Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Return of the Loyalist

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We are beginning to witness cracks in Trump Trans, the team of anti Christians led by Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh, who disposed of the Trump Loyalists and Christians, and when the President ordered Reince Priebus to "fix this", Priebus responded with offering Corey Lewandowski pooper scooper jobs and Katrina Pierson could hold the bag.
The net result as Governor Chris Christie had been ousted by the Mike Pence intrigue preying on the Jared Kurschner scorn for the Governor, as Mr. Christie rightly threw Kurschner's crooked old man into prison. resulted in the Bush fam, Obama intelligence matrix, Big Koch and Indiana Mafia sabotage of the Trump Presidency, as Paul Ryan plots in Congress.

There were  two signs which none of you noticed and both happened with the coup against Mike Flynn.

In open defense of Mike Flynn, President Trump rightly deemed Director Flynn as a good man who had been smeared by criminal mention of the Mike Pence by President Trump though, signaling the President knows Pence has his part in colluding with Big Koch, Bush fam and Obama intel.

The next is this reality in the most powerful Trump loyalist in Chris Christie is returning with his wife for lunch at the White House.

For eating crow, the President dispatched his son, Jared Kurschner, to personally initiate his meeting to bring Chris Christie back.

 But one source told NJ Advance Media that Kushner reached out to Christie ahead of Tuesday's meeting and that senior White House officials speak with the governor regularly.

This signals completely that the President understands the situation. This signals that both Jared Kurschner who was suckered by Mike Pence understands he is a target, as Kurschner's Jewish peace is in jeopardy in his being cut out.
This signals that Kellyanne Conway after she ran to Mike Pence to protect her in hiring an Indiana Mafia wife as her chief of staff, as Katie Walsh has Conway's job in her sights, that Conway understands her jeopardy and is in on bringing back the one man who can take control of this zephyr and drive this Administration through this storm, and that is Chris Christie.

The source said Christie's leadership on opioid addiction has been of interest to the White House and that Kellyanne Conway, the New Jersey native who is a counselor to the president, has spoken to him at length about it. The governor made the issue the focus of his State of the State address earlier this month.

President Trump understands the situation and is looking for the person who is loyal, and can negate this coup which is moving to put Mike Pence in as President.

But Trump, a former Atlantic City casino magnatetold the Wall Street Journal last month that "at some point, we're going to do something with Chris."

The cover in this is the Governor is being brought in as Drug Czar for the opium which is flooding America in the Obama international terror dope ring.

Governor Chris Christie belongs as Chief of Staff. Can we trust him? I inquired on this before and the answer is no, but that is if he was President, in he would not fulfill Trump policies. In inquiry though, the question is if he would remain loyal to President Trump and implement policies, and the answer was yes.

The Governor belongs at this point as Chief of Staff, not Drug Czar, because the President needs a hard headed, right proper bullying son of a bitch to handle Mike Pence, just like Chris Christie did to Jeb Bush and all that other low life GOPliter Kochsuckers in that New Hampshire debate.

Mike Pence can not handle Chris Christie, but President Trump can. Kurschner has learned he needs an adult in the room.

It is time for the return of the Loyalists as Trump Trans has effectively done what it started in beginning the process to remove Donald Trump from the White House.

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