Saturday, March 18, 2017

If the Prostitute Fits

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly do not know what a Tomi Lahren is, except this journey started out on Right Wing News with this headline, in a rightflake from The Blaze basically apologized for Trump and got along with Joy Behar.

WHAT! Tomi Lahren Goes Up Against Joy Behar And It Results In…Peace!?

In reviewing the bio on Lahren, it is evident like most of the Mike Cernovich minds on the right, that you have to compliment people to get ahead, as that is what Lahren is building is a career and will go anywhere to notch some attention, and that includes The View, who desired to show another woman on the right, as someone who dresses like a prostitute.

Women just choose to sell their ass as an edge, but everyone selling their ass for an edge makes the stereotype that all women are prostitutes in one form or another.

On Wiki, it explains what this Laher is. She is a flap. For those who do not know what a flap is, I will explain some intimate details in politics which reflect your cities and mine.

In Rapid City there are three major schools, in Rapid City Central, which is public, Rapid City Stevens which is Catholic and Rapid City Douglas, which is Air Force, as a major B 1 base is there, and the locals have a pet term for those Air Force people in FLAPS.
Flaps are overpaid, oversexed, over doped and get in the way of politics in a city which should vote Conservative, but instead votes liberal, suppresses jobs and wages, and sucks off the DOD.

Laher wormed her way into Rep. Kristi Noem's  political staff, got the hell out of South Dakota, as who the hell wants to go to school in South Dakota, so she attended UNLV and moved to San Diego.

It was a matter then of moving up in the right moves like Wendi Deng.

Lahren caused a smaller wave of press attention in March 2015 when she appeared at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Referring to the image of Republicans as "old, rich, white males", she commented on prominent Democrats, saying: "Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden. Old, rich, white, and if the pantsuit fits ... male too?"

Do any of you ever figure out that while Republican women are attractive, that FOX made it a policy of making their hosts all dress like whores selling their asses. Why do you think The View wanted this Laher on the show? It certainly was not for her brains, as she showed up in script in lace looking like a New York bar whore.
It is why The View hires ugly liberals, because women who hate men and are unattractive are the audience they are after, and who better to hate than this white girl in virginal white dressing like a whore, so all the lezbos can vibrate to her over and over again.

When one compares someone like Melania Trump who is the definition of class, who would never wear something like Lahren was in, no more than Donald Trump would allow his wife or daughters to dress in whore costumes, no more than the mothers of Trump's children would allow their children or granddaughters dress like whores, because it sends the message that professionalism is not part of this, and is instead Katie Walsh tits hanging out flatbacking your way to the top.

To be honest in this, when you are a flat chested, and have to sell your little cleavage, while you have your short legs with big thighs on display, with the honking knees,  you are not doing yourself a favor, and it is the message that women are only good for one thing on the right.

For all of these rightflakes with cocks and cunts, being American is a career now to get rich off of, like the NRA making millionaires out of the political minders off the redneck bucks. If you missed it, Hannity's audience was playing shootin' bullets at coon country, until the election, and then Hannity went back to bad rock.

Do you think the women of the right base, would wear clothes like this to Church, work or a family gathering? Then what makes this something with men are allowing to stereotype their wives and daughters and women are allowing themselves to be whored out as?

Melania Trump does not dress this way, nor do the wives of Eric and  Don jr. So who is it that is creating this deliberate message of women on the right, as it is being paid for, hired, promoted and it is exactly what Joy Behar and Rupert Murdoch in the #NeverTrumpers are pimping for.