Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will you walk into my Tower

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in mater anti matter.

Political Assassination of Mike Flynn. Sort of sounds like a talking point, as it appeared as talking points in the fall out in many publications. But I wonder where they heard that Political Assassination phrase from in some popular girl permeating their thoughts.

The Hill · 12 mins ago

Deep state works with corporate media hacks in political assassination of Michael Flynn

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What Director Mike Flynn experienced was a Coup de l'état d'ombre, a Blow of the Shadow State, specifically it was Contre Coup, or Zähler Schlag, but I prefer Schetchik Udar in Russian, the Counter Strike.

As the Lame Cherry is not on the payroll, and the  Agelenopsis arachnid entered the web of  Opiliones arachnid, trusting to it's speed, and not comprehending the web, the long legs and the venom would kill them in the trap.
Translate the Obama Clinton Bush grass spiders thought to make a meal of Granddaddy long legs Mike Flynn, and have not yet realized they exposed all who they are and are caught in the web.

That silly Judge Robarts has been jumping into webs too. These types do not yet comprehend in their arrogance that they own the disasters they have created for their liberal masters and democratic mob in time will back the Trump Administration full legal enforcement in the laws these spiders have violated.

Put it this way, do you really believe that President Trump exists in a bubble and in all he has accomplished in trolling everyone, that the President might just have own counter intelligence operational at the DIA and CIA.

“Will you walk into my tower?” said the Spider to the Spider,
 'Tis the prettiest little tower as your venom is the divider;
  The way into my tower is a steel web woven lair
  And you will learn a final lesson when you enter there."

 “Oh yes, yes,” said the second Spider, “to ask me is not in vain,
 For the Spider never learns until too late
     -it will ne'er come down again.