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Working Title For a Coup Against President Trump

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I could build this story up for suspense, but I am not going to do that, and instead lay out the facts before you in exposing another "something" which will have you not wanting to believe it as it is just too Lame Cherry fantastic in matter anti matter exclusive, and yet the facts will prove again that the Lame Cherry is right, and your minds will be pained in having to learn a new reality as you are educated to reality again.

Most of you have come across mentions of algorithms used by Jared Kurschner in his taking credit for the Trump victory and not giving it to God, and some of you have heard in fringe coverage of the GOP DATA, which the woman named Katie Walsh was taking credit for in winning the election and not giving credit to God, but in both of these cases you will discover embedded in their stories, that both of them thought Donald Trump was going to lose the election FROM THEIR MIRACLE DATA.

What you are about to discover is a group based in Minnesota, named F L S CONNECT which is a creation of the Rove Bush syndicate, sucked up over 30 million dollars in the Obama stolen election from Romney, and has been busy creating tracking programs for "volunteers" to RFID tag all of you at your homes in GPS like you are behavioral rats to be modified, by phone calls and knocks on your door.
The Obama Clinton manipulators are engaged in the same mistreatment of Americans, but this is about F L S Connect, Katie Walsh, and the current coup against President Donald Trump to weaken him and impeach him from the White House.

Now for a revelation in what this is about. When you hear about voter data, you are  told it is about "Getting out the vote for Republicans or Democrats". Yet we know that Jared Kurschner targeted blacks to repress their voting for Hillary Clinton. The problem with Kurschner's algorithms is suppressing black voters, meant suppressing the Trump votes.
So perhaps when Katie Walsh is collecting data from F L S Connect, while she was smearing Donald Trump, and Reince Priebus was telling Mr. Trump to get out of the race, that maybe the GOP was not engaged after Donald Trump won the nomination trying to get the vote out, but was instead ENGAGED IN SUPPRESSING THE REPUBLICAN VOTE, and that is why their system data was showing Mr. Trump was losing to Hillary Clinton.

We know Katie Walsh refused to fund the Trump Presidential Campaign, but drove funds to the down ticket Republicans who hated Donald Trump. We know that Walsh sucked up 200 million dollars from donors, so that other Republicans attempting to solicit donations for President Trump were stymied. Now return to the original thought in this that Katie Walsh, the #NeverTrumpers were using  F L S Connect data to keep Republicans from voting in driving them away.

F L S Connect has primary foundations in Karl Rove and George W. Bush, and in John Ashcroft of Missouri, which is where Katie Walsh appeared from out of nowhere on the political scape. You must keep in mind the reality of the entire period from the time George W. Bush was in office, and then left office, was that HW Bush was destroying every Conservative in Congress from Larry Craig to George Allen, all to pave the way for Jeb 2016.
John McCain, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, the entire Tea Party senatorial candidates were all wiped out by the HW Bush machine. That is the fact in all of this, and when George W. Bush allowed Al Franken to steal the Minnesota seat of Norm Coleman, that gave Obama carte blanche in the Senate for the Obama rapine of America, which is exactly what Jeb Bush desired, as he told everyone in 2008, that we all had to be more like Obama.

Now that you understand the damning revelation that the GOP was suppressing votes, there is evidence in the below posts that F L S, in Tony Feather, Jeff Larson, and then sodomite Tom Synhorst actually left a trail of SUPPRESSING REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT CONSERVATIVE VOTERS.

The issue with Tom Synhort was directing an effort against the addition of another casino in an east coast state. The Governor of the state was puzzled as it did not make any sense, but it made perfect faggot sense in this Karl Rove billionaire fags who had been created in the laundering of money to them for donations to politicians and political operations.

That is the revelation of the damning trail in this, that this insider, who founded and funded the Katie Walsh data project, WAS USING IT AGAINST REPUBLICANS to Obamanize them. People think of the treachery of John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, but here is the smoking gun in the data manipulators who treat voters like rats in a cage, actually used the data against the voting public.

The mailer states, “If the gaming bill is on the ballot, opponents are likely to spend millions identifying and turning out voters who don’t like gambling…and who also don’t like Marriage Equality! So all the ‘no’ votes on gaming could also be ‘no’ votes for us.”

Speculation over who could have paid for the Task Force Action Fund mailer has centered on Tom Synhorst, a gay Republican strategist and founder and chair of the DCI Group, which bills itself on its website as a public affairs company that “helps corporations navigate their most challenging political, legislative and regulatory problems anywhere in the world.”

Sources linked DCI Group’s Tom Synhorst a gay Republican strategist — to an expensive mailer from the Task Force Action Fund critical of a proposed gambling expansion in Maryland

This begins to make a bit more sense when the rival faction in the GOP, the Koch Brothers, were absolutely targeted for denial of data by Katie Walsh as Reince Priebus' chief of staff at the RNC. This is what the White House now is in war over in the Pence Koch faction and the Walsh Bush faction, which Pence is trying to meld to his Presidential unseating in the impeachment of President Trump.
Koch was against sodomites, and Katie Pence is for feces scented penis, so she was not going to share data that Koch could use to elect their candidates. This is further proof that Katie Walsh for Bush fam, was deliberately using the GOP data against Donald  Trump for President.

RNC's Katie Walsh: A behind-the-scenes leader | TheHill

RNC's Katie Walsh: A behind-the-scenes leader. ... 31-year-old Katie Walsh is the top GOP operative responsible for ... data and ground forces they need to ...

Now for the evidence trail of the HW Bush control over the GOP operational machine that had HW slicing across his throat in public at what was planned for Donald Trump, and now has a coup taking place in the White House, where Jeb Bush's fingerlings are plotting to remove the last of the Trump loyalists in Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway and Mike Flynn, to seize absolute control over the White House, in order to neutralize Donald Trump, criminalize him in leaks as Colin Powell and Dick Armitage attempted against Vice President Dick Cheney in Plamegate, for the impeachment of President Trump, the ascension of Mike Pence to the Presidency, and for Mike Pence "party unity" to name Jeb Bush as Vice President of these horrified United States.
Do not ever forget Mike Pence in the Bush box at the Super Bowl with James Baker and Baker ending up the next day in the White House trying to get President Trump to agree to a carbon tax, so Bush fam's cartel would reap the rewards of destroying competition the way Obama carbon tax was going to accomplish for the same cartel purpose.

FLS Connect, LLC was founded on July 27, 1999 in Arizona by Tony Feather, a Karl Rove protege and the political director of George W. Bush’s 2000 Presidential campaign; Jeff Larson, another Karl Rove protege who has served as Chief of Staff to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus since January, 2011; and Tom Synhorst, who had a leadership role in Bob Dole’s 1996 Presidential campaign and is now Chairman of the powerful DCI Group public relations firm, which he founded in Arizona in 1997.
The firm’s original name was Feather Hodges Larson &; Synhorst LLC. Some time after the firm’s founding, Hodges left.  After Feather served successfully as George W. Bush’s political director in 2000, Synhorst and Feather formed another separate company, the DCI Group, to focus on Washington, D.C. lobbying.  That same year, Feather Hodges Larson & Synhorst LLC changed its name to FLS-DCI. 
In 2005, after the re-election of George W. Bush, Synhorst left the firm, which Larson and Feather renamed FLS Connect LLC.  The company moved its main offices to Minnesota, but it remains an Arizona corporation.

FLS Connect, LLC
State / Province
Postal Code

F L S by 2012 in the sabotage of the McCain Palin campaign, and the theft of the Presidency by Birther Hussein had become the tape worm sucking the life out of the Republican Tea Party. Two ACORN style data groups were paid 33 million dollars by Romney's campaign, and it was the same operation of Karl Rove in making a e voter process which would replace Rove's paper trail, and it ended in the disaster of Obama stealing the Romney victory, a victory which had been provided to Romney by Jerome Corsi and Donald Trump over the fake Obama birth abstract.

According to Federal Election Commission documents, as reported by, $33 million of this amount was paid to two consulting firms with ties to key staffers at both the Romney campaign and the RNC. 
Targeted Victory LLC, a Minnesota company with executive offices in Virginia, was paid $17 million for digital communications by the Romney campaign. FLS Connect LLC, an Arizona corporation with headquarters in Minnesota, was paid $16 million for voter contact and telemarketing services. Again, this is through October 17th, the final amount is likely much higher.  
Based on press reports and publicly available business incorporation documents, it appears that three individuals had control of these funds: Tony Feather and Michael Beach at Targeted Victory LLC; Tony Feather and David James at FLS Connect LLC.
Significantly, key staffers at both the Romney campaign and the RNC have close recent ties with both firms.

Tony Feather is the John Ashcroft connection, which is the direct link to Katie Walsh who is Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House. Feather specialized in micro targeting voters to manipulate them in flash point voting. Meaning pressing emotional buttons on abortion, gun control, sodomy etc... to get the voter contacted to vote one way or the other, in the Missouri connection of Bush fam.

Tony Feather

Tony Feather is a Missouri-based American political consultant for the Republican National Committee and Republican candidates and campaign who specializes in direct voter contact. Feather is a co-founder, with fellow Republican Jeff Larson of FLSConnect, the leading Republican direct voter contact company in America.
Feather has run campaigns for former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, and former Missouri attorney general, Bill Webster.
Feather is a specialist in "microtargeting" voters by phone and other means of "direct voter contact" for Republican campaigns and issue-oriented clients.
Feather is a co-founder of the Republican 527 group Progress for America, a group that spent millions supporting Bush in 2004, and (with Chris LaCivita) of the American Issues Project (AIP), which has been airing ads in the 2008 presidential election raising questions about ties between Barack Obama and William Ayers. The American Issues Project is organized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, so that it can engage in limited amounts of civic campaigning, but cannot legally advocate for or against candidates.

Feather would be tapped by the Romney campaign in Tampa Bay to make certain that Romney received the nomination, which would be lost to the election theft by Birther Hussein.

Four political operatives were named by the Republican National Convention to manage the official program, conduct floor operations and help support communications for the August event in Tampa, Fla.
Committee on Arrangements CEO William Harris announced that Todd Cranney, deputy political director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, will be director of delegate outreach; Tony Feather, a Missouri-based operative, will be director of whip operations; Jim Dyke, president of JDA Frontline, will serve as a senior adviser and support convention communications; and Anne Hathaway, a former Republican National Committee chief of staff, will serve as convention program director.

Jeff Larson is a South Dakota native who was flushed to the cesspool of Minnesota political intrigue. His work was the genesis of the rise of Reince Priebus of Big Koch Wisconsin. Priebus performed a coup against Michael Steele, of drill baby drill fame, and the genius behind this very RNC coup was Jeff Larson in his on ground political abilities to get the job done in convincing people to vote the way Larson was suggesting.
Larson gets things done, one way or the other.

Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson is an American political consultant and entrepreneur who served as CEO of the Minneapolis St. Paul 2008 Host Committee, which organized the 2008 Republican National Convention.  He worked on Reince Priebus's successful campaign to become RNC Chairman and in 2011 became RNC Chief of Staff. In March 2013 he became Senior Advisor to Reince Priebus and the Chief of Staff position went to Mike Shields.


In 1999, Larson co-founded and became a partner, with fellow Republicans Tony Feather and Tom Synhorst, in a consortium of media consultancy companies, Feather Larson & Synhorst - DCI. The company was actively involved in supporting George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential primaries and received $21.3 million from the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004.[2] Larson specializes in tele-fundraising and voter contact programs.According to the New York Times, Larson's firm has been tied to the onslaught of negative robocalls about Senator Barack Obama on behalf of Senator John McCain. Larson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, however, that FLS Connect is not involved in nationwide robo-calls attacking Obama, although his firm has been hired to make live calls in Minnesota on behalf of McCain.

Enter into this Tom Synhorst, who reached prominence as founder of a voter manipulation group called DCI, turned lobbyist group, which magically somehow landed the NSA's ATT account to represent them and soon followed like the Ashcroft Group in representing most of the intelligence communities money flow conglomerates, became a founding member of F L S Connect, which as stated was expecting a Hillary Clinton victory over Donald Trump. A victory which when lost had Katie Walsh bawling in the presence of President Elect Donald Trump.

DCI has been described as a "Republican public relations firm". Oil company ExxonMobil is a confirmed client (by an Exxon spokesman), and DCI Group has engaged in climate change denial campaigns, paying skeptical scientists to write editorial pieces. Other notable clients of the firm have included Boeing,  General Motors Corporation,  Microsoft,  the U.S. Telecom Association  and the military dictatorship of Myanmar

Tom Synhorst, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, gay news, Washington Blade

Tom Synhorst

The Associated Press reported in June 2001 that Synhorst "has been linked to South Carolina 'push polls' in the 2000 Republican primary that attacked candidate John McCain as 'a cheat, a liar and a fraud,' according to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee."

DCI, like everything in the John McCain campaign, was Bush fam, plotting for Jeb 2016, as two of the three DCI founders were working for John McCain from the inside, and had to resign due to the horrifying reality that DCI was working for the regime in Cambodia.
Synhorst has his sodomite beginnings in Kansas, in working for the Bob Dole presidential campaigns.

For the record, this is where all of your campaign donations went to in the bottom of the Synhorst black hole.

Snyhorst has ten limited liability corporations registered in the State of Arizona under his name. They include:
During the 2004 election cycle, DCI Group, FLS-DCI and FYI Messaging took in $17 million from the Bush campaign and the Republican Party according to FEC data released on October 30, 2004 and posted on the Center for Responsive Politics website. Progress for America, a 527 committees associated with the DCI Group, spent $2.62 million on services provide by FYI Messaging, TSE Enterprises, and DCI Group. In other words, of the $28.8 million PFA spent on the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign nearly 10 percent ended up with Synhorst's affliated LLCs.
Tradenames registered in Arizona to Synhorst's companies include:

In May 2008, DCI Group's Doug Goodyear and Doug Davenport resigned from the John McCain presidential campaign following media coverage that was critical of the company's work for the Myanmar government. According to Goodyear, they resigned in order to prevent further distraction from McCain's campaign.

The following are the list of the current F L S employees and partners, including one computer programmer who for some reason is incognito. It is posted as reference source material as stories when posted online, tend to have their source data cleansed from the public's attention, as those involved do not want their GOP connected groups connected to a current coup taking place against President Donald Trump.

FLS Data Team

Rich Beeson, Partner
Tony Feather, Partner
David James, Partner
Sheila Berkley, Partner


KC Jones, Director of Sales & Political Accounts

KC joined FLS in 2010 and currently manages the Sales team and Political Department. Prior to joining FLS Connect, in 2008 KC served as Political Director for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Gubernatorial campaign, Texas Victory and was a RPD covering the central U.S. for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee. In 2006, KC served as Campaign Manager for Coloradans for Rick O’Donnell’s 7th Congressional campaign. She has held multiple positions in the Political Department at the RNC, as well as The White House – Executive Office of the President. Notably, KC was also one of the first hires for both the 2000 and 2004 Bush Presidential Campaigns. KC has executed statewide GOTV programs in Texas, Virginia, Minnesota and Iowa and is a graduate of the University of Texas during which she was a pupil under Karl Rove where subsequently she landed her first political internship for Governor Bush’s 1998 re-election campaign.

John Gibson, Vice President of Sales
Jory DeLoach, Political Account Executive
Elizabeth Blosser, Director of Corporate Accounts/Issues Management Division
Robyn Just, Senior Account Executive, Corporate/Issues Management Division
Christopher Moland,  Account Executive, Corporate/Issues Management Division
Nick Calderon,  Account Executive, Corporate/Issues Management Division


Marc Ergang, Director of Fundraising Client Services
Marc has worked in the fundraising department at FLS for over 10 years, managing the fundraising accounts of our conservative clients nationwide, from congressional races to national committees. Before coming to FLS Connect, Marc worked at the Republican Party of Texas managing their direct response program.

Kari Stratton, Deputy Director of Fundraising Client Services
Charles Nejedly, Fundraising Account Executive
Travis Jenkins, Fundraising Account Executive
Joey Faul, Fundraising Project Manager


Jay Kujak, Director of IT
Jay has been a highly valued employee at FLS since the beginning. Originally, serving as an IT Specialist, he now holds the position of IT Director. Through Jay’s help his team has solidified the management of our call centers, enhanced our BI operations, implemented our cloud infrastructure, database warehousing, enacted network infrastructure and provided overall design and deployment of some of our best services we offer.  Jay has a valued team of a dozen individuals constantly innovating and re-assessing our products to enhance competitive standing within the industry. Jay is a 1999 graduate from Winona State University.

Sam Winter, Political Software Technician
Michael O., Developer (Oddly no last name listed.)
Peter Kunick, Director of Business Intelligence

This group's newly created algorithm is called GEODATA. What this program is, is the reality of a GOP volunteer walks through neighborhoods or makes phone calls, and tags you when you open your door, and then by your conversation, marks you with a rat tag in how you will be tracked in voting.
This is part of the immense Obama Rove list of all Americans being a plus or minus on a screen, and how when compared to your private credit card purchases etc... is a psychological profile in how to trigger you in making you vote or SUPPRESSING YOUR VOTE.


Visualizing Data
There are many ways to visualize your data in the Data Connect platform.  Take use of mapping basic or advanced counts when using the “Map this Count” function.  The admin will see the density and counts for each needed region, be it the state or county.
Use our multitude of reports including specific admin reports, tags and voter reports and dashboard functionality.  The “Dashboard Tool” will allow you and your team to visualize voter scores, history and tags in one location.
Further, admin reports allow you to see summary information on their database, user info, changes made by users and export/upload activity.  Take advantage of our reports for tags including viewing visualizations for tags on a tag density map.  For targeting purposes, voter history can also be displayed for observations down to precinct level.  Lastly, the admins can prepare crosstabs on our “Crosstab Builder” and select data points on absentee, party, vote history and other many elements.
Tracking Volunteers
Track volunteers through our custom data feature (text, true/false or numerical fields) or creating tags for your volunteers.  There are no limits to the number of tags that can be created to group your volunteers.  Once the tag(s) or custom data field(s) have been entered you can attach the custom data or tags to any voter in your database. This might be useful to see where your volunteers are by using the tag density map.
Canvassing Tools
Create scripts, lists and surveys that can be imported into our other products such as Volunteer Connect or Geo Connect for canvassing purposes.  If you have our Volunteer Connect and/or Geo Connect products in addition to Data Connect, any results from phone calls that are made or doors knocked to your voters are updated in Data Connect automatically.
create survey

All of this work crossed the lines many times, in who was employed and who was not employed by the GOP. Sometimes Feather would be inside the GOP, sometimes outside in a campaign group, exactly as Larson was moved around on projects, and rewarded by Reince Priebus.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus is expected to name Jeff Larson, a longtime Minnesota-based GOP strategist, to be the committee’s chief of staff on Thursday, POLITICO has learned.
Larson, who until late last year co-owned a highly regarded consulting firm, was selected after an intense candidate search in Washington and around the country.

Public records of the ownership structure of Targeted Victory LLC are not consistent with press reports of the company’s ownership structure.The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website lists Tony Feather, a Karl Rove protege and the political director of the 2000 Bush-Cheney Presidential campaign, as the managing member. 

Reward is perhaps the best definition in this, as the year that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated for trying to bring down the Obama regime, and this entire nefarious syndicate, Michael Patrick Leahy investigated this entire smarmy money laundering campaign which was the Karl Rove ACORN operation in the GOP, equal to the Obama criminal syndicate.

As Michael Patrick Leahy wrote on Breitbart after Obama stole the election from Bush strawman Mitt Romney, the question was, what was this incestuous group operating at in the massive finances which were running through it, and how was that money spent or wasted to enrich associates in ad buys.

Did Moffat and Beeson at the Romney campaign and Larson at the RNC help select vendors with whom they have a prior business relationship based on those relationships–and perhaps their own personal financial considerations–rather than the capabilities and records of those vendors?
Did any of these three–Moffat, Beeson, or Larson–fully disclose the nature of their relationships with Targeted Victory LLC and FLS Connect LLC to their superiors?
Who made money off the $33 million paid by the Romney campaign to these two firms? 
Finally, and most importantly, did these two consulting firms provide valuable services to the Romney campaign, or was much of this $33 million simply wasted for the personal financial benefit of a few key individuals?

No one ever investigated this in Congress, which is not a surprise, and it is not a surprise that the Obama Holder Lynch Justice Department ever investigated the money flow, because by the way Michelle Obama and George W. Bush gush over each other and cuddle in public, it is proof that the Obama Bush feud was all another manipulation of the voting public. It was all to cripple the McCain campaign, cripple the Romney campaign, all so Jeb Bush would have his time in the sun in 2016 against the other crooked intelligence asset in Hillary Clinton. That situation did not pan out, as someone by God's Grace changed the time line.
What did not change though was the Jeb Bush in the White House strategy, because through vote suppression the GOP Bush fam in #NeverTrumpers were moving for the defeat of Donald Trump, and when that did not take place, then the destruction of the Trump loyalist and Christians began in Trump Trans in the competing factions of Mike Pence Indiana Mafia Big Koch, Reince Priebus Wisconsin Big Koch Mafia, the Katie Walsh Bush fam Mafia and the tourists like Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon who thought that cutting out Corey Lewandowski was a great idea, and Jared Kurschner and Ivanka Trump thought that cuddling up with their handler Mike Pence, would be a great idea in cutting out the real Christian "get out the vote" which David Lane generated in the key areas of North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for the Trump victory, which overcame the Hillary Clinton vote fraud, and the vote suppression which was being run out of the GOP Data operations.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter which has now caught all of your trusted media sources flat footed for the past week in this series of exclusives.

.....and still no big donations from the rich as this blog is still saving them, when they thought they were safe from the American Genocide, which is now being stoked for a powder keg moment for American Civil War.

How long do you rich people in your mansions on hills, big glass windows and lights like a starry night think your homes are going to be safe from the Obama Bush mob eh?

Those behind this insurrection are moving to make Mike Pence president and Katie Walsh the Chief of Staff in removing President Trump and Reince Priebus.