Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump White Paper: SDF


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an appeal to President Donald Trump in order to safeguard his Administration, as there is open insurrection being coordinated by international financiers as George Soros, coup plotters in the Bush family, Clinton family, and image Obama is setting loose over 30,000 rioters in a color revolution this spring.

One can not be but assaulted by fake news or Jimmy Kimmel smears of the President in Hollywood.

Bob Woodward extols the MSM to investigate Mr. Trump. The various regime agencies have smart phone groups tracking Secretaries to discover crimes.

The word impeachment is a constant barrage against the President as a by word with no violations committed.

Even Darrell Issa and the Ryan Pence GOP are fake news investigating non existent Russian hacks with the new GOP demand that the White House be kept uninformed and the very head of the Justice Department in Jeff Sessions banned from being informed.

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Deadline1 day ago

Yes the fraud Darrrell Issa who promised voters that if they just elected him, gave the GOP the Congress that they would impeach Obama........is now the stooge who is investigating President Trump for nothing and looking for impeachment.
There is a coup taking place against the American Presidency from within and without. The Judges are stoking the flames of this insurrection in endangering Americans to terrorist invaders while the Congress is colluding with the conspirators to bring down the President of the United States.
In this Trump White Paper, the Lame Cherry pleads with President Donald Trump, to make certain the US Law Enforcement on the Federal level absolutely answers to him, and not the conspirators, as much as the United States Military.
In a necessity of this Age of Insurrection and Sedition, it is paramount that President Trump like President Reagan begin mobilizing the Civil Defense Forces and to begin distributing firearms and ammunition to the DCM, the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, for the arming of the SDF or the State Defense Forces.

The SDF is the check and balance, after the federalization of the National Guard. All States have these forces in active or non active deployments, and it is time for President Trump to activate all 50 State Militias in a Political Militant group to defend their States, their localities and their Nation.

In States hostile to President Trump as in California, there must be an alternative, and in that President Trump must appoint 50 Governor Generals with federal protection to protect their counties from their hostile state regime, governors, legislatures, judiciary and state police forces, who have shown a drive to protect terrorists and make criminals of Americans.
These SDF would have full protection to the right to keep and bear all arms, without infringement, as much as ammunition, concealed carry or open with Constitutional Authority from the President.

Handing out the 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition which the Obama regime purchased to drive up ammunition prices, would allow these SDF's in their personal State Armories to be the home guard against the day when this conspiratorial impeachment of President Donald Trump is unleashed.

President Donald Trump must prepare and activate his sovereign People in the traditions of Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, when the armed farmers and merchants answered the call for local defense in national defense, when the Government was threatened by forces within and without.

America is approaching the time of the Ivory Tower Lynching of the President and it will require the armed Americans in the streets and lanes to protect their President from enemies domestic employed by foreigners who own the Federal Reserve.

For what is ahead, America requires more than Kellyanne Conway in a Minuteman costume. Preparation is the key in the armed SDF loyal to only President Trump, and then those seeking this criminal attack on the President will be too weak to move.

President Trump must allow in the surplus M1 Rifles for repatriation, as much as the arm stores of Europe and Russia, for immediate distribution to ever legal American, who has registered for Selective Service and swears allegiance to the President of the United States, against enemies foreign and domestic.

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