Analytica, a UK based "herding operation" against Americans.

If you remember the Lame Cherry told you that the genesis of this was Amazon in user lists and polls. Shoppers data was collected and this became the "Ted  Cruz wave" of people being manipulated with inferno messages that messiah Cruz was the only person who could save "Conservatives". If you remember the Lame Cherry informed you, there was a 23% ceiling on this Cambridge program, in it simply could not break Cruz out of this level of voters, no matter what, because to explain it this way:

You have 10 dogs in your neighborhood. 5 crap on your neighbor's lawn, 3 stay at home, 1 craps wherever it is on the street and 1 craps on your lawn. All brains operate by God's design to not be the same cookie cutter response. Cruz's toxic message like Hillary Clinton's toxicity could not break out of their group. Clinton was in the mid 30% and Cruz was in the low 20%.

Now that you comprehend that feature of vote data, and then you are being lied to that these data programs are what won the 2016 election for Donald Trump, the 2008 and 2012 for Obama and the 2000 and 2004 for W Bush, you will receive the facts that EVERY data program had Donald Trump losing and Hillary Clinton winning as it was the equal of the fraud open loaded polling.
Karl Rove was not an architect of victory, he was a disaster in Christians abandoned W in 2000 and there are indications that Kerry may have won in 2004, but votes were flipped.
This same 15% Andrieu Reira casino gambling vote counting is what flipped 10 million votes in 2 elections for Birther Hussein.
This was supposed to be the case in 2016, but Donald Trump surged to such numbers as to break the 15% voter flipping for a Clinton theft of the White House.

So the above is evidence that this data mining is worthless and everyone knows it, but everyone from Jared Kurschner in Alamo Project, FLS which is the outside GOP contractors, to Big Koch in i360, to the Mercers in Cambridge Analytica, and lastly the languishing Karl Rove / Katie Walsh GOP data mining, are involved in this and spending huge sums on it.

So why are they doing it, and what is so important in this that Katie Walsh's first target was Jared Kurschner in slapping him down at Trump Towers and then going after Steve Bannon?

The lists are worthless for getting out the vote as Donald Trump won because Christian groups put knuckles on the doors and turned Christians out in Democratic strongholds in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Virginia. The lists though in YOUR PERSONAL DATA are worth a fortune and are sold to unions, special interest groups, PACS and political campaigns which is a massive ACORN money laundering operation.
See you have to have a monopoly control of the LIST. You next have to have your person next to President Trump or Hillary Clinton whispering that it is necessary to purchase that data package. Because that is the selling point in all of this, in some suit wearer in Chattanooga hears that the President uses this GOP list, then he takes his millions from donors and buys that list and thinks he can win too just like Donald Trump did.

Lists are worth a fortune in mailers for charities, and in politics they are worth a fortune too. Think about it this way, in Steve Bannon advocates for the Mercer Cambridge Analytica, that cuts out Katie Walsh and Karl Rove, who are in power for the expressed purpose of selling that list. It is why she was leveraged in to the White House, as her lists in FLS and her fiance's list at Congress (Mike Shields apparently sells that data mining to London and Berlin too as he spends a great deal of time offshore as the fiance with Katie in tow with European powers who have deep pockets.......and again, how much money is it worth when the fiance of the Deputy White House Chief of Staff appears in Berlin with a list, and the Germans figure they buy the list, and purchase Katie Walsh influence whispering in President Trump's ear.)
Do you comprehend the criminality and violation of ethics which Katie Walsh represents in threatening the US Presidency?

For a reality check in this, the best data mining program out there was the Koch brothers i360. Walsh data mined Koch for their list and features, and then FLS appeared out of Minneapolis in the Missouri, Minnesota, Sodomite connection, and Walsh kicked  the Koch's to the curb to "stop the danger of the Koch control over information". Translate that to Walsh was employed to create a monopoly list for the oligarchs.

Now for the numbers, as everyone is always fundraising non stop. The Republicans control a ball park figure of 250 Congressional seats, all millionaires and billionaires funding the puppets. There are 50 states with a great deal of political money and then there are unions. Figure there are 500 of these groups, who are told that this is the Katie Walsh data that got that buffoon Donald Trump elected, and this is the list the President uses in the figure that those in control of this list are selling it for 1 million dollars a contract.

Does half a billion dollars sound like some money?

How about Jeb Bush who ignored and scorned the base, and was convinced to spend 100 million dollars of his campaign on data mining. Do you understand that we are beginning to talk about some real money here, as in that Hillary Clinton disappeared 1.5 billion dollars she blew through.
Do not think though like ACORN that this money is lost or wasted. It is part of a massive money laundering system as in Mitt Romney's case of giving almost half his campaign war chest to establish the FLS groups, which were designed to promote Jeb Bush in 2016 in this money and influence pedaling.
Ted Cruz dumped a fortune into Limbaugh and Levin's radio programs, and by miracle, Limbaugh and Levin raved about Ted Cruz. It is how this system all works on insiders all getting a cut, and whether it is media, the people who print posters, to hotel chains, it is the marketing.

Rick Wiley who is this insider group destroyed the Scott Walker campaign for Big Koch in Walker went off Koch message on ethanol, and left like a 12 million dollar debt. The Katie Walsh insiders got him hired into the Trump campaign who immediately fired him, and who hired him? Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh at the RNC.

All of these political operatives are in place to funnel money to the oligarchs, like Mexicans herded to Walmart on food stamps.  Think of it this way in you have a company and donate 1 million dollars to the GOP, and the GOP operatives then steer every candidate to stay in your hotel and you make 50 million dollars as the press all stays there too. That is great business.

It is the exact extension of these data mining programs in whoever controls them, they have the goose that lays the golden egg, because none of this is about winning an election........that in most cases is done in vote flipping, until a Donald Trump comes along, so the real prize of pure profit is a half a billion dollars every 4 years in a Presidential election and half that in midterms.
......and when your list is brainwashed into a candidate that you won the election for him, then that candidate is like Obama shutting of oil wells and pipeline so his chief donor, Warren Buffett has a monopoly in moving North Dakota oil.

That is why Steve Bannon was targeted early. It had to do with his connection to Mercer Cambridge. I am not stating that Steve Bannon was promoting the Mercers as the fact is the Trump group created their own list, as Donald Trump is not going to be blackmailed by this group of hucksters, but it is the fact that the Katie Walsh advocates wanted a 100% on message voice of Bush fam whispering in Donald Trump's ear, and no one was closer than Steve Bannon, so he had to be gotten rid of, so the President could be lied to 24 hours a day.

Now you know the most damning story of stories and what is behind all of this data mining wars which had leaker Katie Walsh screeching about it was their data that won the election, which was an absolute lie, as all of their bogus data had them expecting what they were working for in the defeat of President Trump for Jeb 2016.

It has shifted now to impeachment of the President and installment of Mike Pence, who would then pick Jeb Bush for "party unity" and the same crooked deep state would be employing the American Genocide again.

........and so you get this why the Fake News is now howling over this, as if they wanted to tag President Trump in getting too close to a scandal, it would be the Germans and British buying Mike Shields' influence with Katie Walsh in the White House in these data programs President Trump was said to use, Merkel and May thinking they were buying influence with the President........
The reason the MSM does not go after them is because this is the 1.5 billion Hillary Clinton funding they had laundered to them for all of their operating profits and 7 figure salaries.

Once again the Lame Cherry in another matter anti matter exclusive in what is behind the brothel curtains of Katie Walsh and oligarch data mining influence pedaling.

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