Saturday, March 18, 2017

The American Snowflake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It really is tiresome in these snowflakes of all ages thinking their world is one of violating other people's rights and then criminally making fake news to try and criminalize Americans.

The basis of this story which most of you would be clueless of is a Drudge story which featured the Fake News of:

Idaho boy injured, family dog killed by government 'cyanide bomb'

First what this is, is an M 44 or Coyote Getter device, which used to utilize a 1080 poison which was ineffective, and now cyanide is the poison used, because these damned large predators are murdering  your puppies, kitties, baby Bambi and destroying wildlife so the Obama globalists can rid of hunters and then gun ownership.
So you understand the REALITY of this, the Agriculture Department places these devices ON PRIVATE LAND, and regulations state there are SIGNS POSTED WARNING IDIOTS TO NOT PLAY WITH THEM.

So when you read Yahoo Fake News about a boy playing with a cyanide bomb as the local moron Sheriff, who has never heard of predator control work, living in the west, makes one wonder what morons are in Idaho who would elect an idiot like this.

M44 (cyanide device) - Wikipedia

The M44 was invented in the 1960s to replace a different device known as a 'coyote-getter' which made use ... was on public lands and mistook an M-44 for a ...

The device, called an M-44, was among several placed in the area by Wildlife Services, an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that targets coyotes, wolves, cougars, foxes and other animals considered nuisances to farms and ranches.

The M 44 is a device as you can see above, that has a coil spring to propel a cyanide capsule into the predators mouth, at which point is dissolves  and the coyote runs from 100 yards to a mile away and dies, just like murderers die in being executed for raping and murdering your family members.

It's a spring-activated device that is typically smeared with bait and shoots poison into an animal's mouth when it tugs on the trap.

A coil spring is not a bomb or every child's wind up toy was a bomb, and there is no poison gas. Cyanide when in a predator's mouth, which got there because the predator was trying to kill the device and eat it. melts and then becomes a liquid, and at times a gas IN THE MOUTH. Those are the realities. There was no bomb and there was no toxic gas. This type of predator control work is the reason you had food to grow up, because Government Wolfers poisoned all these goddamn predators just the way Teddy Roosevelt and all the environmentalists in that day knew America had to be rid of them for the threat they presented, and now are ruining America with today as a weapon against Americans by the globalists.

For the first point in this, as this was PRIVATE LAND, the boy was trespassing. As his doctor parent were allowing this roaming about, chasing other wildlife or livestock, the guilt is on them. Furthermore if a parent leaves a child unattended who is too stupid that they can not read a warning sign or have sense enough to not pick up orange colored objects WHICH ARE NOT THEIR PROPERTY, then that is an issue of child neglect and wildlife harassment that this Sheriff should be investigating, instead of grandstanding and sounding off as a fool.
Furthermore, you know exactly what was going on here, in you had a rich doctor living in a million dollar mansion, who sends the kid out to the neighbor's property so the dog can shit there, so the rich people do not have dog shit on their lawn.

This is the Sheriff who has his own SWAT tank to run over people in Idaho as they are such dangerous Americans that he needs heavy armor and attack dogs.

Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen, who described the devices as "cyanide bombs," said no notice was given to authorities about their placement.
“I’ve been a sheriff here for 20 years and worked for the office for 39 years, and I’ve never heard of leaving around a device that emits poisonous gas,” he said.
Nielsen said he intended to meet federal officials next week to “get to the bottom of this.”

There was not any gas, there was not any bomb, instead what there is, is a Sheriff who is guilty in inciting public terror and being anti government, whereby this Sheriff should be charged under the Patriot Act. 

So this comes down to, if you have a firearm in your home, a can of Raid in your car, and the neighbor kid comes over with their dog to shit on your lawn, and goes inside your house and starts playing with the gun and shoots the dog, or sprays the dog with  Raid in the car and kills it, it is not the parent's fault nor the kid's fault, but it is your fault for protecting your home from trespassers and your car from hornets.

It makes no difference in this dog died. This kid is guilty as are his parents for violating federal law, trespassing and now the Sheriff is inciting anti government rhetoric and they all should be charged.

NEVER FORGET in this, that the LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy's did far less than this, and they all ended up in the morgue or in prison.

This is Snowflake America, people think they can trespass on other people's property, warning signs mean nothing and if you find something that is not your property, you can pick it up and tamper with it or steal it.........and when you are the criminal, you blame the Government or the person who has the right to defend their property. 

For some reason blacks under Obama thought they could charge Officers with guns and live, adults thought that America coronated Clintons as voting does not matter, and that parents can let children roam in the wilds and play with poison and it is all someone elses fault.