Wednesday, February 15, 2017

White House Internal Affairs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the successful coup carried out against NSA Director Mike Flynn, certainties do emerge.

On Charlie Rose, with liberal guest host, Judd Apatow, Keith Olberman, Ed Rollins and a condescending skirt from the New York Times, a constant screed appeared in "Donald Trump needs adults in the White House", degrading all White House employees.

President Trump fired acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, for her political antics over not protecting American against terrorists. This Obama appointee, we know for certain took secure intelligence, gathered illegally against Mike Flynn in private conversations, and with her group formed a ludicrous white paper that Mike Flynn, was "blackmailable" by the Russians.

In the entire Mike Flynn saga, the entire focus was upon Mike Flynn "lied to Mike Pence" when the reality is Mike Flynn neglected to inform not the Vice President, but a nosy Trump Trans civilian, named Mike Pence of details in a phone call which Mike Flynn stated were an oversight in an apparent hasty account, demanded by Mike Pence.

The NSC has been completely out of control.

In researching the material on Mike Pence, certain realities appear. The NSA is bound to not record and note Americans speaking with foreign leaders. That was waved.
We know for certain in "Pissgate" in that smear of President Trump, that John McCain and someone in the Clinton Camp who was probably John Podesta, turned over fake intelligence by the British MI6 to the FBI, in which Attorney General Loretta Lynch produced action papers for the FBI to investigate 4 Trump loyalists.
This is the source of the Flynn revelations. But when this projects, other realities appear in someone at the NSA must sign off, as in had already signed off on spying in Mike Flynn, to reveal his identity in the intelligence. This information then was sent to the FBI, which then produced it directly to the acting Attorney General Sally Yates who politicized it in a criminal smear against Mike Flynn.

For three weeks this fake evidence was guarded by the White House, because it was falsified. It was not produced until "someone" again fed it to the fake news in his coup against Mike Flynn.

We know for certain that Mike Pence is a chronic leaker, and as his name is featured in this, it is evident that Mike Pence, joined with those criminals leaking this information produced by Sally Yates against an innocent American.

Those are the principles in what is easy to track, including a Observer smear of the Trump White House, stating that the "Intelligence Community" was sharing classified information with the reporter named Schindler, and was "pushing back" against the President. In that smear, Schindler was told by IC that the Trump White House had Kremlin assets in it and that everything said was being heard by Moscow. Again, more fake news and a smear at Mike Flynn.

In this, the Lame Cherry volunteers as she submits this Trump White Paper to run a President Trump, top secret group inside the White House, which is codenamed WHIA. This stands for White House Internal Affairs, and with absolute top security clearance GRANTED without waiver or review, this protective arm of 1600 Penn Avenue will investigate all leaks coming from the White House, wherever they might lead.
Evidence gathered by Internal Affairs, will be turned over to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in chain of evidence, where he personally will present it to a Federal Grand Jury, secure indictments, where these defendants under Patriot Act, will be immediately detained to a federal military reservation for trial, with representation by the JAG and subsequent sentencing, including the death penalty for violating state secrets in direct treason against the Government of the United States.

If the President does not choose to appoint Lame Cherry, the the President should appoint Mike Flynn as AI Director, as he does have a personal interest in this to clear his name and secure the security of the United States of America.

This Presidential Directive is above top secret, is at the President's pleasure and the security clearances are awarded and not investigated to alert those who would be leaking to enemies foreign and domestic.

Do this Mr. President, form WHIA and drain this swamp by federal authority, making this the Chief Watchdog of the Land.

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