Thursday, March 2, 2017

A President who Heals Their Sorrows


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was not going to write anything about Carryn Owens,  the Wife and Mother, of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, as the smack down of Mr. Owen's dad was about all I wanted to deal with this situation, which was more than necessary in no one ever being allowed to create another Cindy Sheehan torture of a military family again.

Many unexperienced and Trump hating liberals have though in Debra Messing and the creatures at The View. This must be addressed as to what President Trump did at the State of the Union concerning Carryn Owen in helping to heal her.

When people have those they die, and love them, they feel isolated, hurt and alone. This is lost on most people and it is amplified for military families.

My first experience with what a President and military families have was with the terror massacre of Marines in Lebanon. In this instance, it was of an era as horrid as now, as the leftist media were filled with smears against President Reagan.
I cringed at what was about to take place in Ronald and Nancy Reagan went to the memorial service for these families, and the emotion was explosive, and I could just see something erupting which the media was going to crucify the President with.
People forget this was Vietnam era yet, and the military was still shamed and a great deal of conflicting emotions were involved.

In reviewing that footage, I held my breath knowing disaster was coming. Families were grieving, shaking in anguish and sobbing, and there entered Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It was one of the most remarkable things I had ever witnessed in, as the President and First Lady moved down that line, a calm came over these families as the Reagan's spoke with them and shared their grief, and in private conversation told them their family member had purpose and was a Hero.
It was the most extraordinary thing I ever saw from a psychological point of study. These families needed to hear from their President, their Commander and Chief, to share with them and to be with them. Once that event took place the healing began for those families in their being able to not be alone in their grief.

That is what Mrs. Owens was in need of. She had been through a great deal. Her husband had been killed. Her husband's father had caused a family rift. She was alone, a mother with children, and part of her was not going to be with her in this life.

That is the stage of the State of the Union in Mrs. Owen. It was not exploitation. It was undoing the smears of the John McCain lies stating that this SEAL died for nothing, when he died for America and for his duty and honor.

When your husband's Commander and Chief tells the world  that your husband is a Hero and his work will make a difference in carrying on the work your husband gave his life for, that means that it is written in stone. When Mrs. Owen was crying, she was pouring out the emotions of her grief which could only be vented with a nation sharing with her, the death of her husband.
When the President leads the longest standing ovation for your husband, as the representation of EVERY Soldier who died for America, it has healing for Carryn Owen and every Veteran family, as it gives meaning to the  event so the grieving family can heal.

That is the gift of President Trump and the American Nation of healing at the State of the Union. A Nation can not hand out medals for every dead Soldier, nor can it honor every family at the State of the Union, but in President Trump's example,  America was led by a President expressing their gratitude more than gold stars can ever express.

Military families need to know that their President cares about them, and President Trump showed that to the world. This was not about exploitation, but the necessary balm to Mrs. Owen and Military families who carry this loss all of their lives in their loved ones killed in service to America.

Carryn Owen was shown she was not alone and that the President, the Congress and Americans shared with her all she is with gratitude and appreciation.

The rabid Obama and Clinton liberals are to be pitied for their hearts and minds are not human nor humane, as they war within themselves and only have purpose when it is one of their kind lying to them in the White House giving them validation in life, for they are empty souls without that pacifier.
It is why Rose O'Donnell can not leave things rest in peace.

May God bless Carryn Owen and her children, to be blessed with the Peace of Christ which will heal them and bring them to the day that they meet their husband and father in that great circle in the sky, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen