Friday, March 3, 2017

The Obama Legacy to Entomb America in the Obama Crypt

Evil Says and Does

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The criminal Eric Holder and the criminal image Obama have outlined how they intend to finally destroy America by redistricting mob rule, or more to the point in Eric Holder, working against America in California for Jerry Brown's American Genocide by invaders, Holder with Obama as the front stooge, are going to take ALL of those Muslim and Mexican invaders they have settled into every part of America and with the Liberal City State many, redraw election districts to overwhelm low population Republican Districts to flip them to these Obama traitors like Nancy Pelosi.

Think of it this way, if you live in a Republican district and you have a huge liberal concentration city near you. You have 50,000 votes in a perhaps 50 to 40 split so the GOP wins. What Holder and Obama are going to do is take the 50,000 90 10 margin in the cities, and put that 30 percent into your district for a 60 40 Democrat margin, and the original Democrat enclave would go from 90 10 to 70 30, and the Republicans lose.

Holder and Obama have engineered this in Sol Alinsky and Bill Ayers intrigue perfectly in they are invading at state level to overthrow districts for "fair voting" which sounds good, but it is all another communist plot to cheat and genocide Americans at the ballot box.

It is vital that President Trump gets Voter ID as the national standard, stops this vote fraud BEFORE 2018, or Obama's legacy will be baking up the corpse of America in another Islamic using the political system against the native peoples to destroy them with their own laws.

Real red alert danger here.

The NDRC is looking to be an intensified central force for Democrats to tackle their disadvantage in gerrymandering. The mission is to direct resources into winning targeted state elections, push ballot initiatives for nonpartisan district-drawing commissions and wage legal challenges to existing maps. The hope is that this would put Democrats in a stronger position in state houses, but also in the U.S. House of Representatives, if districts are drawn that more accurately represent the distribution of the popular vote, citing statistics that showed Republicans winning 49 percent of the vote in those elections but getting 55 percent of the seats in the 2016 elections.
Marc Elias, a top election lawyer who’s advising the group, said that in addition to joining existing challenges to state laws, they’re already prospecting for states where they could file new lawsuits, predicting they’ll file more before the end of 2017.

These criminals have to be designated as Enemy Colluders against the Government of the United States, in a new qualification of making it illegal to use the laws of these United States against the Citizenry, by court dictates in order to overthrow the Government.

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